City Council Ordinances
2007 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2007.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,73612/17/200707-2414Vacating North/South alley right-of-way from Thornton Avenue to Rose Avenue, between SW 3rd Street and SW 4th Street.
14,73512/17/200707-2411Vacating Air Space Easement to allow for a private enclosed pedestrian sky bridge between a proposed new parking structure South of Park Street and Principal Life Insurance Company’s office building North of Park Street.
14,73412/17/200707-2408Vacating Subsurface and Air Space adjoining 707 8th Street.
14,73312/17/200707-2400Yard Debris Stickers – Amending Sections relating to charges for collection service, disposal of yard debris and sale and issuance of bags and stickers for yard debris.
12/17/200707-2397Traffic Regulations – Modification of Traffic Calming Proposals – 41st Street and 42nd Street between University Avenue and Forest Avenue.
14,73112/17/200707-2395Board of Adjustments to grant an exception under specified conditions to allow a commercial business to be operated in the R-HD by a business owner who does not reside at the business.
14,73012/03/200707-2332Rezone vicinity of 800 E. Court Avenue from R-4 to Ltd. C-1
14,72912/03/200707-2328Renew and Extend the S-O Study Overlay District within the estimated Four Mile Creek floodplain between Hull Avenue and Easton Boulevard.
14,72812/03/200707-2320Rezone vicinity of 4444 Douglas Avenue from R1-60 and the C-2 to the PUD.
12/03/200707-2317Traffic Regulations – Installation of Stop Signs at the intersection of E. 8th Street and Filmore Street; Revision of Parking Meter Time Limits – various locations.
14,72611/19/200707-2256Rezoning 3801 Vandalia Road from M-1 to PUD.
14,72511/19/200707-2251Vacating the public rights-of way of portions of East Walnut Street and East 30th Court adjoining the Iowa State Fair-grounds.
14,72411/19/200707-2247Vacating all of the High Street right-of-way between 10th Street and 12th Street, all of the 13th Street right-of-way between High Street and Grand Avenue, and all of the alley rights-of-way within the three block area bounded by High Street, Grand Avenue, 11th Street and 14th Street.
14,72311/19/200707-2237Urban Renewal Project – General property taxes levied and collected each year on all property located within the Beaverdale Commercial Area Urban Renewal Area…be paid to a special fund for payment of principal and interest on loans, monies advanced to and indebtedness, including bonds issues or to be issues, incurred by the City of Des Moines in connection with said Urban Renewal Project.
14,72211/19/200707-2226Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code re: Traffic Regulations – Handicapped Parking Meter Removal – N. side of High St E. of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway; Parking Restrictions on E. side of 25th Street in order to increase visibility in the area of the Drake University Parking Lot; Changes to Downtown Resident Parking Program.
11/19/200707-2223Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code, Designation of a Three-Way Stop Intersection-Guthrie Avenue and North Union Street; Parking Restriction – West side of 27th Street, north of Carpenter Avenue.
14,72011/05/200707-2149Rezone 1455 2nd Place and 218 Clark Street from R1-60 to a Ltd. M-1.
14,71911/05/200707-2144Vacating East/West alley right-of-way adjoining 2112 Woodland Avenue.
14,71810/22/200707-2071Rezone 6260 SE 19th St from R1-80 to Ltd. C-2.
14,71710/22/200707-2068Rezone 2600 Hubbell Avenue from R-3 and FW to PUD.
14,71610/22/200707-2065Rezone property between E. Payton & E. Army Post from R1-80 to Ltd. C-1, Ltd. R-3 and Ltd. R1-70.
14,71510/22/200707-2057Vacating air space easement at 600 E Grand Avenue.
14,71410/22/200707-2054Vacating portion of SE 1st St right-of-way adjoining 1306 SE 1st St.
14,71310/08/200707-1985Rezoning of 1900 SE 6th from Ltd. R-3 to amended Ltd. R-3.
14,71210/08/200707-1977Rezoning of 2800 E University Avenue from R1-60 & C-2 to a Ltd. C-2.
14,71110/08/200707-1973Vacating portion of Grandview Avenue and portions of the alleys in Grand View College Campus.
