City Council Ordinances
2015 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2015.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,42311/09/201515-1917Establishing the Iowa Convention and Entertainment Reinvestment District, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 15J
15,42211/09/201515-1891Access to equipment trenches and ducts in City right-of-way (effective 1-1-2018)
15,42111/09/201515-1889Access to equipment trenches and ducts in City right-of-way (effective immediately)
15,42011/09/201515-1886Golf Course Fees
15,41911/09/201515-1884Establishing the Northeast Gateway Revitalization Urban Renewal Area.
15,41810/26/201515-1833Mobile Vendor Pilot Program - 3-month extension.
15,41710/26/201515-1814Vacating SE 20th between Scott and Southeast Connector.
15,41610/26/201515-1809Vacating approx .75 acres of real estate in Prospect Park, at 1225 Prospect Road.
15,41510/26/201515-1802Traffic Regulation Changes - SE 3rd, E. Walnut, Cherry Street, Parking Meter Districts, Park Street.
15,41410/26/201515-1800Vacating a portion of the east/west alley right-of-way adjoining 1619 Franklin Avenue.
15,41310/12/201515-1740Rezone 1818 High Street from C-2 to Ltd C-3A
15,41210/12/201515-1737Rezone 2 Hartford Avenue from Ltd C-1 with allowance of R-3 permitted uses, to Ltd C-1.
15,41110/12/201515-1731Vacating the north/south alley between SE 5th Street and SE 6th Street from Scott Avenue to a point 112 feet south.
15,41010/12/201515-1728Vacating subsurface portions of Mulberry Street and 9th Street, and north/south and east/west alley rights-of-way adjoining 915 Mulberry Street.
15,40910/12/201515-1725Vacating portions of SW 4th Street and W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway (also knows as Elm Street) adjoining 300 West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.
15,40810/12/201515-1718Hearings for snow and ice removal violations
15,40709/28/201515-1642Vacating irregular-shaped segment of the eastern portion of SE 40th Street adjoining 4491 SE 40th Street.
15,40609/28/201515-1639Vacating various streets and alley rights-of-way between Jackson Avenue and Dunham Avenue and between Indianola Avenue and South Union Street.
15,40509/28/201515-1633Historic Review of proposed demolition
15,40409/28/201515-1630Traffic regulation changes regarding modifications related to the SE 34th Street/SE 36th Street Roadway Improvements at Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)
15,40309/14/201515-1566Establishing Echo Valley Urban Renewal Area as a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District
15,40209/14/201515-1551Rezone 905 Walker Street from R1-60 to R-2
15,40109/14/201515-1547Rezone 707 19th Street from R-HD to Ltd. NPC
15,40009/14/201515-1544Vacate 27th Street from Forest Avenue to Carpenter Avenue and Carpenter Avenue from 25th to 27th Street and 16 ft. north/south alley from Forest Avenue to a point approximately 320.5 ft. to the south and repealing Ordinance No. 15,383
15,39908/24/201515-1449Referral of residential public nuisance structures and certification of costs.
15,39808/24/201515-1447Vacating a portion of East Market right-of-way adjoining 111 SE 7th Street.
15,39708/24/201515-1445Amending Chapter 114 relating to snow routes
15,39608/10/201515-1378Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 1546 Hull Avenue from R-3 to PUD
15,39508/10/201515-1373Vacating a portion of City right-of-way located at East 18th Street west of Hubbell Avenue
15,39408/10/201515-1369Removal of pedestrian signal west of 51st Street and Douglas Avenue
15,39307/27/201515-1304Vacate n/s segment of the alley right-of-way 2nd, 3rd, Indiana, Creighton adjoining 1240 and 1244 2nd Avenue
15,39207/27/201515-1301Rezone 1240 and 1244 2nd Avenue.
15,39107/27/201515-1297Vacate area in the vicinity of SE 9th, SE 10th, Raccoon E. ML King, near the SE Connector.
15,39007/27/201515-1294Vacate a portion of SW 60th Street right-of-way between SW Leland and Army Post Road
15,38907/27/201515-1291Vacate a portion of SE Market Street right-of-way adjoining 111 SE 7th Street.
15,38807/27/201515-1288Vacate E/W alley right-of-way, 1500 Woodland, 615-16th, 1530 Woodland
15,38707/27/201515-1273Traffic Regulation Changes: E. Martin Luther King; Parking Meter District boundary change; north side of Hull from 1546 Hull to E. 16th Street; Laurel Hill Road; south side of Center Street between 28th and 31st.
15,38607/27/201515-1270Right-of-Way Management Fees
15,38507/27/201515-1269Definition of false fire alarm
15,38407/13/201515-1191To rezone 1801 Hickman Road from C-0, R-3 and FW to PUD (Broadlawns Hospital)
15,38307/13/201515-1187Vacating 27th Street from Forest Avenue to Carpenter Avenue, and of Carpenter Avenue from 25th Street to 27th Street, and of the 16 foot wide north/south alley from Forest Avenue to a point approximately 320.5 feet to the south
15,38207/13/201515-1183To vacate a segment of Linden Street from 14th Street to Ingeroll, and the north/south alley between 14th Street and 15th Street from Grand Avenue to a point approx 121 feet to the north.
