City Council Ordinances
2018 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2018.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,72911/19/201818-1948Vacating segments of Locust Street and east/west alley right-of-way adjoining 1416 Locust Street.
15,72811/19/201818-1945Vacating portions of E. 4th Street, Des Moines Street and E. 5th Street right-of-way adjoining 415 and 421 Des Moines Street.
15,72711/19/201818-1942Rezoning of 2900 Easter Lake Drive from R1-90 to Ltd C-1
15,72611/19/201818-1927Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: (A) Code revisions extending snow routes on 34th Street, Guthrie Avenue and Scott Avenue. (B) Code modifications related to the Parkside Estates development. (C) Code modifications related to the Woods on the River Plat 10 development. (D) Code modifications related to the Brook Landing Plat 2 development. (E) Adding No Parking Area on Forest Avenue, east of 31st Street. (F) Adding No Parking 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. School Days restriction for north side of Dean Avenue from E. 29th Street to E. 29th Court for Willard Elementary.
15,72511/05/201818-1865Amending Ordinance No. 15,698 to correct a portion of the legal description to permanently vacate a portion of Van Buren Street right-of-way between Southeast 4th St. and Southeast 5th St.
15,72411/05/201818-1862Vacating east-west alley right-of-way and north-south alley right-of-way north of Grand Ave and south of Ingersoll Ave between 15th St. and 16th St. and adjoining 1501, 1511 and 1519 Grand Ave and 515 16th St.
15,72311/05/201818-1855Amending Sections 114-2598, 114-2622, 114-2769, 114-3406 and 114-3461 relating to traffic and vehicle regulations.
15,72211/05/201818-1853Amending floodplain regulations
15,72110/22/201818-1800Establishing the Southwest Gateway Urban Renewal Area.
15,72010/22/201818-1794Rezoning 813 Crocker from R-4 to C-3A.
15,71910/22/201818-1791Rezoning 1801 Army Post Road from R1-70 to Ltd. C-2
15,71810/08/201818-1710Vacating the permanent easement for roadway right-of-way - Southwest Connector located east of SW 63rd Street.
15,71710/08/201818-1706Vacating a portion of 12th Street right-of-way located west of adjoining 1157-12th Street.
15,71610/08/201818-1701Vacating a portion of NE 47th Court south of Hubbell Avenue.
15,71510/08/201818-1698Rezoning property in the vicinity of 100 Watrous Avenue from "R1-70" to Ltd "C-1"
15,71410/08/201818-1689Golf Course greens fees and season badges.
15,71310/08/201818-1687Traffic regulation changes on Cambridge Avenue.
15,71210/08/201818-1685Repealing ordinance regarding soliciting.
15,71110/08/201818-1683Costs for public hearing for the Civil and Human Rights Commission
15,71009/24/201818-1632Rezoning property at 1345 7th Street from R1-60 to Ltd R-2.
15,70909/24/201818-1623Vacating a portion of West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway right-of-way adjoining Lot 1, Gray's Station Plat 1.
15,70809/24/201818-1604Vacating a portion of the north-south alley and the east-west alley adjacent to 1417 Walnut Street, (correcting Ordinance 15,678)
15,70709/24/201818-1602Installation of traffic signals at E. 42nd Street and Hubbell Avenue
15,70609/10/201818-1555Vacating a portion of 6th Avenue street right-of-way and east/west alley right-of-way adjoining 206 6th Avenue.
15,70509/10/201818-1550NE Hubbell Urban Renewal Area f/k/a Urban Renewal Plan for NE Economic Development District Urban Renewal Area
15,70409/10/201818-1540Procurement of goods and services being funded by federal funds.
15,70309/10/201818-1538Fee for connection to major sanitary sewer facilities.
15,70209/10/201818-1536Amusement House License duration (45 days)
15,70109/10/201818-1534Traffic Regulation Changes: (A) Code revisions on Forest Avenue from 16th Street o 63rd Street to match field conditions; (B) Removing 12th and Cherry Street parking lot from Municipal Code.
15,70009/10/201818-1532Downtown Des Moines Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)
15,69908/20/201818-1448Rezoning 4455 and 44654 Hubbell Avenue from A-1 to Ltd. C-2.
15,69808/20/201818-1445Vacate Van Buren right-of-way between SE 4th and SE 5th.
15,69708/20/201818-1438ERU rate for stormwater management services to be applied to residential and nonresidential properties.
