City Council Ordinances
2011 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2011.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,07312/19/201111-2115Vacating the excess right-of-way locally known as 3136 SW 9th Street
15,07212/05/201111-2073TIF - SE Agribusiness Urban Renewal Area
15,07112/05/201111-2071Rezoning of property at 5300 Franklin Avenue from R1-60 to PUD
15,07012/05/201111-2069Rezoning property in the vicinity of SE 8th and Indianola Avenue
15,06911/21/201111-1992Vacation of excess right-of-way located at 3136 SW 9th Street.
15,06811/21/201111-1986Traffic Regulation Changes (1) Removal of 6th Avenue as a Truck Route, New York Avenue to north City limits and addition of New York Avenue as a Truck Route from 2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue (2) Request for a two-way stop at E. 8th and Guthrie Avenue
15,06711/21/201111-1984Adding gender identity as a protected class in the Human Rights Chapter.
15,06611/21/201111-1982Rezoning of property at 3422-57th Street from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,06511/21/201111-1980Rezoning of property at 4805 Observatory Road, from R1-80 to Ltd R-3
15,06411/07/201111-1912Rezone 1800 SE 14th, from C-2 to Ltd C-2, and to remove the VDL Overlay
15,06311/07/201111-1909Rezoning of 2013 Clark Street from C-0 to R1-60
15,06211/07/201111-1900Vacate 6th Avenue right-of-way east/west alley for the Des Moines Building, 405 6th Avenue/513 Locust
15,06111/07/201111-1893Delegating authority to Water Works, to correct sewer, solid waste, and stormwater liens
15,06011/07/201111-1891Establishing a Downtown Overlay District and site plan review of design guidelines
15,05910/24/201111-1828Rezoning of establishments selling Liquor, Wine, Beer and tobacco
15,05810/24/201111-1825Vacate various right-of-way segments near the Wastewater Reclamation Facility.
15,05710/24/201111-1822Rezone 3002 Forest from Ltd. C-1 to revised Ltd. C-1
15,05610/24/201111-1818Snow Ordinance Streets
15,05510/24/201111-1815City Council Ward/Precinct Boundaries
15,05410/10/201111-1735Lease and conveyance of aviation facilities to the Airport Authority
15,05310/10/201111-1723Amending Chapter 2, Section 2-4 of the Municipal Code to repeal and replace the description of Precinct 7A in Section 1.7A of Appendix B, Election Precincts and Wards
15,05210/10/201111-1723(A) Installation of additional handicap parking space – south side of University Avenue, west of Polk Boulevard. (B) Designation of “Free” 15-minute meter and code modifications – Grand Avenue between 14th and 15th Street.
15,05109/26/201111-1674Amended Election Precincts and Ward Boundaries
15,05009/26/201111-1667Rezoning 1825 E. Army Post Road from C-2 to Ltd M-1
15,04909/26/201111-1659Traffic Regulation Changes (1) Prohibit right turn on red at the intersection of 42nd and Center Streets (2) Parking Restriction on the west side of SE 5th Street south of Livingston Avenue
15,04809/26/201111-1656Revise Chapter 60 regarding Neighborhood Inspection Code, Rental Code, Contract Sales and Residential Public Nuisances
15,04709/26/201111-1655Parking Garage Rates
15,04609/12/201111-1602Zoning of establishments selling liquor, wine, beer and tobacco.
15,04509/12/201111-1599Rezoning of 1938 SE 6th, from C-1A to Ltd NPC
15,04409/12/201111-1593Powers and duties of the Municipal Arborist
15,04309/12/201111-1589Traffic Regulation Change - Commercial Loading Zone on Locust Street, East of 15th
15,04208/29/201111-1511Rezoning of 2340 Herold, from M-3 to Ltd R1-60.
15,04108/29/201111-1507Rezoning of 201 SE 29th Court, from M-1 to Ltd. R1-60
15,04008/29/201111-1503Vacation of the north/south alley right-of-way at 1401 E. 12th
15,03908/29/201111-1499Vacation of a portion of Waveland Golf Course
15,03708/29/201111-1484Changing responsibilities of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board
15,03608/29/201111-1483Establishing a Housing Services Board (successor commission to the Public Housing Board)
15,03508/29/201111-1479Traffic regulation changes: Bus Loading - north side of Park Avenue east of SW 28th; Prohibit parking on Sundays - SW 9th between Wall and Porter; Parking Restriction - both sides of Urbandale Avenue east of Merle Hay Road to the west City Limits; Truck Route Designation - Ingersoll from ML King Jr. Parkway to 42nd Street.
15,03408/08/201111-1385Collection Procedures for assessment schedules - Water Works
15,03308/08/201111-1383Vacation of a portion of Glendale Cemetery
15,03207/25/201111-1311Vacation of north/south alley between 6th and 7th and between High Street and Watson Powell Way
15,03107/11/201111-1235Vacate Court Avenue right-of-way adjoining 206-3rd Street, for a sidewalk cafe
15,03007/11/201111-1225Rezoning of 1710 High Street from C-2 to NPC
15,02906/27/201111-1150Rezone 2300 E. 14th from Ltd. C-1 to C-1.
15,02806/27/201111-1147Vacate north/South alley in vicinity of 13th-15th from Locust to the east/west alley.