15,38107/13/201515-1179To vacate parkland adjacent to Greenwood Park/Bergman Academy
15,38007/13/201515-1176Vacating right-of-way adjacent to Park Plaza and Cowles Commons
15,37906/22/201515-1073Rezoning 4801 Franklin Avenue from "R1-60" (One-Family Low-Density Residential) to Ltd. "C-1" (Neighborhood Retail Commercial District)
15,37806/22/201515-1069Vacating a segment of West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway (formerly Elm Street) adjoining 300 West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway.
15,37706/22/201515-1066Vacate a portion of the north/south alley right-of-way adjoining 831 and 849 16th Street.
15,37606/22/201515-1063Vacating subsurface and surface rights within 4th Street, Court Avenue and 5th Avenue.
15,37506/08/201515-0968Rezoning 900 and 1000 Keosauqua Way from "C-2" to Ltd. "C-3"
15,37406/08/201515-0960Vacate sub-surface rights on Walnut and 8th, adjoining 712 Walnut, to be known in the future as 219-8th Street.
15,37306/08/201515-0956Rates for City-owned parking garages
15,37206/08/201515-0955Rededicating Robert D. Ray Drive as public street right-of-way.
15,37106/08/201515-0954Vacate Robert D. Ray Drive north of Des Moines Street, as a park road
15,37005/18/201515-0861Vacating E. 4th Street adjoining 350 E. Locust, for a Sidewalk Cafe
15,36905/18/201515-0853Traffic regulation changes - 17th Street, E. 4th Street, E. Porter Avenue, E. 38th Street, 1500 block of Walnut
15,36805/18/201515-0848Vacating Mulberry Street, 5th Avenue and Walnut Street right-of-way adjoining 222-5th Avenue
15,36704/20/201515-0681Traffic Regulation Changes - E. Court Avenue; Mulberry Street; Evergreen Avenue; East Watrous Avenue; Walnut Street School; Near Cowles Commons
15,36604/20/201515-0679Salary of the Mayor and City Council members, (effective 1-1-16)
15,36504/20/201515-0678Vacate parkland in Pioneer Park and Pioneer Road
15,36404/06/201515-0616Rezoning of 2052 Ankeny Avenue, from R1-60 to Ltd C-2
15,36304/06/201515-0607Traffic Regulation Changes: E. 3rd Street, E. Court Avenue, near Douglas Elementary, near Wallace Elementary, E. Douglas Avenue, E. 5th Street, and on 8th Street
15,36204/06/201515-0605Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program
15,36104/06/201515-0603Rezoning 1300 Army Post Road from "C-2" and "R1-60" to Ltd "M-1"
15,36003/23/201515-0540Vacating e/w alley right-of-way in the block bounded by Forest Avenue, Indiana Avenue, 3rd Street and 4th Street.
15,35903/23/201515-0537Vacating air space and subsurface rights within E. Grand Avenue and subsurface rights within E. 4th Street
15,35803/23/201515-0518Hours restrictions at SW 9th and Kenyon Avenue
15,35703/23/201515-0517Buffer zones for street use permits.
15,35603/09/201515-0428Rezoning of 2301 Beaver, 2313 Beaver and 2300 40th Place, from C-0 and R1-60 to Ltd. C-1.
15,35503/09/201515-0420Traffic regulation changes on Veterans Parkway, Evergreen and SW Water Street.
15,35403/09/201515-0418Vehicle Transportation Services - Uber
15,35303/09/201515-0414Removing parking peters on the east side of 12th Street north of Cherry.
15,35203/09/201515-0413Appointment of members to the Skywalk Committee
15,35103/09/201515-0412Designating SW 56th and McKinley as a 4-way stop.
15,35002/23/201515-0341Vacating City right-of-way adjoining 215 E. 3rd Street
15,34902/23/201515-0332Qualifications for appointment to the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals
15,34802/23/201515-0329Regulations for high-risk animals
15,34702/23/201515-0324PUD and PBP review and time schedule
15,34602/09/201515-0243Rezoning of 4006 Grand Avenue from R-3 and R1-80 to Ltd C-0
15,34502/09/201515-0240Rezoning 944 18th Street from C-0 to Ltd C-2.
15,34402/09/201515-0237Vacating a portion of Locust Street right-of-way adjoining 400 Locust Street.
15,34302/09/201515-0234Vacating a portion of City right-of-way on the northeast corner of Fleur Drive and Army Post Road.
15,34202/09/201515-0221Off-Street parking and loading regulations, and requirements for paving and paved access drives.
15,34101/26/201515-0131Traffic Regulation Changes - Parking Restrictions and traffic signals at Indianola Avenue and E. McKinley and at Indianola and Easter Lake Drive; Installation of pedestrian signals on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway near Jefferson and Allison Avenue
15,34001/26/201515-0129Traffic Regulation Changes regarding All-Way Stop installation at the intersection of E. 5th and Locust
15,33901/12/201515-0072Vacating Air Space over E. Locust Street right-of-way adjoining 201 E. Locust Street.
15,33801/12/201515-0060Traffic Regulation Changes: Parking near DM Police Station; parking restrictions on the west side of E. 4th Street at E. Walnut; Loading Zone on Forest Avenue in front of the Drake University Knapp Center.
15,33701/12/201515-0058Golf Course Fees for 2015