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City Council Ordinances
2000 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2000.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
13,89812/18/200000-4688Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 2718 Kingman Boulevard from an "R-3" Multiple Family Residential District to a Limited "C-O" Commercial-Residential District classification.
13,89712/18/200000-4685Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 3221 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from a "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to a Limited "M-1" Light Industrial District classification.
13,89612/18/200000-4667Contracts exempt from bidding.
13,89512/04/200000-4542Designated security employee and conditions for approval. (Bouncers)
13,89412/04/200000-4531Street Use Permit Fees
13,89312/04/200000-4525Traffic Regulation Changes- Maximum load limit on bridges, SW 13th, Wade Street, SE 5th, E. Granger, E. 6th, E. Seneca, Cherry Street, Franklin Avenue
13,89212/04/200000-4523Vacating alley rights-of-way within the two blocks bounded by 8th, 9th, Walnut and Cherry Streets.
13,89112/04/200000-4521Rezoning the southern half of the block bounded by Mulberry, Cherry, 8th and 9th Streets from a "C-3A" Central Business District Support Commercial District to a "C-3" Central Business District Commercial District classification.
13,89011/20/200000-4414Vacating the right-of-way adjoining 1951 Courtland Drive
13,88911/20/200000-4389Entertainment Sign Overlay District wherein the regulation of signs would be reduced to allow a greater variety of signage.
13,88811/20/200000-4387New "C-3R" Central Business District Mixed-Residential District zoning district classification.
13,88711/20/200000-4385Garden reservation fee for Greenwood rose garden.
13,88611/20/200000-4383Qualifications for taxicab drivers.
13,88511/20/200000-4381Qualifications for limousine drivers.
13,88411/20/200000-4379Vacating the North 28.0 feet of two separate segments of Elm Street from 5th Street to 6th Street and 6th Street to 7th Street
13,88311/06/200000-4283Rezoning property at 5801 North Valley Drive from an "R1-60" "U-1" and "FW" to a "PUD"
13,88211/06/200000-4280Vacating the 16.5 foot alley right-of-way north of Mulberry Street and west of 10th Street
13,88111/06/200000-4255Landscaping standards for development in the "C-1" and "C-2" zoning districts.
13,88011/06/200000-4252Rezoning property at 4205 Park Avenue from "C-1" to a Limited "R-3".
13,87911/06/200000-4251Rezoning of property at 4301 Park Avenue "C-1" to a Limited "R-3"
13,87811/06/200000-4250Extension of a parking lot into an adjoining more restrictive zoning district to serve a use in the less restrictive district.
13,87710/23/200000-4125Placing a 4-way stop at E. 28th and Douglas.
13,87610/23/200000-4147Vacating the North/South and East/West alley right-of-ways between E. 21st Street and Ure Street and between E. University Avenue and South of Interstate 235 right-of-way.
13,87510/23/200000-4144Vacating a portion of the Chicago Avenue right-of-way north of Dubuque Avenue.
13,87410/23/200000-4129Traffic Regulation Changes: Porter Avenue, 16th Street, Irving Street, SW 42nd Street, Pine Avenue, E. 21st Street, Gray's Woods Area
13,87310/23/200000-4123Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 508 Lally Street from an "R1-60" to a Limited "C-2"
13,87210/23/200000-4121Renaming the portion of 60th Place extending from North Waterbury Road to Waterbury Circle as North Waterbury Road.
13,87110/23/200000-4118Vacating the East/West alley south of Easton Boulevard and west of E. 27th Street.
13,87010/16/200000-4032Traffic Regulation Changes: Woodland Avenue, Lynn Street, Mahaska Avenue, SE 8th Street, Market Street, 51st Street, E. Market Street.
13,86910/02/200000-3946Traffic Regulation Changes - Des Moines Street, 40th Street, 40th Place, 44th and Forest, 34th and Franklin, 17th and Woodland
13,86809/25/200000-3848Vacating a portion of the Kirkwood Avenue right-of-way adjoining 2320 S. Union Street.
