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City Council Ordinances
2017 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2017.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,63312/04/201717-2105Vacating a portion of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway right-of-way located east of and adjoining Woodland Cemetery.
15,63212/04/201717-2101Adopting the 2017 National Electric Code
15,63112/04/201717-2088Dissolving the Sherman Hill Historic Street Lighting Self-Supported Municipal District (SSMID)
15,63012/04/201717-2086Rezoning 1159 24th from Ltd NPC to revised Ltd NPC
15,62812/04/201717-2081Rezoning 1916, 1920, and 1924 Merle Hay Road from R1-60 to Ltd R-3
15,62711/20/201717-2019Rezoning 2412 Merle Hay Road, 2416 Merle Hay Road and 2325 59th Street from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2
15,62611/20/201717-2010Rezoning 1233-63rd Street from Ltd C-1 to Revised Ltd C-1
15,62511/20/201717-2007Rezoning 2217-2225 University Avenue and 1207 23rd Street, from C-2 to Ltd NPC
15,62411/20/201717-1993Traffic Regulation Changes (A) Parking restriction removal – east side of E. 12th Street from Grand Avenue to Des Moines Street. (B) Parking restriction – Cummins Road, within cul-de-sac, west of SE 14th Street. (C) Code correction – Des Moines Street from E. 9th Street to E. 14th Street and Walnut Street from E. 12th Street to E. 14th Street. (D) Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway speed limit change, north of Lynner Drive. (E) Parking changes - 8th Street from Walnut Street to Locust Street. (F) Parking restriction – east side of E. 2nd Street, north of E. Walnut Street.
15,62311/20/201717-1990Golf Course Fees
15,62211/20/201717-1985Vacating the west 16.5 feet of the 33-foot wide half-street right-of-way adjoining 2327 Franklin Avenue at 1915, 1921 and 1925 24th Street.
15,62111/20/201717-1984Traffic Regulation Changes (A) Parking meter changes for streets surrounding the new Confluence on Third development. (B) Revised parking restrictions on Mulberry Street from 9th Street to 10th Street. (C) Adding two-hour parking meters and parking restrictions on E. 2nd Street from E. Locust Street to E. Grand Avenue.
15,62011/06/201717-1913Amending Section 114-319.02, relating to traffic and vehicle regulations.
15,61910/09/201717-1771Amending 42-212 Relating to the Prohibition of Fireworks
15,61810/09/201717-1769Establishing Sherman Hill Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District
15,61710/09/201717-1767Amending Section 114-657 relating to Parking Rates in Municipally Owned Parking Garages
15,61609/25/201717-1690Rezoning of property located in the vicinity of 1916 Dean Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd M-1
15,61509/25/201717-1687Vacating the east-west alley right-of-way lying north of and adjoining 322 East Court Avenue
15,61409/25/201717-1681Traffic and Vehicle Regulations 114-319.03, 114-2115, 114-2638, 114-2731, 114-3206, 114-3207 and 114-3225
15,61309/25/201717-1679Brenton Skating Plaza ice rink fees
15,61209/11/201717-1609Rezoning of 915 SE 14th Court from C-2 to Ltd M-1
15,61109/11/201717-1606Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 110 SE 7th Street from M-2 to Ltd C-3B
15,61009/11/201717-1603Rezoning of 900-42nd Street from C-1 to Ltd NPC
15,60909/11/201717-1596Businesses selling Liquor/Wine/Beer
15,60809/11/201717-1594Revised Civil and Criminal Penalties for violation of City ordinances.
15,60708/28/201717-1506Rezoning of property at 804 SE 30th Street, Scrap Processors, from C-2 and R-3 to Ltd M-1 and Ltd M-2
15,60608/28/201717-1498Amending traffic regulation changes as follows: (A) Parking Restriction—East side of Ure Street from E. University Avenue, north to and including the cul-de-sac. (B) Loading Zone Removal—north side of Crocker Street, east of 9th Street. (C) Corner Clearance—SE 24th Street at Hart Avenue. (D) Revision to the Handicapped Parking Space Signs section of the Municipal Code. (E) Right-turn on red prohibition—Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and I-235 eastbound ramp.
15,60508/28/201717-1495Vacating a dead-end segment of Southwest 19th Street adjoining 1821 Frazier Avenue
15,60408/28/201717-1494Vacating a segment of Ingersoll Avenue adjoining 539 Polk Blvd and repealing Ordinance No. 15,584
15,60308/14/201717-1424Rezoning 1157 15th Street and 1501 Keo from C-2 and R-3 to Ltd M-1
15,60208/14/201717-1418Vacating east-west alley right-of-way adjoining 1212 Hutton Street
15,60108/14/201717-1413Vacating surface rights and subsurface rights adjoining 201 SE 6th Street
15,60008/14/201717-1407Rezoning 1300 Tuttle street from C-3B and FW to PUD
15,59907/24/201717-1293Rezoning 3212 Merle Hay Road, 5801 Hickman and 2315 59th Street from R1-60 and C-1 to C-2
15,59807/24/201717-1279Civil and Human Rights Commission, establishment, appointment, composition and terms.
15,59707/24/201717-1276Building Regulations
15,59607/10/201717-1182Real Estate Contract Sales Inspection
15,59507/10/201717-1181Vacating Royal Park, 1809 8th Street.
