Transportation Safety Committee
  • Description

    The transportation safety committee shall advise the city council on matters relating to the safe and efficient use of all transportation modes within and immediately adjacent to the City of Des Moines. These transportation modes include but are not limited to motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrian modes used as part of the transportation system. The transportation system includes, but is not limited to, streets, sidewalks, and related transportation facilities.

  • Mission

    The transportation safety committee shall advise the city council on all elements of the City of Des Moines transportation network including all council-approved plans related to transportation.

  • Goals

    The transportation safety committee shall, as it determines necessary, provide a public forum to hear citizen comments and requests regarding transportation matters on existing, new, or potential transportation facilities. The transportation safety committee shall have the following duties: (1) Advise the city council and make recommendations on any matter pertaining to the safe and efficient movement of all transportation modes. (2) Review all proposed transportation project designs for the city’s transportation system and recommend appropriate revisions to such designs as needed to provide compliance with the city’s approved transportation plans and policies. (3) Perform such other and further duties as the city council may from time to time place upon the committee.

  • General Requirements

    Ten voting members, eight of the members shall be appointed by the City Council. One member shall be appointed by each Council Member with two members appointed by the Mayor. One member shall be appointed by the Superintendent of the Des Moines Independent Community School District to represent the interest of the schools citywide. Another Member shall be appointed by DART to represent the interest of transit Citywide. The term of office of the appointed members shall be staggered terms of three years. Expiration of all terms of appointed members shall be December 31. Each member of the City Counil may recommend a candidate to fill one position on the board. Notwithstanding Section 2-1059 regarding term limits, members may be reappointed for a third or consecutive term. Ordinance15,528, Roll Call 16-1923- November 7, 2016. Any of the two members nominated by the Mayor who cease to hold the qualifications for appointment to the seat they hold on the transportation safety committee shall cease to be a member

  • Professional Requirements

    Board name and seat criteria changed 17-1103 6/26/2017 Board Members may serve up to 3 consecutive terms. A majority of the members serving on the committee shall constitute a quorem.

  • Membership Term Information

    Three years - may serve 3 consecutive terms

    • Term Limits

      Term limits do not apply

    • Term Expiration

      December 31

  • Meeting Information

    • Meeting Freqeuency

      Second Tuesday of each month

    • Meeting Time

      7:30 AM

Meeting Location
  • Richard Clark Municipal Services Center / Floor 1st Floor North End - Room: MacRae
  • 1551 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
  • Des Moines, Iowa 50317
City Staff
  • Jeff Wiggins, 515-283-4973