15,02706/27/201111-1144Vacate alley right-if-way between Vine, Water, Market and SW 2nd
15,02606/27/201111-1138Restriction regarding persons under 21 in After-hours establishments
15,02506/27/201111-1136Realignment of on-street parking due to renovation at the Kirkwood Condominiums; petition for two-sided parking restriction in the 100 block of E. Titus; Petition to allow parking on Pond View Circle
15,02406/13/201111-1027Dog Parks and Off Leash areas
15,02306/13/201111-1025Enclosures for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
15,02206/13/201111-1023Regarding Class E Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
15,02105/23/201111-0917Traffic Regulation Changes: SE 5th between Jackson and Livingston; E 9th and Cleveland Avenue; 1900 block of Ingersoll Avenue.
15,02005/23/201111-0927Rezoning Scott Avenue between SE 19th and SE 22nd from M-1 to M-2 (Kemin)
15,01905/23/201111-0925Vacating Scott Avenue near SE 20th, (Kemin)
15,01805/23/201111-0919Swimming in a river or other unsupervised place
15,01705/23/201111-0916Grievance Procedure for ADA complaints
15,01605/23/201111-0912Rezoning of 1704 High Street from C-2 to NPC
15,01505/09/201111-0832Vacating property in the vicinity of 1800 Grand.
15,01405/09/201111-0824Vacating the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center, 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, as parkland
15,01305/09/201111-0816Vacating A.H. Blank Park Zoo and A.H. Blank Park as parkland
15,01205/09/201111-0814Metro Center Urban Renewal District
15,01104/11/201111-0634Amending the Baker Creek PUD Conceptual Plan to identify the easternmost 23 acres for development of 180 multiple-family residential units and 30 single-family semi-detached residential units, (4500 Hubbell Avenue)
15,01004/11/201111-0623Allowing $2 additional fare per trip where a taxicab steward is utilized.
15,00904/11/201111-0616Traffic Regulation Changes: (1)Remove Central Library Parking Lot from the Municipal Code (2) Additional Handicapped Parking Spaces on High Street between 10th and 11th.
15,00804/11/201111-0614Extension of the Private Property Protection Program
15,00703/28/201111-0547Vacating the north/south alley right-of-way located in the block south of Mulberry Street and west of vacated 13th Street.
15,00603/28/201111-0052Boundaries of the Skywalk District, and replacing the Skywalk System Plan Map
15,00503/14/201111-0465Rezone 5830 and 5832 SE 14th Street from C-2 to PUD.
15,00403/14/201111-0462Rezoning vicinity of 1910 Cottage Grove from NPC, R-HD and R-3 to PUD.
15,00303/14/201111-0459Vacating dead end portion of Crocker Street and north south alley, west of 19th Place from Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway to Leyner Street.
15,00203/14/201111-0456Vacating segment of Morton Avenue east of and including a portion of Idaho Street.
15,00103/14/201111-0450Ownership and use of service dogs and animals.
15,00003/14/201111-0448Use of mobility devices by persons with disabilities.
14,99902/28/201111-0380Emergency proceedings and bidding requirements.
14,99802/28/201111-0376Gold Braid eligibility for money purchase plan.
14,99702/28/201111-0362Rezone 2 Rivers District area.
14,99602/28/201111-0358Rezone 9536 County Line Road from C-2 and A-1 to PUD.
14,99502/28/201111-0353Rezone 1422 and 1431 Morton Avenue from R1-60 to PUD.
14,99402/28/201111-0349Vacate segment of Gannett Avenue east from SW 34th Street and a segment of SW 34th Street extending north from Gannett Avenue.
14,99302/28/201111-0344Vacate Court Avenue and 3rd Street adjoining 302 Court Avenue for use as sidewalk Café.
14,99202/28/201111-0328Amendments to International Fire Code regarding tents.
14,99102/28/201111-0324Bike equipment rental fees.
14,99002/14/201111-0257Rezone 4600, 4610 and 4720 SW 31st Street from M-3 to R1-80.
14,98902/14/201111-0244Create Airport Authority.
14,98802/14/201111-0246Amend Golf Course Fees.
14,98701/24/201111-0126Traffic Regulations - Parking Restriction due to the opening of the new Hyatt Place on 6th Avenue; Removal of loading zone adjacent to 515 18th Street and replacement with metered parking; Minor parking changes on Locust Street between 13th and 15th Streets; Additional metered parking on E. 6th Street between E. Grand Avenue and E. Walnut Street; Restrict parking from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM weekdays on 34th Street between Douglas and Seneca Avenues; Traffic regulations for SW 11th Street from West M.L. King Jr. Parkway to DART Way, and Murphy Street from SW 9th to SW 11th Streets; Authorize the Superintendent of Schools to appoint a member to the Traffic Safety Committee representing schools Citywide, to replace the Ex-Officio Member from the Citywide PTA; Allow one-side parking on E. 35th Street and Arthur Avenue.
14,98601/10/201111-0063Vacate ROW Parcels near I-235 and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
14,98501/10/201111-0058Amended PUD for Pearl Lake, 3009 E. Payton Avenue
14,98401/10/201111-0052Creating Southside Economic Development District Urban Renewal Plan