15,59407/10/201717-1179State Income Tax Offset Program
15,59306/26/201717-1123Rezoning of 4896 Easton Boulevard from A-1 to PUD
15,59206/26/201717-1120Rezoning of 150 E. County Line Road from R1-80 to Ltd R1-60
15,59106/26/201717-1117Rezoning of 3917 Mahaska from R1-60 to Ltd C-2
15,59006/26/201717-1105Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: (A) Parking meter updates around the new Hy-Vee Store at 4th and Court Avenue. (B) Parking restriction modifications due to Crocker Street restriping from 15th Street to 19th Street. (C) SW 42nd Street – No Parking Anytime. (D) Code Modifications related to Brook Landing Plat 1. (E) Code modifications related to Bloomfield Acres. (F) Code Modifications related to the SE 3rd Street Improvement Project. (G) Code modifications related to the vacation of E. Granger Avenue. (H) Parking restriction modifications on 25th Street, north of University Avenue.
15,58906/26/201717-1103Transportation Safety Committee
15,58806/26/201717-1101Maintenance of Border Areas
15,58706/12/201717-1016Vacating subsurface rights in a portion of Ingersoll Avenue right-of-way adjoining 2301 Ingersoll Avenue.
15,58606/12/201717-1005Fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects material
15,58506/05/201717-0929Sale of consumer fireworks in industrial zoning districts
15,58405/22/201717-0904Vacation of a segment of Ingersoll Avenue right-of-way north of and adjoining 539 Polk Blvd.
15,58305/22/201717-0890Traffic regulation changes: Ingersoll Bus Lane; Ingersoll east of MLKing Jr. Parkway; Easter Lake Estates and Prairie Hills Des Moines Plat 1; Vehicle Charging Stations in parking ramps; bus loading area south side of Cherry west of 7th; Moulton Learning Center on 7th and 8th south of College.
15,58205/08/201717-0825Rezoning 4905 Hubbell Avenue from Limited M-1 (Light Industrial) to amended Limited M-1.
15,58105/08/201717-0822Rezoning 201 SE 6th Street from M-2 (Heavy Industrial) to Limited C-3B (Central Business Mixed-Use District)
15,58005/08/201717-0806Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Stop signs on E. Court Avenue from SE 32nd to E 33rd Court 2. Ingersoll Bus Top Change at 38th Street 3. Addition of parking Restrictions on Scott Avenue.
15,57904/17/201717-0712Rezoning of 2426 Saylor Road from R1-60 to PUD
15,57804/17/201717-0701Prohibiting Peddling on streets and sidewalks
15,57704/17/201717-0699Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Removal of parking restriction - Thornton Avenue from SW 14th to cul-de-sac 2. Removal of parking and loading zone - Hull Avenue from Wright Street to E. 12th 3. Curb Bump-out parking prohibition and definition 4. Traffic Control provisions for E. Locust, E. 2nd, E. 3rd and E. Walnut due to completion for the Staybridge Hotel 5. Traffic Control provisions for Walnut Street, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue and 7th Street due to Walnut Streetscape Project.
15,57604/03/201717-0628Vacating the west 6.5 feet of the north/south alley right-of-way east of adjoining 422 Walnut.
15,57504/03/201717-0625Vacating portions of the east/west alley rights-of-way located within 422 Walnut Street
15,57404/03/201717-0619Rezoning 623 E. 12th Street from C-0 to C-1
15,57304/03/201717-0613Rezoning of 20 E. 18th Street from Ltd. M-2 to amended Ltd. M-2
15,57204/03/201717-0610Vacating north/south alley right-of-way north of Laurel Street and south of Ascension Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Street.
15,57104/03/201717-0604Mobile Vendors and Transient Merchants at Birdland Marina.
15,57004/03/201717-0601Vacating a portion of Mulberry Street and 12th Street rights-of-way adjoining 121 12th Street.
15,56903/20/201717-0533Establishing the Northeast Gateway 2 Urban Renewal Area
15,56803/20/201717-0529Establishing the Northeast Gateway 1 Urban Renewal Area
15,56703/20/201717-0519Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 4518 SW 33rd Street from M-3 to Ltd R1-80
15,56603/20/201717-0508Noise Control Ordinance change to add dBC scale and allowing measurement from public right-of-way
15,56503/20/201717-0506Stormwater Management Utility
15,56403/20/201717-0505Private Property Protection Program, (Storm Water Management)
15,56303/20/201717-0504Traffic Regulation Changes: SE 35th Court, E. Philip, SE 34th Court; E. 50th Street, E. Herold Avenue, and West River Drive.
15,56202/20/201717-0322Chapter 60, protection of public health an safety; adoption of the international property maintenance code, public nuisance code and real estate contract sales inspections.
15,56102/20/201717-0317Rezone 1244 2nd Avenue from Ltd M-1 to amended Ltd M-1.
15,56002/20/201717-0312Vacating a portion of the east/west alley lying north of and adjoining 816 Shaw street.
15,55902/20/201717-0304Traffic Regulation Changes - Carman Estates Plat 9; Renumbering Code sections to agree with alphabetical order; updates related to the renaming of Army Post Road to Willow Creed Avenue; snow route modifications on 55th Street.
15,55802/06/201717-0224Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 921 6th Avenue
15,55702/06/201717-0220Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 1400 Walnut Street
15,55602/06/201717-0211Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: (A) Parking restriction modifications related to the Beaver Avenue Streetscape project. (B) Installation of a traffic signal at Indianola Avenue and Payton Avenue. (C) Parking restriction modifications to match field conditions – Washington Avenue.
15,55502/06/201717-0210Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 550 Watson Powell Jr. Way
15,55401/23/201717-0153Capitol Center TIF Area
15,55301/23/201717-0150ACCENT Neighborhood TIF District
15,55201/23/201717-0146Vacating right-of-way adjoining 401 SE 6th and 400 SE 7th
15,55101/23/201717-0141Vacating right-of-way on Ingersoll Avenue west of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
15,55001/09/201717-0073Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3941 SE 14th Street from C-2 to PUD.
15,54901/09/201717-0061Vacating a portion of SW 9th Street right-of-way adjoining 300 SW 5th Street.