14,71010/08/200707-1964Chapter 70 of the Municipal Code regarding hunting permits in the Des Moines Special Deer Management Zones.
14,70910/08/200707-1963Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code, to place a handicapped parking space on the south side of Court Avenue between 4th Street and 5th Avenue.
14,70809/24/200707-1889New regulations, prohibitions and enforcement provisions relating to stormwater runoff control plans and maintenance of stormwater management facilities.
14,70709/24/200707-1884Vacating E. 18th Street between Mattern and E. Jefferson Avenue, and Mattern Avenue between Dixon and DeWolf Streets
14,70609/24/200707-1881Rezoning of 2121 Hubbell Avenue from R1-60 to C-2 to allow overall site redevelopment for a drive-through restaurant, subject to conditions.
14,70509/24/200707-1869Licensing and Appeals Board.
09/24/200707-1867Traffic regulations- Parking Restrictions due to Drake University Driveway Relocation – University Avenue between 28th and 31st; Stop Sign installation on E. 8th Street at Filmore; Designation of Muskogee Avenue as a Through Stop Street between SW 63rd and North Valley Drive; Designation of Taxicab stand – 3rd Street, north of Court Avenue.
14,70309/24/200707-1865Single and multiple station smoke alarms.
14,70209/24/200707-1863Special valuation for Wind Energy Conservation Property.
14,70109/10/200707-1780Vacating E/W alley right-of-way between Davis and Olinda Avenue extending from Highland Street to SW 1st Street.
14,70009/10/200707-1777Vacating irregular shaped strip on east edge of 8th Place between Center and Park Streets.
14,69909/10/200707-1769Rezoning of 4680 NE 23rd Avenue from A-1 to PUD.
14,69808/20/200707-1665Rezoning of 5100 NE 38th Avenue from A-1 to PUD.
14,69708/20/200707-1661Rezoning of 300 County Line Rd. from A-1 to PUD.
14,69608/20/200707-1657Rezoning of 707 8th Street from C-2 to Ltd. C-3.
14,69508/20/200707-1654Rezoning of property in vicinity of 2112 Woodland Avenue and 600 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from R2-A to C-1.
14,69408/20/200707-1651Vacating encroachment easement and air rights easements to allow encroachments of existing building at 3510 University.
14,69308/20/200707-1642Deleting fire alarm monitoring services for current users upon 60 days notice.
14,69208/20/200707-1640Discontinuation of fire alarm monitoring by the fire department.
14,69108/20/200707-1638Traffic regulation changes- Parking Restriction – north side of Ingersoll Avenue, west of 24th Street
14,69008/20/200707-1636Vacating SW Water St. right-of-way, south of Elm Street.
14,68908/20/200707-1633Adoption and amendments of the International Fire Code.
14,68808/20/200707-1632Fire protection and prevention code.
14,68708/20/200707-1631Vacating and abandoning public road easements for portions of East Madison Avenue, NE 50th St. and Seneca Avenue, located within 4995 NE 39th Avenue.
14,68608/20/200707-1630Licensing and Appeals Board.
14,68508/20/200707-1629Building and Building regulations.
14,68408/20/200707-1628Smoking prohibition in parks.
14,68308/06/200707-1536Eligibility for local preference in procurement ordinance.
14,68207/23/200707-1451Vacating north/south alley between 24th Street and 25th Street, extending north from Rollins Avenue.
14,68107/23/200707-1448Vacating portion of 6th Avenue and Mulberry Street r-o-w adjoining the Midland Building at 206 6th Avenue.
14,68007/23/200707-1445Allow businesses whose primary street frontage is temporarily closed due to construction of public improvement to have an additional sign up to 100 sq. ft. on each frontage for duration of street closure.
14,67907/23/200707-1436Vacating portion of 28th Street adjoining 2716 Ingersoll for a sidewalk café.
14,67807/23/200707-1430Specified Crime Property - add the offense of keeping a disorderly house or offenses involving weapons.
14,67707/23/200707-1428Vicious dogs – deleting option to remove from City limits.
14,67607/23/200707-1423Second hand goods regarding records and suspension or revocation of license.
14,67507/23/200707-1422Required separation between a temporary non-profit establishment selling liquor, wine or beer from schools.
