City of Des Moines Goal Statements
Entertainment Destinations

Des Moines will be an entertainment hub for all ages and will attract visitors from the metro region and beyond.

Fair Distribution of Government Costs

City services will be provided through stable, diverse revenue streams that reduce reliance on property taxes.

Great Customer Service and Communication

The City will proactively communicate information about services and policies to all in Des Moines. Citizens will receive accurate, timely, and courteous responses to their requests for information and services.

Inclusive Community

Des Moines will celebrate the rich diversity of our community by welcoming residents of all ages and cultures and encouraging their civic involvement.

Neighborhood Commercial/Retail Districts

Neighborhoods throughout Des Moines will experience expanded and enhanced commercial/retail businesses.

Pride in Community Assets

The City will set the standard for constructing and maintaining attractive buildings, parks, and infrastructure that represent our world-class city and generate civic pride.

Public Safety

Residents and visitors will experience a sense of safety in all neighborhoods and in all activities.

Quality Jobs of the Future

Des Moines will encourage a balanced, diversified economy and increase the number of jobs that offer good wages and benefits.

Sustainable Green Community

Des Moines will be a leader in setting policies and practicing service delivery innovations that promote environmental sustainability. Des Moines will offer safe, reliable, and convenient transportation alternatives that reduce reliance on automobiles and parking facilities.

Vibrant Downtown Area

Downtown Des Moines will be a “24-7” city within a city, with a strong employment base, entertainment and recreation opportunities, housing, and retail.

World-Class, Lifelong Learning Opportunities

The City will work with public and private schools, higher education institutions, and others to offer exceptional learning opportunities for all ages.

Youth as Community Stakeholders

Des Moines will be a supportive community for young people and families.