City Council Ordinances
2002 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2002.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,19512/18/200202-3006Delinquent Parking Tickets and off-street parking fines
14,19412/18/200202-3004ERU Rate - Stormwater Utility
14,19312/18/200202-3002Schedule of Fees - Park and Recreations
14,19212/18/200202-2998Schedule of Fees - Zoo
14,19112/18/200202-2995Limit waiver of fees for construction permits under Chapter 26 to permits issued for work on property owned by the federal government, the state or any county.
14,19012/16/200202-2962Schedule of Fees - Solicitors and Transient Merchants
14,18912/16/200202-29864-way stop at E. 5th and Des Moines Street
14,18812/16/200202-2968Rezone 2425 Hubbell from R1-60, C-1 and M-1 to PUD
14,18712/16/200202-2964Schedule of Fees - Solid Waste Haulers
14,18612/16/200202-2960Schedule of Fees - Peddlers
14,18512/16/200202-2958Schedule of Fees - Graffiti License
14,18412/16/200202-2956Schedule of Fees - Snow Dump
14,18312/16/200202-2954Schedule of Fees - Paint House Numbers and Salvage Dealers
14,18212/16/200202-2952Schedule of Fees - Game Rooms and Theaters
14,18012/16/200202-2948Schedule of Fees - Fingerprinting and bond for pretrial detainees
14,17912/16/200202-2946Schedule of Fees - Exception Certificates
14,17812/16/200202-2943Schedule of Fees - Cemetery Lots
14,17712/16/200202-2942Schedule of Fees - Fire Alarms
14,17612/16/200202-2940Schedule of Fees - Alarms
14,17512/16/200202-2938Schedule of Fees - Taxi and Limousine
14,17412/16/200202-2936Schedule of Fees - Right-of-way Use
14,17312/16/200202-2934Schedule of Fees - Private Construction Contracts
14,17212/16/200202-2932Schedule of Fees - Approval of Low Income Tax Credits
14,17112/16/200202-2930Schedule of Fees - Site Plan and Certificate of Occupancy
14,17012/16/200202-2928Schedule of Fees - Board of Adjustment
14,16912/16/200202-2926Schedule of Fees -Comprehensive Plan, Rezone and Subdivision Plats
14,16812/16/200202-2924Schedule of Fees - Plumbing Code
14,16712/16/200202-2922Schedule of Fees - Mechanical Code
14,16612/16/200202-2920Schedule of Fees - Electrical Code
14,16512/16/200202-2918Schedule of Fees - Building Code
14,16412/16/200202-2911Exempt abutting property owners from maintenance of trails
14,16311/18/200202-2745Vacating the portion of 11th Street and any remaining alley rights-of-way and reserved easements for public utilities within the three block area located between Locust Street and Grand Avenue, and between 10th and 13th Streets.
14,16211/18/200202-2739Frequency of inspections and fees for inspections of rental dwellings.
14,16111/18/200202-2727Traffic regulation changes for Mahaska, College and Allied Insurance Building
14,16011/18/200202-2727Rezoning property in the vicinity of 914 Davis Avenue from the "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District to the "R1-60" One Family, Low Density Residential District classification.
14,15911/18/200202-2725Vacating a portion of S.W. 4th Street and any remaining street and alley rights-of-way within the new Science Center of Iowa site located between Vine Street and S.W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, and between S.W. 3rd and S.W. 5th Streets.
14,15811/18/200202-2723Traffic regulation changes for Euclid Avenue and Lincoln Avenue
14,15711/18/200202-2721Fences allowed on properties designated for single and two-family use in the PUD and R-6 Districts.
14,15610/21/200202-2550Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 921 Pleasant Street from the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to a Limited "C-3R" Central Business District Mixed-Residential District classification.
14,15510/21/200202-2544Miscellaneous fees for animals.
14,15410/21/200202-2541Use of barb wire and electric fences.
14,15310/21/200202-2540Vacating the East Railroad Avenue right-of-way between S.E. 14th Court and S.E. 15th Street.
14,15210/21/200202-2539Vacating the East Granger Avenue right-of-way between S.E. 37th Street and S.E. 38th Street.
14,15110/07/200202-2466Rezoning property in the vicinity of 6100 S.W. 9th Street from the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District and "R1-60" One Family Low Density Residential District classifications to a Limited "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District classification.
14,15010/07/200202-2460Rezoning property in the vicinity of 6304 S.W. 12th Place from the "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District to the "R1-60" One Family Low Density Residential District classification.