13,86709/25/200000-3845Vacating a 24’x 135’ strip of Sheridan Avenue right-of-way adjoining 2620 37th Street
13,86609/25/200000-3842Rezoning the western half of the two blocks bounded by Locust, Mulberry, 11th and 12th Streets from a "C-3A" to a "C-3"
13,86509/25/200000-3830Standards of usage for skywalks. (hanging banners)
13,86409/25/200000-3828Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 3719 S.W. 9th Street from "C-1" to a "C-1A"
13,86309/25/200000-3826Permitted size and location of off-premises advertising signs (billboards)
13,86209/11/200000-3718Vacating Right-of-way in vicinity of 515 Waterbury Circle
13,86109/11/200000-3715Rezone 925, 1001 and 1011 E. McKinley from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
13,86009/11/200000-3701Membership of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board
13,85908/28/200000-3610Vacating right-of-way adjoining 425 E. Sheridan Avenue
13,85808/28/200000-3600Traffic Regulation Changes-Dixon at Garfield, Grand, east of 42nd, 48th Place north of Urbandale, 60th at Cummins Parkway and Clark Street
13,85708/28/200000-3598Vacating a portion of the North/South alley right-of-way located between 2nd Avenue and 2nd Place and between Clark Street and College Avenue.
13,85608/28/200000-3596Floor area ratio limitations on development
13,85508/21/200000-3498Traffic regulations changes for Watson Powell Jr. Parkway
13,85408/21/200000-3496Fees for placing microchips in animals at the Animal Shelter
13,85308/07/200000-3377Rezoning and changing the district classification of certain property located in the vicinity of 905 to 917 8th Street from an "R-4" Multiple Family Residential District to a Limited "C-3A" Central Business District Support Commercial District classification.
13,85208/07/200000-3372Vacating Market Street between S.W. 4th and S.W. 5th Streets; vacating S.W. 4th Street between Market Street and Elm Street; and vacating alleys in the vicinity.
13,85108/07/200000-3368Vacating a portion of the S.E. 5th Street right-of-way extending south from Indianola Avenue.
13,85008/07/200000-3359Taxicab trip rates.
13,84908/07/200000-3356Fee for connection to major sanitary sewer facilities and connection to Four Mile East Trunk Sewer.
13,84808/07/200000-3354Purchasing limits for Des Moines
13,84707/24/200000-3235Rezoning of property at 1527 2nd Place, from R1-60 to Ltd M-1
13,84607/24/200000-3223Prohibited acts of peddlers
13,84507/24/200000-3220Changing the name of Keosauqua Way extending east from 7th Street o Grand Avenue as Watson Powell. Jr. Way
13,84407/24/200000-3218Rezoning of property 2720 SE 5th Street from R1-70 to Ltd C-1
13,84307/24/200000-3216Rezoning of property at 1910 E. Army Post Road from R1-80 to Ltd. C-2
13,84207/24/200000-32143090 Army Post Road from R1-80 to M-3
13,84107/24/200000-3210Traffic Regulations Changes - E. 9th, E. 43rd, Lyon, Lincoln, and SE 8th Street
13,84007/24/200000-3209Rezoning of property south of University between 25th and 31st Streets from R-3 to Ltd NPC
13,83907/10/200000-2059Definition of Vehicle Inoperable, and Vehicle Unsafe - Zoning Ordinance-Nuisance Regulations
13,83806/30/200000-1948Parking Rates for the Seventh and Grand Parking Garage
13,83706/26/200000-19142000 Cemetery Hours
13,83606/19/200000-1826Rezone 1460 Des Moines Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
13,83506/19/200000-1822Vacate Air Rights over Locust between 9th and 10th - Allied
13,83406/19/200000-1818Rezone 2400 block of E. Park Avenue R1-80 to Ltd R1-60
13,83306/19/200000-1810Traffic - E. Edison, Madison Avenue, SE 22nd, SW 42nd, Cleveland, 700 block of Grand, Walnut, Walnut Hill Drive.
13,83206/19/200000-1805Definition of accessory building
13,83106/05/200000-1701Rezoning in the vicinity of 3835 University Avenue from "R-3" to Limited "C-O"
13,83006/05/200000-1697Vacating a portion of the North/South alley right-of-way between South Union and Indianola.
13,82906/05/200000-1691Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 4133 Urbandale Avenue from an "R1-60" to Limited "R-3"
13,82806/05/200000-1681Traffic Regulations - 60th Street and Pleasant Street
13,82706/05/200000-1680Recodifying the ordinances of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, as the Municipal Code of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, 2000
13,82606/05/200000-1697City ambulance service fees
13,82505/15/200000-1460Rezoning property in the vicinity of the 3100 block of E. Payton Avenue from "R1-80" to Limited "R1-60"
13,82405/15/200000-1441Peddlers and solicitation.
13,82305/15/200000-1439Vacating the North/South alley right-of-way in the north one-half of the block between 9th and 10th Streets, south of Locust Street.
13,82205/15/200000-1437Vacating portions of the Jefferson Avenue and Vermont Street rights-of-way adjacent to the West bank of the Des Moines River.