14,67407/23/200707-1421Required separation of establishments selling liquor, wine or beer in the downtown area from churches, schools, public parks and licensed childcare centers.
14,67307/09/200707-1338Rezone vicinity of 902 E. Euclid Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
14,67207/09/200707-1335Rezone vicinity of 4100 E 16th Street from M-1 to Ltd. M-2.
14,67107/09/200707-1332Rezone vicinity of 1441 Hull Avenue and 1418 Morton Avenue from R1-60 to PUD.
14,67007/09/200707-1329Vacation of Watson Powell Jr. Way between 2nd Avenue and Grand Avenue.
07/09/200707-1319Traffic regulations - Parking Restriction – North side of Woodland Avenue from Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway to 24th Street; Parking Restriction Modification – West side of 51st Street, south of Grand Avenue; One-Way Street Designation – Maple Street between E. 12th and E. 13th Streets; Parking Restriction Modifications – East side of 47th Street from north of Amick Avenue to North of Euclid Avenue.
14,66807/09/200707-1316Regulation of electronic signs, off-premise advertising signs and other types of signs.
14,66706/18/200707-1230Rezone vicinity of 2142 Indianola Avenue from C-1 and R1-60 to Ltd. NPC.
14,66606/18/200707-1221Vacation of portion of 14th Place from Ascension Street to Keosauqua Way.
06/18/200707-1210Traffic regulations - Stop Sign-SE 7th and Scandia; Parking Meter Time limit Revisions-Walnut Street between 12th and 15th Streets.
14,66406/18/200707-1208Vacation of Elm Street between SW 7th Street and SW 8th Street and excess West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway right-of-way north of Elm Street between SW 7th Street and SW 8th Street.
14,66306/18/200707-1206Fees – Brenton Skating Plaza.
06/18/200707-1204Traffic regulations - Parking Restriction Modifications – 6th Avenue between Walnut Street and Locust Street; Parking Restrictions Modifications – Grand Avenue, east of 18th Street.
14,66106/04/200707-1112Rezone vicinity of 2426 SE 14th Street from C-1 to Ltd. C-2.
14,66006/04/200707-1108Rezone vicinity of 2750 E Pine Avenue from A-1 to Ltd. R1-60.
14,65906/04/200707-1098Vacation of North/South alley located between 3rd and 4th Streets between Grand Avenue and Locust Street.
14,65805/21/200707-1012Rezone vicinity of 1200 Locust Street from C-3A to C-3.
14,65705/21/200707-1008Rezone vicinity of 1206 Mulberry Street from C-3A to C-3.
14,65605/21/200707-1003Vacation of portion of Cottage Grove Avenue right-of-way lying East of 24th Street and between Cottage Grove Avenue and I-235.
14,65505/21/200707-1000Vacation of dead-end portion of Jackson Avenue right-of-way lying West of and adjoining right-of-way previously vacated by Ordinance No. 13,174.
14,65405/21/200707-0997Vacation of portion of 28th Street adjoining 2716 Ingersoll Avenue for use as a sidewalk café.
14,65305/21/200707-0992Traffic regulations- Adding Parking Metered Spaces – 6th Avenue between Locust and Walnut Streets; East Village Parking Analysis – Additional Metered Space in vicinity of E. 3rd Street and E. Court Avenue; Traffic Calming Proposals – 41st Street between University Avenue and Forest Avenue; Prohibited Right Turns on Red – Intersections of Hubbell and Easton and E. 33rd and Hubbell.
14,65205/21/200707-0990Update of Housing Code, Chapter 60.
14,65105/07/200707-0908Rezone vicinity of 4200 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from R1-60 and U-1 to PUD.
14,65005/07/200707-0902Rezone of 2025 E. Grand Avenue from C-1 and R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
14,64905/07/200707-0899Vacation and conveyance of Market Street right-of-way between SW 7th Street and SW 8th Street.
14,64805/07/200707-0896Vacation and conveyance of 8th Street right-of-way between Center Street and Park Street.
14,64705/07/200707-0892Vacation and conveyance of north/south alley between 8th Street and 9th Street from Crocker to Center Street and a portion of 9th Street right-of-way between Crocker and Center Street.
