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Skywalk Commission
  • Description

    The skywalk Committee performs the duties formerly performed by the Skywalk Committee of the Urban Development Board.

  • General Requirements

    Five members appointed by the City Council: two members from the Urban Design Review Board, one member from the Des Moines Skywalk Association, one ownership representative, and one tenant representative. The ownership representative shall be an owner of an interest in property containing a skywalk corridor or an officer of a business which owns such property. The tenant representative shall be an owner of an interest in a business which leases property containing a skywalk corridor, or an officer of such a business.

  • Membership Term Information

    Three years

    • Term Limits

      Term limits apply

    • Term Expiration


  • Meeting Information

    • Meeting Freqeuency

      Twice monthly

Meeting Location
  • City Hall / Floor Second floor - Room: City Council Chambers
  • 400 Robert D Ray Drive
  • Des Moines, Iowa 50309
City Staff
  • Jennifer Bohac 283-4973