14,14910/07/200202-2457Vacating a portion of 8th Street south of University Avenue.
14,14810/07/200202-2447Change the name of the Historic District Commission to the Historic Preservation Commission and amend required qualifications and training of its members.
14,14710/07/200202-2444Create a new Urban Design Review Board and Skywalk Committee to perform the duties formerly held by the Architectural Advisory Committee, Urban Development Board, and Skywalk Committee.
14,14610/07/200202-2441Real estate installment contract sales inspection.
14,14510/07/200202-2435Traffic regulation changes for SW 60th and SW 9th Street Viaduct
14,14410/07/200202-2434Charges for solid waste collection services at multi-family residences
14,14310/07/200202-2433Vacating the right-of-way in the vicinity of Grand to Locust, 12th Street to 13th Street.
14,14210/07/200202-2432Vacating the right-of-way in the vicinity of Grand to Locust, 11th Street to 12th Street.
14,14110/07/200202-2430Multi-use recreational trails
14,14009/23/200202-2353Rezoning the district classification of property in the vicinity of 6700 Chaffee Road from the "A-1" Agricultural District to the "PUD" Planned Unit Development District classification.
14,13909/23/200202-2342Traffic regulation changes for Oneida Point, Pleasant Street, Waterbury Rd, Federal Courthouse/Annex, and Locust Street
14,13809/23/200202-3416Adoption of the National Electrical Code.
14,13709/09/200202-2203Vacating a portion of the West 12.0 feet of the 10th Street right-of-way north of Locust Street.
14,13609/09/200202-2189Vacating a parcel of ground south of 420 East Army Post Road, and repealing Ordinance No. 14,082;
14,13509/09/200202-2185Designation and alteration of landmarks and landmark sites
14,13408/19/200202-2101Rezoning in the 2300 block of University Avenue and the 1100 block of 23rd Street from a Limited "C-1" and Limited "C-2" "NPC" Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial
14,13308/05/200202-1974Rezoning 1503 E. Hull Avenue from the "R1-60" and "R-3" to "PUD"
14,13208/05/200202-1968Traffic regulation changes for 13th, North Union, 57th, Pleasant, Woodland, Geil, SW 7th, 9th, SW 42nd.
14,13108/05/200202-1966Hunting within the city limits - uncased bows in residential areas
14,13008/05/200202-1964Establishing position of deputy city clerk.
14,12907/22/200202-1874Rezoning 2750 Cottage Grove from "R1-60" to "R-3"
14,12807/22/200202-1871Rezoning 2301 E. 42nd Street from "R1-60" to Limited "C-1"
14,12707/22/200202-1861Contracts exempt from the bidding process.
14,12607/22/200202-1859Traffic regulation changes. (1) Corner Clearance--East Side of SW 13th Street, North of Park Avenue. (2) Reversal of Loading Zone and Handicapped Loading Zone--3rd Street, North of Vine Street. (3) Corner Clearance--South Side of Lynner Drive, East and West of Oakshire Road. (4) Parking Restriction--West Side of E. 27th Court, South of Easton Boulevard.
14,12507/22/200202-1856Allowed size of signs in the Entertainment Sign Overlay District which project over the public rights-of-way.
14,12407/22/200202-1855Definition of 'vision clearance triangle', to clarify the location of required vision clearance triangle at the intersection of private driveways and public streets.
14,12307/16/200202-1790Parking in spaces designated for resident parking permits.
14,12207/16/200202-1788Parking meters and resident permit parking.
14,12107/16/200202-1786Relating to resident permit parking.
14,12007/08/200202-1745Vacating the Subsurface Rights of the North .5 feet of Crocker Street lying South of 905 8th Street
14,11907/08/200202-1736Renaming a portion of 1st Street and S.W. 1st Street between Walnut Street and S.E. 1st Street south of the Raccoon River to Water Street and S.W. Water Street.
14,11807/08/200202-1733Prohibit roof signs within the Entertainment Sign Overlay District.
14,11707/08/200202-1730Rezoning in the vicinity of 2009 - 2015 Hubbell Avenue from "C-2" to Limited "M-1".
14,11607/08/200202-1718Maximum load limits for Hubbell Avenue bridges.
14,11507/08/200202-1714Fee for connection to the Southeast Airport Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer.
