City of Des Moines Boards and Commissions
  • Access Advisory Board

    The Access Advisory Board implements and establishes handicap access to all City buildings and employment.

  • Airport Authority Board

    Authority to govern the operation of the Des Moines International Airport.

  • Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals

    (1)The board has the authority to periodically review building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire codes (2) Acts as a board of appeals to hear grievances arising from a decision of the building official or fire chief; (3) Determine the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction(4)Waives building code requirements under certain circumstances.

  • Citizen Odor Board

    Members maintain log books provided by the city recording occurrences of odor nuisances including dates, times, descriptions of the odors, wind directions and any other information deemed necessary by the enforcement official. They may record personal testimony of reaction to the odor in respect to effects on health and the right of enjoyment of life or property. They submit the log books to the enforcement official on the first day of the month regarding incidents of odor nuisance of the previous month.

  • Civil Service Commission

    Governs the appointment, promotion, transfer, dismissal, discipline and other related conditions of employment on the basis of merit, in accordance with the spirit of Code of Iowa, Chapter 400 for civil service employees.

  • Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission

    Receives and investigates discrimination complaints, formulates a comprehensive education program to eliminate discrimination, and recommends ways to discourage prejudice. Name changed to the Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission , Ord. # 15,283, May 19, 2014, Roll Call No. 14-0779.

  • Des Moines Music Commission

    Commission is an advisory board for promoting the development of live music performances, the music industry and musicians within the city, and providing an opportunity for input from the live music industry, musicians, and the public for ideas in support of live music.

  • Historic Preservation Commission

    Reviews and acts upon all applications for certificates of appropriateness; reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposals for designation of historic districts, amendments to boundaries of existing historic districts, and repeal of existing historic districts; cooperates with property owners and City agencies and departments to develop preservation solutions and plans; furthers the historic preservation efforts in the city; makes recommendations for the listing of a historical district or site in the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Housing Appeals Board

    Holds hearings, grants variances, mediates appeals, and recommends enforcement action in the administration of Housing Code Enforcement.

  • Housing Services Board

    Successor Commission to the Public Housing Board. All appointments shall be providers of low-income services concerned with one of the following: financial support, homeownership counseling, provision of rental units to low-income residents, tenant advocacy, and supportive or educational services.

  • Library Board of Trustees

    Board has charge, control, and supervision of all public libraries. Code of Iowa.

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Board

    The purpose of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board (NRB) is to advise City Council and Board of Supervisors on housing improvement and neighborhood revitalization efforts.

  • Park and Recreation Board

    Advises City Council and oversees planning and administration of city parks, cemeteries, recreation centers, and various programs.

  • Plan and Zoning Commission

    Oversees the preparation and administration of the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, long-range planning, subdivision, and public improvements as defined by codes; sets policy; and determines plan and zoning requirements. Iowa Code Section 414.6

  • Power Engineers Examining Board

    Holds examinations for licensing of Stationary Boiler Engineers and Stationary Boiler Firemen.

  • Sister Cities Commission

    Created to foster relationships and to make introductions for economic, educational, and curtural cooperation between Des Moines an dother communities around the globe; and for the coordination of sister city activities

  • Skywalk Committee

    The Skywalk Committee performs the duties formerly performed by the Skywalk Committee of the Urban Design Review Board. It is a SubCommittee of the Urban Design Review Board. The Committee makes decisions and grant variances to skywalk codes.

  • Transportation Safety Committee

    The transportation safety committee shall advise the city council on matters relating to the safe and efficient use of all transportation modes within and immediately adjacent to the City of Des Moines. These transportation modes include but are not limited to motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrian modes used as part of the transportation system. The transportation system includes, but is not limited to, streets, sidewalks, and related transportation facilities.

  • Urban Design Review Board

    Makes recommendations to the City Council on design of public projects and private development projects located downtown, in City business parks, and throughout the city that request tax increment financing assistance. It also serves, with the Historic Preservation Commission, as the Landmark Review Board.

  • Water Works Board of Trustees

    Oversees management and operation of the Des Moines Water Works, including setting water rates.

  • Youth Advisory Board

    Study and coordinate youth activities for the Des Moines area and make recommendations to the City Council and City Departments.

  • Zoning Board of Adjustment

    The Board hears appeals of staff determinations of the applicability of the zoning ordinance, grants variances, special exceptions, conditional uses and special permits. The board exercises adjudicatory power and appeals from the board are heard by the state court.