City Council Ordinances
2019 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2019.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,74902/11/201919-0234Rezoning 2008 and 2222 Bennett Avenue from R1-60 to C-0
15,74802/11/201919-0230Vacating property adjoining 2650 University Avenue
15,74702/11/201919-0227Rezoning 3500 Vandalia Road, from M-1 to Ltd. M-2
15,74602/11/201919-0220Housing Code
15,74501/28/201919-0172Rezoning 2800 E. University from Ltd C-2 to amended Ltd C-2
15,74401/28/201919-0169Rezoning 400 block of SW 11th Street from C-3B to PUD
15,74301/28/201919-0166Rezoning 938-12th Street from M-1 to Ltd NPC
15,74201/28/201919-0159Vacating east/west alley right-of-way north of and adjoining 101,107 and111 Jefferson.
15,74101/28/201919-0155Vacating portions of Bridal Row at 1501 Woodland Avenue
15,74001/28/201919-0149Establishing the Little Fourmile Trunk Sanitary Sewer Benefitted District
15,73901/14/201919-0089Establishing the Drake Urban Renewal Area.
15,73801/14/201919-0080Rezoning 1900,1904,1912 and 1914 SW 1st Street from R-3 to D-R