14,11407/08/200202-1713Rezoning property in the vicinity of the 500 block of North Valley Drive from "FW" to "U-1"
14,11307/08/200202-1712Rezoning 907 S.W. 62nd Street and 5701 Winona Avenue from "U-1" to "R1-60"
14,11206/17/200202-1603Rezone 1511 High Street from C-2 to NPC
14,11106/17/200202-1600Vacate E/W alley between 27th and 28th south of Cottage Grove
14,11006/17/200202-1574Traffic Regulations Changes: Pleasant, Park and 48th
14,10906/17/200202-1572Competitive bidding and advertisement
14,10806/03/200202-1454Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 1571 E. McKinley Avenue from "R1-80" and Limited "C-2" to an amended Limited "C-2"
14,10706/03/200202-1441Street use permits not required when events are held in City Parks.
14,10606/03/200202-1439Contracts exempt from bidding.
14,10506/03/200202-1437Traffic and vehicle regulations near the Masonic Temple:
14,10406/03/200202-1435Reappointment of members to the Des Moines International Airport Board.
14,10306/03/200202-1433Vacating a portion of Center Street between 3rd Street and 5th Avenue, and repealing Ordinance No. 13,989.
14,10206/03/200202-1431Traffic and vehicles: Railroad Ave, E. 5th, Emma, SW 2nd, College
14,10106/03/200202-1429Transportation for purpose of prostitution
14,10006/03/200202-1427Prohibited sales and acts and conditions for approval of a liquor control license or a wine or beer permit
14,09906/03/200202-1425vacating alley right-of-way located between 1st and 2nd Streets north of Vine Street
14,09806/03/200202-1423Rezoning property in the area bounded on the north by I-235 (MacVicar Freeway), on the east by E. 14th and S.E. 14th Streets, on the south by Raccoon and Scott Streets and on the west by the Des Moines River, by placing area in the Capitol Dominance Overlay District
14,09706/03/200202-1421Establishing Capitol Dominance Overlay Districts
14,09606/03/200202-1419Prohibit the expansion of a nonconforming structure in the Floodplain and Floodway Districts
14,09506/03/200202-1418Fees and allowed location and design for bus benches
14,09406/03/200202-1417Powers and duties of the city manager
14,09306/03/200202-1416Fire prevention and protection code
14,09206/03/200202-1415Maintenance and definitions of maintenance of sidewalks
14,09106/03/200202-1414Amortization period for public improvements
14,09006/03/200202-1413Require single-family dwellings in the "R-2" One and Two-Family Residential District and in the "R-3" and "R-4" Multiple Family Residential Districts to conform to the design standards currently applicable in the single family residential districts
14,08905/06/200202-1189Vacate N/S alley right-of-way and portion of E. 5th Street in vicinity of 431 E. Locust
14,08805/06/200202-1184Rezone 2130 E. Park from C-1 to Ltd C-2
14,08705/06/200202-1161Traffic Regs: North Union, Enden Lane, Grandview Avenue, SW 26th, E. 8th, SE 18th Court
14,08605/06/200202-1157Temporary Fee adjustments for Park and Rec Department
14,08505/06/200202-1151Vendor Fees in City Park and Rec Facilities
14,08405/06/200202-1149Allow waiver of permit fees in the Court Avenue Entertainment District for events on weekdays, from 6PM to 8AM, and anytime during weekends or established holidays.
14,08305/06/200202-1147Establishing a Loading Zone on the west side of 27th Street south of Forest Avenue
14,08205/06/200202-1145Vacate 15' x 49.95' parcel south of 420 E. Army Post Road
14,08105/06/200202-1143Review Site Plans for Multi-Family dwellings, boarding houses and rooming houses.
14,08004/22/200202-1073Traffic regulation changes regarding the renaming of Valley Drive to George Flagg Parkway.
14,07904/22/200202-1071Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2901 Maury Street from Ltd "M-2" Heavy Industrial District to a Revised Limited "M-2"
14,07804/22/200202-1066Vacate the North/South alley right-of-way west of the Masonic Temple Building at 1011 Locust Street.
14,07704/22/200202-1051Sale of burial spaces and cemetery fees.