13,82105/15/200000-1436Rezoning property generally located between Washington Avenue and Interstate 235 and between E. 6th and E. 14th Streets from an "R-3" to "R1-60"
13,82005/01/200000-1337Rezone 5211 SE 14th From R1-80 and PUD to PUD Des Moines Commons PUD-Walmart
13,81905/01/200000-1332Rezone 3200 Grand From R1-80 to R-4
13,81805/01/200000-1318Traffic Regulations--ML King, E. 30th
13,81705/01/200000-1317Permit Fees-Dampers--Mechanical Code
13,81605/01/200000-1313Rezone 3400-3800 Army Post Road C-2 and PBP to M-3
13,81505/01/200000-1312Parking Fees
13,81404/24/200000-1229Vacate portion of the North/South alley between 28th and 29th streets north of Clark Street.
13,81304/17/200000-1117Vacate Mulberry ROW between 13th and 16th
13,81204/17/200000-1129Traffic Regs--E. 17th Court, Mar Ella Trail
13,81104/17/200000-1126vacate Army Post Road east of SW 42nd
13,81004/17/200000-1115TIF District--Capitol-Center Dev Area Urban Renewal Area
13,80904/03/200000-0993Rezone 3400-6th Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
13,80804/03/200000-0983Blank Park Zoo Fees (2000)
13,80704/03/200000-0980Temp Refund of building, electrical, mechanical Plumbing permits for emergency repair work in Fed. Home Loan Bank Affordability Housing.
13,80603/27/200000-0878Rezone 700 E. County Line Road, from R1-80 and R-5 to Ltd. R-3
13,80503/27/200000-0869Rezone 1211 to 1221 E. 21st and 1216 Ure Street from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2
13,80303/27/200000-0865Vacate 10, 11th-13th Locust to Mulberry - ALLIED PROJECT
13,80203/27/200000-0861Remove requirement for off-street parking for res. and retail commercial uses in C-3A Dist.
13,80103/20/200000-0772Traffic Regulation Changes-No Parking Anytime-Kirkwood Ave.-S. Union to SW 11th, Wolcott Ave.-SW 9th to SW 37th.
13,80003/06/200000-0690Rezone 1241 E. 9th R-3 to Ltd. C-2 (QuikTrip Corp.)
13,79903/06/200000-0687Vacate alley north and east from Brattleboro Ave. between 29th and 31st
13,79803/06/200000-0670Wastewater treatment and pretreatment fees.
13,79703/06/200000-0669Waste hauler definitions, standards of disposal at POTW and treatment fees
13,79603/06/200000-0668Sanitary sewer charges and fees
13,79503/06/200000-0667Rezoning of 1107 S.W. 63rd St. from FW (Floodway District) to C-2
13,79403/06/200000-0666Traffic Regulation Changes-Corner Clearance Parking Restriction - E. Side of 30 St. south of Aurora, W. Side of 32nd Street north of Lincoln Ave., S. Side of Porter Ave. E. and W. of Southwest 7th St.
13,79302/28/200000-0587Vacate N/S alley Right-of-way between 11th and 12th south of Spring Creek Drive
13,79202/28/200000-0584Vacate N. 10' of Des Moines Street from 14th to 15th Street
13,79102/21/200000-0496Rezoning of 4807 SE 14th, from R1-80 to Ltd C-2
13,78902/07/200000-0360Rezoning of 2927 Brattleboro Avenue from R-3 to Ltd C-1 (Walgreens)
13,78802/07/200000-0357Vacating alley right-of-way extending north and east from Brattleboro Avenue, between 29th and 31st Streets.
13,78702/07/200000-0367Annual purchase agreement for contracts for demolition and repair services.
13,78601/24/200000-0235Vacating portion of Glenbrook Drive right-of-way adjoining 2223 Glenbrook Drive
13,78501/24/200000-0225Traffic Regulation Changes-Downtown Meter Rates, Valdez Drive, 44th, Mondamin, Easton, E. 6th Street
13,78401/24/200000-0222Rezoning of 1420 E. 14th Street from Ltd C-2 to amended Ltd C-2
13,78301/24/200000-0221Prohibition of posting notices on utility poles, etc.
13,78201/03/200000-0101Rezone 31st and University R-3 to Ltd C-1
13,78101/03/200000-0098Rezone 3200 M.L. King
13,78001/03/200000-0089Traffic Regulation Changes, Irving, 40th and Shawnee, 40th and Aurora, Clark Street, 58th, E. Thornton, 31st, E. Marion
13,77901/03/200000-0086Cemetery Fees
13,77801/03/200000-00852000 Golf Fees