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City Council Ordinances
1997 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 1997.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
13,55012/22/199797-4081Vacate Urbandale Avenue north of Leado Avenue
13,54912/22/199797-4043Rezone 1801 Hickman Road (Broadlawns) from R-3 U-1 to C-0
13,54812/22/199797-4043Traffic Regulation Changes E. 15th, tiffin, SE 18th, 62nd, Cleveland E. 29th, School, 51st, 30th
13,54712/08/199797-3887Rezoning of 2203 Lincoln Avenue from C-1 to R1-60
13,54612/08/199797-3886Traffic Regulations near Federal Building to delete parking 2nd, 3rd, Walnut, Court
13,54511/17/199797-3748Traffic Regulation Changes 4-way stop at North Union and Sheridan
13,54411/17/199797-3747Traffic Regulation Changes Meredith Complex 15th to 18th Grand and Locust
13,54311/17/199797-3746Traffic Regulation Changes Woodland, 10th, 11th, near City Hall
13,54211/03/199797-3640Temporary Signs allowed in all Zoning Districts
13,54111/03/199797-3635Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial District Regulations
13,54011/03/199797-3634Traffic Regulation Changes - Forrest, High and Center
13,53910/27/199797-3554Traffic Regulation Changes-- Center St, Easter Lake Dr., 59th SE 22nd E. Wall Ave
13,53810/27/199797-3553Design requirements for single family dwellings
13,53610/20/199797-3489Vacate vicinity of Mattern and E. 19th
13,53510/20/199797-3487Impounded Vehicle Hearings
13,53410/20/199797-3483Traffic Regulations--Allison, 44th, Cambridge, E. Sheridan, Hull, SE 3rd, Market
13,53310/15/199797-3416Licensing requirements for Amusement House Licenses
13,53210/06/199797-3387Rezone 624-35th from R1-60 to Ltd C-0
13,53110/06/199797-3375Sherman Hill Historic Street Lighting Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District
13,53010/06/199797-3373Rezone 7301 Fleur Drive from R1-80 and R-5 to Ltd. C-2
13,52910/06/199797-3370Traffic Regulation Changes - E. 3rd, 8th, 41st, Bell, and Thornton
13,52809/22/199797-3228Traffic Regs changes at E. 16th, 56th, Walker, 24th, and Loomis
13,52709/08/199797-3085Vacate n/s alley right-of-way Walnut between 8th and 9th Streets
13,52609/08/199797-3082Vacate right-of-way in the 1900 block of Guthrie Avenue
13,52509/08/199797-3079Vacate n/s alley right-of-way in vicinity of SW 63rd and Winona
13,52409/08/199797-3076Rezone 801 SW 63rd from R1-60 to C-1
13,52309/08/199797-3071Traffic Regulation changes for New York Ave., Woodland Avenue
13,52209/08/199797-3040City limit boundary to include vicinity of Meredith Drive and Merle Hay Road
13,52108/25/199797-2966Vacate E. 30th and E. Sheridan Avenue
13,52008/18/199797-2892Vacate SW 38th north of Thornton
13,51908/18/199797-2885Parking rates for Court Avenue Parking Garage
13,51808/18/199797-2882Nuisances and Junk Vehicles
13,51708/18/199797-2880Airport Board Duties and Responsibilities
13,51608/18/199797-2878Traffic Regulation Changes E. Douglas, North Union, Timber Lane, 4th, E. 5th, etc.
13,51508/04/199797-2752Rezone 1449 Martin Luther Ling Jr. Parkway from C-0 to C-1
13,51408/04/199797-2749Rezone 1022 Des Moines Street from R-4 to C-0
13,51308/04/199797-2746Vacate alley right-of-way south of Railroad between SE 9th and SE 10th
13,51208/04/199797-2743Contract exempt from bidding
13,51107/28/199797-2660Vacate Mattern Avenue at E. 19th
13,51007/28/199797-2659Vacate E/W alley vicinity of 303 SE 34th
13,50907/21/199797-2565Traffic regulations on 6th Avenue from Hickman Road to Euclid
13,50807/21/199797-2561Rezone 4139 Mattern Avenue from U-1 to Ltd. R1-60
13,50607/07/199797-2556Traffic Regulations E. Virginia from South Union to SE 22nd Street
13,50507/07/199797-2430Establishing New Zoning Classification of NPC Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial
13,50407/07/199797-2424Rezone 4401 Hickman Road from C-1 to C-1A
13,50307/07/199797-2405Disposal of demolition/construction debris
13,50207/01/199797-2261Terminating Office of City Assessor
13,50106/23/199797-2234Traffic Regulation changes Beaver and Madison
13,50006/23/199797-2230Powers and duties of the City Manager
13,49906/23/199797-2229Rezone 727 SE 28th /2824 Maury R-2/R-3 to M-1
13,49806/23/199797-2228Creating Strategic Planning Commission
13,49706/16/199797-2124Vacate alley 309 Court Ave
13,49606/16/199797-2119Rezone 3800 Park Ave R1-80 to PUD
13,49506/16/199797-2114Vendor Fees Simon Estes Amphitheater
13,49406/16/199797-2112Add Simon Estes Amphitheater to list of Parks
13,49306/16/199797-2107Rezone 3951/3935 Mattern U-1 to Ltd R1-60
13,49206/16/199797-2106Traffic Regs Lanewood/Waveland Dr
13,48806/02/199797-1947Sherman Hill Historic Street Lighting