15,69508/20/201818-1433Public Housing Department
15,69408/20/201818-1431Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: 1) Stop sign at Indiana Avenue and Maine Street; 2)Addition of no parking any time area on west side of 5th Avenue, north of Court Avenue; 3) Parking and loading zone additions related to opening Grand Avenue Bridge.
15,69308/20/201818-1429Vacating alley right-of-way adjoining 1437 E. 14th Street
15,69208/20/201818-1425Placing 4-way stops at Hart Avenue and SE 24th Street; and at E. Porter Avenue and SE 24th Street.
15,69108/06/201818-1300Vacating a portion of Woodland Avenue right-of-way north of and adjoining 616 10th Street.
15,69008/06/201818-1352Drainage pipe installation in drainage ways, grading requirements, public nuisance abatement and assessment administrative process.
15,68907/23/201818-1293Rezoning of 2701 and 2703 E. Grand Avenue, from "C-1" to Ltd "C-2"
15,68807/23/201818-1285Private Property Protection Program
15,68707/23/201818-1283Traffic Regulations changes 1)Speed limit reduction on SW 9th Street Bancroft to Lacona 2)Removal of pedestrian crossing signal on E. Grand Avenue at former Brooks Elementary 3)Installation of signals at E. 46th and Hubbell, SW 63rd and Creston, E. 6th and Des Moines Street, and ML King Jr. Pkwy and Prospect.
15,68607/23/201818-1277Rezoning 5066 NE 23rd Avenue, from A-1 to PUD
15,68507/16/201818-1217Temporarily waiving sewer, solid waste collection and storm water management service charges to qualifying properties damaged by the recent flooding within the City of Des Moines.
15,68407/09/201818-1196Vacating approx. 12' by 40' segment of E. 2nd Street right-of-way adjoining 111 E. Grand AVenue
15,68307/09/201818-1188Rezoning 4701 block of SW 63rd Street from Ltd "C-2" to Ltd "M-1"
15,68207/09/201818-1180Temporarily waiving all permit fees for the repair, renovation or replacement of structures damaged by the recent flooding within the City of Des Moines.
15,68107/09/201818-1178Traffic Regulation Changes: (1) Changes to part-time one-way streets to match new school hours at Park Ave Elementary, Findley Elementary, Morris Elementary, Madison Elementary, Cattell Elementary, Moulton learning Center and McKee Education Center. (2) Removal of "no parking anytime" restriction on 19th Place from Cottage Grove to Olive Avenue.
15,68007/09/201818-1175Real Estate Contract Sales Inspections - repealed
15,67906/25/201818-1115Vacating subsurface rights in portions of 5th Avenue right-of-way and alley right-of-way, both adjoining 422 Walnut Street.
15,67806/25/201818-1112Vacating a portion of the north-south alley adjacent to 1417 Walnut Street
15,67706/25/201818-1109Vacating 14th Street from Walnut Street to Falcon Drive, adjoining 1400 Walnut Street.
15,67606/25/201818-1106Vacating the north 40 feet of E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway right-of-way and the north-south alley right-of-way lying between Raccoon Street and East Martin Luther King Jr., Parkway, all adjoining 401 SE 5th Street and 400 SE 6th Street.
15,67506/25/201818-1096Traffic regulation changes as follows: (A) Removal of on-street parking on the north side of Dean Avenue between E. 30th Street and the City limits. (B) Code changes to remove parking restrictions on 27th Street from Forest Avenue to Carpenter Avenue corresponding to permanent vacation of roadway
15,67406/11/201818-1037Vacating subsurface rights in the west 2 feet of E. Grand Avenue right-of-way adjoining 111 E. Grand Avenue.
15,67306/11/201818-1028Vacating east/west alley right-of-way south of and adjoining 215 SW 9th Street.
15,67206/11/201818-1022Rezoning 4750 SW 31st Street from M-3 to Ltd. R1-80
15,67106/11/201818-1014Regarding sale of Consumer Fireworks and permits required.
15,67006/11/201818-1012Traffic regulation changes: (A) Designation of parking spaces for City employees on vacated Elm Street and in the new parking lot south of the Police Station. (B) Removal of on-street parking on the south side of Osceola Avenue from E. 9th Street to E. 12th Street. (C) Designating E. Walnut Street from E. 14th Street to E. 18th Street as a snow route. (D) Extending No Parking restriction for northbound right-turn lane on 6th Avenue at School Street. (E) Code Change related to the rededication of E. Market Street as public right-of-way.
