Sister Cities Commission
  • Description

    Created to foster relationships and to make introductions for economic, educational, and curtural cooperation between Des Moines an dother communities around the globe; and for the coordination of sister city activities

  • General Requirements

    Fifteen members: the Mayor is honorary chair of the commission; the regular chair shall be appointed by the Mayor; and the remaining officers of the commission shall be elected by the members thereof. Other cities representatives are not subject to term limits 2-1116 C (2)

  • Professional Requirements

    Representatives from Clive and West Des Moines (seats 16 and 17) have been deleted per Manager's Office of 11/4/13. City of Cumming was added on June 9, 2014 by roll call 14-0905. Ordinance 15,288

  • Membership Term Information

    Five years

    • Term Limits

      Term limits do not apply

    • Term Expiration

      April 28

  • Meeting Information

    • Meeting Freqeuency

      Second Tuesday of each month

    • Meeting Time

      5:00 PM

Meeting Location
  • Richard Clark Municipal Services Center / Floor First floor - Room: MacRae Conference Room
  • 1551 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway
  • Des Moines, Iowa 50317
City Staff
  • Joyce Warburton 283-4141