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City Council Ordinances
2013 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2013.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,24812/23/201313-2012Rezoning 4001 SW 63rd from PBP (Planned Business Park) to Ltd. "M-1" (Industrial District)
15,24712/23/201313-2009Vacating a segment of E. 26th Street right-of-way lying west of and adjoining 2597 Dean Avenue
15,24612/23/201313-2006Vacating a dead end segment of SW 11th Street from Kirkwood to a point approx 137' south of Kirkwood
15,24512/09/201313-1934Vacating air space over Grand Avenue and 6th Avenue adjoining 505 6th Avenue.
15,24412/09/201313-1929Amending the franchise granted to MidAmerican Energy Company for the production, distribution, transmission and sale of gas to temporarily increase the franchise fee to be used solely toward payment of the Kragnes v. City of Des Moines judgment.
15,24312/09/201313-1925Amending the franchise granted to MidAmerican Energy Company for the production, distribution, transmission and sale of gas to make textual clarification to the franchise fee.
15,24212/09/201313-1919Traffic regulation changes: SW 63rd Connector E. 16th Street Second Avenue Walnut Street
15,24112/09/201313-1916Rezoning 1533 and 1541 E. Grand Avenue from C-2 to NPC (This ordinance was not published)
15,24012/09/201313-1914Traffic Regulation Changes 15th Street 16th Street Falcom Drive Mulberry Street Walnut Street
15,23911/18/201313-1841Vacating Court Avenue and 4th Street rights-of-way adjacent to Hotel Randolph
15,23811/18/201313-1838Rezoning property in the vicinity of 5035 Hubbell Avenue from A-1 (Agricultural) to ltd M-2 (Light Industrial)
15,23711/18/201313-1834Sound Permits for Brenton Skating Plaza
15,23611/04/201313-1762Vacating a segment of SE 4th Street running 100 feet north of Shaw east of 626 SE 4th
15,23511/04/201313-1759Rezoning 6220 Grand Avenue from FW Floodway to U-1 Floodplain District
15,23411/04/201313-1756Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2679 Maury Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
15,23311/04/201313-1730Approving partial exemption from property tax on value added at 3525 Vandalia Road, in accordance with Chapter 427B and of Ordinance 11,038
15,23210/21/201313-1683Vacation of a dead end segment of SW 11th Street from Kirkwood Avenue to a point approximately 137 feet south of Kirkwood Avenue.
15,23110/21/201313-1680Vacation of easement for use of air space over the north four feet of E. Locust Street adjoining 350 E. Locust.
15,22910/21/201313-1674Vacation of right-of-way of subsurface easement adjoining 101 SW 2nd Street.
15,22810/21/201313-1671Vacation of the north 20 feet of a portion of Railroad Avenue, south of and adjoining 918 SE 11th Street.
15,22710/21/201313-1668Rezone 918 se 11th Street from Ltd C-1 to PUD
15,22610/21/201313-1661Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Additional metered parking vicinity of E. 4th and E. Grand 2. Deletion of the 425 E. Grand Avenue Parking Lot 3. Parking Restriction - north side of Pleasant Street west of 16th Street 4. Parking Restriction - south side of Center Street, west of 16th.
15,22510/07/201313-1596Rezoning property at 1139 24th Street from R1-60 to NPC
15,22410/07/201313-1592Vacation of public right-of-way for a sidewalk cafe at 309 Court Avenue.
15,22310/07/201313-1586vacating a section of 45th Street right-of-way in the vicinity of 4421 Franklin Avenue.
15,22210/07/201313-1579Changing the voting members of the Traffic Safety Committee
15,22110/07/201313-1577Boundary description for Zone B, odd/even snow parking zone - generally in the River Ben neighborhood.
15,22009/23/201313-1511Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 1300, 1310 and 1330 Keosauqua Way from C-2 (General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial) to PUD (Planned Unit Development)
15,21909/23/201313-1509Vacating City-owned right-of-way located at Hull Avenue between Delaware Avenue and Dixon Street; Scott Avenue between Southeast 20th Street and Southeast 22nd Street; and Southeast 34th Street between Scott Avenue and East Court Avenue.