14,64604/23/200707-0814Vacation and conveyance of north 25 feet of Army Post Road right-of-way adjoining 6304 SW 7th Street.
14,64504/23/200707-0811Vacation and conveyance of encroachment easement adjoining 301 East Court Avenue.
14,64404/23/200707-0808Vacation of various street rights-of-way in the vicinity of SE 34th to SE 37th and Granger Avenue.
14,64304/23/200707-0789Rezone 3930 SE 72nd Avenue from A-1 to PUD.
14,64204/09/200707-0685Rezone 2200 blk. E Pine from R1-80 to Ltd. R-3, Ltd. R1-60, and Ltd. R1-80.
14,64104/09/200707-0673Gateway Park rental fees.
14,64003/26/200707-0594Vacation of portion of Cherry Street between 12th and 13th Streets and a portion of 13th between Mulberry and Cherry and two foot strip of 13th between Locust and Walnut.
14,63903/26/200707-0591Vacation of West 16.5 feet of South Union Adjoining 5 Park Avenue.
14,63803/26/200707-0581Rezone 4049 Fagen Dr. from C-2 to NPC.
14,63703/26/200707-0574Rezone 3001 Beaver from R1-60 to PUD.
14,63603/12/200707-0484Rezone 1703 and 1707 E Madison Avenue from M-1 to R1-60.
03/12/200707-0475Traffic regulations- Code Updates for Street Configuration Changes; Designated School Loading and Unloading Area – Downtown School; Municipal Employee Permit Parking On-Street.
03/12/200707-0473Traffic regulations- Parking Restriction to facilitate Movement of Solid Waste Vehicle – south and west sides of Parmer Drive within the cul-de-sac at Fairlane Drive; Parking Restrictions within the Meredith Neighborhood Association Boundaries; Snow Route Changes due to street changes within I-235 Construction; One-sided Parking Restrictions – Summersfield Plat 1; One-sided Parking Restrictions – Brook Run Village Plat 12.
14,63303/12/200707-0472Ball diamond fees.
14,63202/26/200707-0368Smoking prohibition in City-owned parking garages or ramps except in signed designated smoking areas.
14,63102/26/200707-0387Rezone 121 12th Street from C-3A to Ltd. C-3.
14,63002/26/200707-0384Vacation of portion of Ewing Park, south of Fire Station 10.
14,62902/26/200707-0381Vacation of north/south alley between E. 9th Street and Wright Street, extending from E. Hull Avenue to E. Tiffin Avenue.
14,62802/12/200707-0271Establishing Ingersoll Avenue SSMID.
02/12/200707-0269Traffic regulations- Removal of Parking Restriction due to I-235 Construction – north side of Crocker Street, west of 31st; Provisions for Bus Loading at St. Anthony’s School, 15 Indianola Avenue; Parking Restriction – west side of Knob Hill Drive from Timber Lane to the dead end south; Parking Restriction – east side of 31st Street from the cul-de-sac to south of Carpenter Avenue; Request for Stop Signs, E. Jefferson Avenue at E. 22nd Street; Parking Restriction – both sides of Grandview Avenue from the dead end east of E. 42nd Street; Parking Restriction – north side of Gannett Avenue from SW 28th Street, west to the dead end; Parking Meters in the 9th and Locust Parking Garage – change in hours of operation; Loading Zone and Installation of Parking Meters – south side of E. Grand Avenue, west of E. 4th Street.
14,62601/22/200707-0165Rezone 1815 High Street from C-2 to Ltd. NPC.
14,62501/22/200707-0162Rezone 6304 SW 7th Street from R1-60 to C-2.
14,62401/22/200707-0159Rezone 1351 Grandview Avenue from R1-60 and R-3 to PUD.
14,62301/22/200707-0141Establishing Designated Music Venues.
14,62201/08/200707-0070Vacation of segment of 19th Street Place between Cottage Grove and Crocker and a segment of Crocker right-of-way adjoining 1912 Cottage Grove Avenue.
14,62101/08/200707-0056Vacation of dead-end segment of Boyd Street adjoining 1446 Boyd Street.