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City Council Ordinances
2017 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2017.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,55802/06/201717-0224Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 921 6th Avenue
15,55702/06/201717-0220Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 1400 Walnut Street
15,55602/06/201717-0211Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: (A) Parking restriction modifications related to the Beaver Avenue Streetscape project. (B) Installation of a traffic signal at Indianola Avenue and Payton Avenue. (C) Parking restriction modifications to match field conditions – Washington Avenue.
15,55502/06/201717-0210Vacate right-of-way in the vicinity of 550 Watson Powell Jr. Way
15,55401/23/201717-0153Capitol Center TIF Area
15,55301/23/201717-0150ACCENT Neighborhood TIF District
15,55201/23/201717-0146Vacating right-of-way adjoining 401 SE 6th and 400 SE 7th
15,55101/23/201717-0141Vacating right-of-way on Ingersoll Avenue west of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
15,55001/09/201717-0073Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3941 SE 14th Street from C-2 to PUD.
15,54901/09/201717-0061Vacating a portion of SW 9th Street right-of-way adjoining 300 SW 5th Street.