15,21809/23/201313-1506Continuing and adjusting the boundaries of the Downtown Des Moines Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District. (SSMID)
15,21709/09/201313-1441Rezoning of 600 E. 5th Street from "R-4" to Ltd. "C-3B"
15,21609/09/201313-1437Rezoning of 205 SW 11th Street from "C-3B" to "PUD"
15,21509/09/201313-1433Rezoning of 4965 Hubbell Avenue from "A-1" to PUD
15,21409/09/201313-1422Vacation of 1300, 1310 and 1330 Keo Way and Oakridge Drive right-of-way
15,21309/09/201313-1419Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Parking Restrictions on E. Grand and on Locust Street in conjunction with new pavement markings 2. Commercial Loading Zone on the east side of 18th Street north of Grand Avenue
15,21209/09/201313-1417Sledding, ice skating, etc in city parks and golf courses and winter activities prohibited on Gray's Lake.
15,21109/09/201313-1414Neighborhood Signs and Unauthorized Signs
15,20808/12/201313-1290Rezoning of 901 Bell Avenue from R1-60 and C-1 to Ltd NPC.
15,20708/12/201313-1282Traffic Regulation Changes: Surface lot - SE corner of E. 4th and E. Grand; Beaver Avenue between Madison and Shawnee; Greenwood Drive between Tonawanda and 42nd; North Valley Drive from SW 56th to SW 59th; E. Sheridan between Idaho and E. 16th Street.
15,20608/12/201313-1281Enacting a new Chapter 26 - permit and development division, building and fire code board of appeals, board of power engineering examiners; building code, enforcement of penalties
15,20508/12/201313-1280Adoption of the international fire code and amendments and additions thereto.
15,20407/15/201313-1127Rezoning of 3629 59th Street from R-3 to Ltd C-2.
15,20307/15/201313-1125Traffic Regulation Changes for the following: 1. Beaver and Aurora Traffic Signals 2. 44th Street Parking Restriction Revisions - North of College Avenue 3. SW 5th and Virginia - Reversal of Stop Signs
15,20206/24/201313-1025Rezoning of 3525 Vandalia Road from PUD to Ltd. M-2
15,20106/24/201313-1041Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3500 Kingman Boulevard, (Thoreau Center) from R1-60 to Ltd NPC
15,20006/24/201313-1036Vacating portions of the 7th Street, 8th Street and Walnut Street rights-of-way adjoining the Younkers Building at 713 Walnut Street
15,19906/24/201313-1025Vacating a portion of the north/south and east/west alley right-of-way adjoining 501 Grand Avenue
15,19806/24/201313-1025Vacating a portion of the Walnut Street right-of-way adjoining the Kirkwood Commons Condominiums at 400 walnut Street
15,19706/24/201313-1015Traffic Regulation Changes: 6th Avenue--Cherry to Mulberry E. 4th Street--E. Walnut to Des Moines Street
15,19606/10/201313-0939Vacating the north 12' of Scott Avenue adjoining the properties at 1830, 1900, 1916 and 1920 Scott Avenue between a point approximately 300 feet east of SE 18th to SE 20th.
15,19506/10/201313-0936Vacating a portion of air space over a segment of 8th Street between Park Street and Pleasant Street.
15,19406/10/201313-0928Vacating segments of street right-of-way adjoining SW 17th between Amos Avenue and Havens Avenue.
15,19306/10/201313-0921Rezoning of 1135 Army Post Road from R1-60 to Ltd C-2
15,19206/10/201313-0919Rezoning of 3911 and 2915 SW 9th, from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
15,19106/10/201313-0917Nuisances, nuisance abatement, notices and hearings.
15,19005/20/201313-0843Vacate 45 feet of Guthrie Avenue adjoining 2223 E. 21st Street
15,18905/20/201313-0827Vacate portions of 6th Avenue and Mulberry Street adjoining 206 6th Avenue.
15,18805/20/201313-0821Restoration cost schedule for right-of-way restoration work performed by City work crews or city contractor in relation to right-of-way excavation permits.
15,18705/06/201313-0741Traffic Regulation Change regarding Handicapped Passenger Loading and Unloading zones.
15,18605/06/201313-0739Traffic Regulation Change on E. 1st Street and additional municipal employee parking spaces at the east end of the Court Avenue bridge due to Principal Riverwalk construction.
