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City Council Ordinances
2010 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2010.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,98312/20/201010-2104Eligibility for Money Purchase Plan.
14,98212/20/201010-2102Traffic regulations – Parking revisions around new Wellmark Building; Code revisions for E. M. L. King Jr. Parkway, Indianola Avenue and other traffic control changes.
14,98112/20/201010-2100Amendment of Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code to adopt the 2009 editions of the International Building Code; International Residential Code; International Existing Building Code; International Mechanical Code; International Fuel Gas Code; International Energy Conservation Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code.
14,98012/06/201010-2013Conditional Use Permit for liquor, wine and beer establishments, 60% non-alcohol and tobacco sales requirement.
14,97912/06/201010-2011Delayed Deposit Services and Pawnbrokers.
14,97812/06/201010-2010Adoption of International Fire Code 2009 edition and amendments.
14,97712/06/201010-2008ERU Stormwater Utility Rate increase.
14,97612/06/201010-2007Solid waste collection times.
14,97111/08/201010-1873Vacate portion of SW 8th Street right-of-way adjoining 309 SW 8th Street.
14,96911/08/201010-1861Rezone property in vicinity of 2713 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from Ltd. C-2 and M-3 to Ltd. C-2.
14,96810/25/201010-1768Vacate north/south alley lying west of and adjoining 2201 Forest Avenue.
14,96710/25/201010-1765Vacate a portion of Urbandale Avenue right-of-way adjoining 4041 Urbandale for use as a sidewalk café.
14,96610/25/201010-1750Transient Merchant licensing of pushcarts.
10/25/201010-1747Traffic Regulations: Petition to allow parking – E. Maple Street, east of E. 18th Street; Request from Madison Elementary School for traffic modifications; Request for revised speed limit – SW 9th Street, south of Iowa 5; Request from Cattell Elementary School for traffic modifications.
14,96410/11/201010-1686Vacating dead-end segment of Merced Drive and a dead-end segment of 30th Street, south of Merced Drive..
14,96310/11/201010-1672Snow ordinance street designations.
14,96210/11/201010-1670Designating NE Economic Development District Urban Renewal Area as a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District
14,96109/27/201010-1606Rezone 901 19th and 930 18th Street from R-3 and R-HD to Ltd. NPC.
14,96009/27/201010-1578Rezone Historic East Village Area from C-3 and M-1 to C-3B.
14,95909/27/201010-1577Rezone 201 and 205 E. Walnut Street from C-3 to Ltd. C-3.
14,95809/27/201010-1576Rezone 211 and 215 E. Walnut Street from C-3 to Ltd. C-3.
14,95709/27/201010-1575Rezone 201 E. Locust Street and 306 E. 3rd Street from C-3 to Ltd. C-3.
14,95608/16/201010-1341Temporary waiver of permit fees for repair, renovation or replacement of structures damaged by recent flooding and surcharge of sanitary and storm sewer systems.
14,95508/09/201010-1315Vacating portion of 13th Street right-of-way lying north of Keosauqua Way and south of previously vacated 13th Street right-of-way.
14,95408/09/201010-1312Rezone 2301 Hickman Rd. from R1-60 and R-3 to Ltd. C-1.
14,95308/09/201010-1308Rezone 1555 Des Moines Street from R1-60 to Ltd. NPC.
14,95208/09/201010-1297Rezone 400 SE 6th Street from M-1 to Ltd. C-3B.
14,95107/26/201010-1236Vicious dog adoption exceptions.
07/12/201010-1150Traffic Regulations: 1) Two-sided Parking Restriction – 200-400 Block of E. Kenyon Avenue. 2) Reverse Parking Restriction - 50th Street between Madison and Aurora Avenue. 3) Request for traffic signals – 7th Street and Laurel Street.
14,94907/12/201010-1148Establishment of stormwater Innovative Practices Rebate Program.
14,94806/28/201010-1070Placement and use of small wind energy conversion systems.
14,94706/28/201010-1055Safety belts and child restraint devices.
14,94606/28/201010-1052Regulation of fat, oil and grease discharge by food service establishments.