15,66905/21/201818-0932Vacating the east/west alley right-of-way north of and adjoining 304 E. Walnut Street.
15,66805/21/201818-0929Vacating a portion of E. 5th Street right-of-way located east of and adjoining 440 E. Grand Avenue.
15,66705/21/201818-0920Ambulance Fees
15,66605/21/201818-0918Permits required for fire prevention and protection
15,66505/21/201818-0915traffic regulation changes: (A) Removal of loading zone on east side of E. 7th Street, north of E. Walnut Street. (B) Parking restriction on the east side of SW 5th Street from Elm Street to Tuttle Street. (C) Removal of Taxi Stand on 3rd Street, south of Court Avenue, and revision to parking restriction, north of Court Avenue, on Friday and Saturday. (D) Removal of two-hour parking restrictions and commercial loading zone on Linden Street between 15th Street and 17th Street. (E) Stop sign addition at 33rd Street and College Avenue.
15,66405/21/201818-0912Solid Waste charges for collection services and to clarify language regarding administrative hearings.
15,66305/07/201818-0815Rezoning 1625-1645 E. Diehl, 1540-1580 Hart Avenue and 1545-1575 Hart Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd R1-60
15,66205/07/201818-0809Rezoning 1350 E. Washington Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd R-3
15,66105/07/201818-0805Vacating a portion of excess street right-of-way at the northwest corner of 16th Street and Day Street.
15,65905/07/201818-0785Vacating portions of Grand Avenue right-of-way adjoining 665 Grand Avenue
15,65805/07/201818-0788Regulation of parking meters and Meter Districts
15,65704/23/201818-0718Traffic regulation changes: (A) Parking Restriction – within the cul-de-sac at the intersection of E. Luster Lane and E. Havens Avenue. (B) Code Correction – correct the termination point of E. Broad Street. (C) Parking Restriction Reversal – E. 39th Court and E. Madison Avenue.
15,65604/23/201818-0716Plumbing fixture counts
15,65504/09/201818-0602Vacating portions of the north/south alley lying east of and adjoining 121-12th Street
15,65404/09/201818-0618Rezoning 3525 Vandalia Road from PUD to Ltd M-2
15,65304/09/201818-0614Vacating a portion of excess SE 30th Street adjoining 308 SE 30th and a segment of E. Elm Street adjoining 244 SE 30th.
15,65204/09/201818-0604Traffic Regulations Changes: (A) Parking restrictions on Cummins Road at the intersection of SE 14th Street, to allow space for turning vehicles and vehicle queuing. (B) Parking restrictions on E. 33rd Street at Dubuque Avenue to improve visibility at the intersection.
15,65103/26/201818-0530Vacating 5.79 acres of parkland along the Des Moines River for use for a skate park.
15,65003/19/201818-0512Rezoning 4880 Hubbell Avenue from A-1 to Ltd C-2
15,64903/19/201818-0495Parking restrictions on 48th Street from University to Franklin; allow angle parking on E. Hillside, Murphy Street, E. Shaw and 23rd Street to match field conditions; reduction of hourly and maximum rates in City-owned parking garages as part of the City's downtown parking strategy.
15,64803/08/201818-0383Graffiti, Street Use Permits and Banners
15,64703/08/201818-0380Vacating portions of E. 12th Street right-of-way adjoining 623 E. 12th Street.
15,64602/19/201818-0308Real estate contract sales
15,64502/05/201818-0220Type L Sound Permits
15,64401/22/201818-0159Rezoning 215 Watson from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,64301/22/201818-0156Rezoning 210 Watson from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,64201/22/201818-0145Vacating adjoining property at 621 Des Moines Street
15,64101/22/201818-0139Traffic Regulation Changes (A) On-street handicap parking – east side of SW 11th Street, Tuttle Street to Murphy Street. (B) Code revisions related to the vacation of City right-of-way in the area bound by Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway on the north, Maury Street on the south, SE 23rd Street on the east, and the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way on the west. (C) Code corrections – Hull Avenue, E. 14th Street to E. 40th Court. (D) Removal of daytime parking
15,64001/22/201818-0137Transient Merchant and Premise Permit application updates
15,63901/22/201818-0135Powers and Duties of the City Manager