Housing Services Board - Membership
Terms of Service

3 years

Members of Housing Services Board
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Jill LippincottCitizen of Des Moines09/25/201706/30/2020
2VacancyCitizen of Des Moines 06/30/2017
3Blair AvittCitizen of Des Moines11/05/201206/30/2017
4Heidi HamandCitizen of Des Moines07/23/201806/30/2021
5Mary E. BertogliCitizen of Des Moines09/12/201106/30/2014
6Kimberly HansenCitizen of Des Moines02/24/201406/30/2020
7VacancyCitizen of Des Moines 06/30/2016
8Greg LewisMember of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board10/23/201706/30/2019
9Jim CainMember of the Polk County Housing Continuum or indiv performing similar functions02/06/201706/30/2020
10Don VinesCurrent of former client of the Community Action Agency10/10/201106/30/2014
11Ernest PowersCurrent or former resident of Municipal Housing Agency-owned Unit11/06/201706/30/2020
12VacancyCurrent or former resident of Section 8 Housing 06/30/2017
Contact & Additional Info

Jackie Lloyd , 323-8981