15,18505/06/201313-0738Rezoning of 1734 E. University and 1213 E. 17th Court, from C-2 to Ltd C-2
15,18404/22/201313-0670Vacate subsurface Right-of-way adjoining 430 Grand Avenue
15,18304/22/201313-0664Rezoning 20 E. 18th Street from M-1 to Ltd. M-2
15,18204/22/201313-0660Paving requirements for parking and outdoor storage uses.
15,18104/22/201313-0659Regulation of lawn mower and small engine repair shops.
15,18004/22/201313-0658Traffic Regulation Changes - installing a pedestrian crosswalk at 2nd and Grand.
15,17904/08/201313-0596Rezoning 2303 Merle Hay Road from R1-60 and C-1 to PUD
15,17804/08/201313-0583Lighting in Skywalk Corridors
15,17703/25/201313-0506Vacating a portion of the north/south and east/west alley right-of-way south of University Avenue between 6th and 7th Street.
15,17603/25/201313-0503Vacating the west 15 feet of SE 15th Street right-of-way adjoining 1437 Maury Street.
15,17503/25/201313-0500Vacating a portion of SE 18th Street right-of-way adjoining 410 SE 18th Street and repealing Ordinance No. 15,158.
15,17403/25/201313-0495Vacating a portion of the east/west segment of alley between Reigart Street and East Holcomb Avenue running west of Oxford Street.
15,17303/11/201313-0420Vacating a portion of the SE 20th Street right-of-way extending south from market Street to the future north line of the SE Connector.
15,17203/11/201313-0414Traffic Regulation Changes: Passenger Loading and Unloading area - Park Street between 7th and 8th; Parking Restrictions on the east side of E. 7th Street between E. Locust and E. Walnut; Parking Restrictions and Traffic Restrictions removal related to former Walnut Transit Mall.
15,17102/25/201313-0340Vacating the west 15 feet of 24th Drive between Franklin Avenue and Washington Avenue.
15,17003/25/201313-0337Vacating the east 12 feet of E. 33rd Street from vacated Thompson Avenue to a point 282 feet to the north.
15,16902/25/201313-0332Traffic Regulation Changes: Locust Street-13th Street to 15th Street
15,16802/11/201313-0252Rezoning 2020 Highview Drive from C-0 to Ltd C-2
15,16702/11/201313-0248Rezoning of 501, 509, and 513 Forest Ave, from R1-60 and C-1 to NPC.
15,16602/11/201313-0244Rezoning of 200 and 220 SE 6th Street from M-1 and M-2 to Ltd C-3B
15,16502/11/201313-0236Traffic Regulation Changes: Passenger Loading and Unloading Restrictions; Revisions to Loading Zones near the Downtown School; Additional metered parking adjacent to ING building; Additional Metered parking Adjacent to the Des Moines Register Building; Passenger Loading and Unloading on Park Street between 7th and 8th Streets; Revisions to match Municipal Code with current field conditions.
15,16402/11/201313-0234Definition of Dangerous Animal
15,16302/11/201313-0233Traffic regulations changes: Removal of Parking on the East side of E> 7th Street between E. Locust and E. Walnut
15,16202/11/201313-0232Rezoning of 2040 E. Walnut from R1-60 to Ltd C-2
15,16101/28/201313-0165Administration and operation of sidewalk cafes on City property.
15,16001/28/201313-0158Renaming a segment of SW 16th Street extending north of West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway to 16th Street at "16th" Street"; renaming a segment of 15th Street extending north of Mulberry Street to Falcon Drive as "Falcon Drive"; and naming the extension of 15th Street south of Walnut Street and westerly to 16th Street at "15th Street"
15,15901/28/201313-0151Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 2401 E 8th Street from R1-60 to Ltd R-3.
15,15801/28/201313-0147Vacation of a portion of SE 18th Street right-of-way adjoining 410 SE 18th Street.
15,15701/28/201313-0138Establishing the Ingersoll Grand Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District, (SSMID)
15,15601/28/201313-0134Consumption of alcohol, park facility hours, and fees in Park and Recreation facilities.
15,15501/28/201313-0131Regulations regarding licensing of Peddlers in Des Moines
15,15401/28/201313-0130Restrictions for reapplication after denial of a certificate of public convenience and necessity to conduct a taxicab service or limousine service
15,15301/14/201313-0071Vacation of a portion of Gratis Avenue and SE 14th Street right-of-way adjoining 2102 SE 14th Street