14,94506/22/201010-1005Type I sound permit at Blank Park Zoo.
14,94306/14/201010-0966Vacate Locust Street adjoining 1408 Locust Street for use as sidewalk café.
14,94206/14/201010-0963Vacate Boyd Street from E. 14th Street to a dead-end point 328 feet to the east.
06/14/201010-0951Traffic Regulations: 1) Parking Restriction – south side of Willowmere Drive, west of SW 61st Street. 2) Corner Clearance – west side of 51st Street, south of Grand Avenue. 3) Loading Zone Extension – west side of 6th Avenue, south of Grand Avenue.
14,94006/14/201010-0949Rezone 3401 and 3407 Ingersoll Avenue from NPC to PUD.
05/24/201010-0840Traffic Regulations: 1) Traffic control changes from Thrivent Neighborhood Traffic Study. 2) Parking Restriction – 36th Street, south of Douglas Avenue.
14,93805/24/201010-0834Rezone 3401 University Avenue from R-3 to Ltd. C-1.
14,93705/24/201010-0833Composition of Youth Advisory Board.
14,93605/24/201010-0832Procurement of concessions at airport.
14,93505/24/201010-0831Bus Bench fees, locations, design and maintenance.
14,93405/24/201010-0830Housing code.
14,93305/10/201010-0744Rezone 2901 E. 14th Street, 1410 Morton Street and 2613 Idaho Street from R1-60 to PUD and 1417 Hull Avenue from C-2 to PUD.
05/10/201010-0739Traffic Regulations: 1) Request for two-sided parking restriction – 300 block of Creston Avenue. 2) Code Revision to match posted signs – Holcomb Circle.
14,93105/10/201010-0732Park and Recreation fees.
14,93004/26/201010-0650Rezone property in vicinity of 4448 and 4518 E. 50th Street from A-1 Agricultural to Ltd. M-1 Light Industrial.
14,92904/26/201010-0644Vacating portion of east/west alley between Walker Street and Maple Street from E. 14th Street to Johnson Court.
14,92804/26/201010-0641Vacating land south of Buchanan Street and west of Pennsylvania Avenue.
14,92704/26/201010-0633Conversion of existing buildings to a horizontal property regime or multiple housing cooperative.
14,92503/22/201010-0452Vacating portion of Des Moines Street right-of-way adjoining 519 Des Moines Street for use as a sidewalk café.
14,92403/22/201010-0447Conversions to horizontal property regime or multiple housing cooperative to comply with building code requirements as of the date of conversion.
03/08/201010-0382Traffic Regulations: 1) One side parking restriction, - east side of E. 4th Street, north of Des Moines Street; 2) Parking restriction extension – south side of University Avenue, west of 28th Street 3) Code revisions for streets that have had field adjustments.
14,92203/08/201010-0380Rezone 2801 Fleur Drive from C-O to Ltd. C-2.
14,92102/22/201010-0312Rezone 2601 E. Market Street from M-1 to Ltd. R1-60.
14,92002/22/201010-0290Prohibit left hand turns on 57th Street, south of Douglas Avenue.
14,91902/22/201010-0288Curbside recycling to permit Public Works to collect single-stream recycling at local small businesses, churches and apartments.
14,91802/08/201010-0218Traffic regulation changes: Removal of existing “No Parking 7 am to 5 pm, School Days” signs- east side of 52nd Street adjacent to Moore Elementary School; Stop Sign – SE 19th Street and King Avenue and Stop Sign – E. 23rd Street and E. Madison Avenue.
14,91702/08/201010-0215Rezone property in the vicinity of 3814, 3822 and 3826 57th Street from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
14,91602/08/201010-0213Naming that portion of US Highway 69 extending north from E. County Line Rd. to where it converges with SE 14th Street as “Southridge Boulevard”.
14,91501/25/201010-0151Vacation of property adjoining 2080 King Avenue.
14,91401/25/201010-0142Fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects material.
14,91301/25/201010-0140Partial exemption from property taxation at 1701 E. Euclid Avenue.
14,91201/11/201010-050Fees for use of Western Gateway Park.