14,07604/22/200202-1050Waiver of permit fees by city council when developing a project within the Metro Center Urban Renewal Project Area that will receive financial assistance from the State Vision Iowa Program
14,07504/22/200202-1049Traffic Regs: east side of E. 1st, 11th/12th, street, University, 49th Place
14,07404/22/200202-1048Building Code, Electrical Code, Mechanical Code and Plumbing Code,
14,07304/08/200202-0915Rezoning 5713, 5723, 5813, 5817, 5819 and 5821 Winona Avenue from "U-1" to "R1-60"
14,07204/08/200202-0912Rezoning 1219 E. Herold Avenue from "R-3" and "FW" to a Limited "C-2"
14,07104/08/200202-0895Traffic Regulation Changes for Polk County Courthouse, 4th Street, Enden Lane, 3rd, E. 2nd, 41st and E. 5th
14,07004/08/200202-0889Sale of burial spaces, lots and plots for right of interment.
14,06904/08/200202-0888Support staff for the Access Advisory Board.
14,06804/08/200202-0887Political activities of city employees.
14,06703/18/200202-0752Rezoning the district classification of property at 1311 and 1315 63rd Street from "R1-60" to Limited "C-1"
14,06603/18/200202-0748Vacating North/South alley in the block bounded by 9th, 10th, Walnut and Mulberry Streets.
14,06503/18/200202-0745Vacating North/South alley between 3rd and 4th Streets extending between Corning and New York Avenues.
14,06403/18/200202-0728Collection and disposal of solid waste/appliances, and establishing a $35 fee for removal.
14,06303/18/200202-07242002 fees at the Botanical Center, golf courses, lodge park shelter and other park rentals, and aquatic centers, swimming pools and marina.
14,06203/18/200202-0719Amending traffic regulation changes for E. Holcomb Avenue and Polk Blvd.
14,06103/04/200202-0613Rezoning 1403 Forest Avenue from "R1-60" and "C-1" to "R-3"
14,06003/04/200202-0592Traffic Regulation changes for Des Moines Street--E. 9th to E. 18th Street
14,05903/04/200202-0589Renaming a portion of Indianola Avenue between S.W. 7th and S.E. 1st Streets to Indianola Road, and renaming a portion of Clifton Avenue between S.W. 7th and S.W. 9th Streets to Indianola Road
14,05803/04/200202-0588Designating ACCENT Neighborhood Urban Renewal Area in conjunction with urban renewal redevelopment project.
14,05702/18/200202-0479Traffic Regulation changes for renaming a portion of Indianola Avenue between S.W. 7th and S.E. 1st Streets to Indianola Road, and renaming a portion of Clifton Avenue between S.W. 7th and S.W. 9th Streets to Indianola Road
14,05602/18/200202-0494Vacating the street segments identified as Walnut Street from E. 30th Court to E. 31st Street; East/West alley between Walnut Street and Logan Avenue from E. 30th Court to E. 31st Street; Logan Avenue from E. 30th Court to E. 31st Street; East/West alley between Logan Avenue and Dean Avenue from E. 30th Court to E. 31st Street; and E. 31st Street from Walnut Street to Dean Avenue--near the Iowa State Fairgrounds.
14,05502/18/200202-0482Vacating right-of-way in the vicinity of 519 Waterbury Circle
14,05402/18/200202-0450Vacating north/south alley between 3rd Street and 4th Street from Corning Avenue to New York Avenue.
14,05302/04/200201-0369Traffic regulation changes--Indianola Road, Idaho, Seneca, Arthur, SE 3rd.
14,05202/04/200201-0366Rezoning of property located in the vicinity of 1117 - 33rd Street from the "R-3" Multiple Family Residential District to a Limited "R-3" Multiple Family Residential District classification.
14,05102/04/200201-0369Rezoning of certain property located in the vicinity of 3125 Cottage Grove Avenue from "R-3" to Limited "R-3"
14,05002/04/200201-0362Rezoning of property within the Drake Neighborhood area generally bounded by University Avenue on the north, the MacVicar Freeway (I-235) on the south, Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway on the east, and 42nd Street on the west, from "R-3" "R1-60"
14,04901/28/200202-0281Vacating portion of East/West alley right-of-way between East 15th Street to East 16th Street and South of E. Grand Avenue and also to release an existing ingress/egress easement from the East/West alley right-of-way South to Capitol Avenue.
14,04801/28/200202-0284Vacating Shaw Street west of S.E. 5th Street.
14,04701/28/200202-0265Traffic regulation changes: 10th and High, Aurora Avenue.
14,04601/28/200202-0262Strategic Planning Commission.
14,04501/28/200202-0259Section 102-609, regarding the renaming of the Urban Renewal Board as the Urban Development Board and establishing a Skywalk Committee within the Urban Development Board to make decisions regarding the administration of the skywalk ordinance.
14,04401/28/200202-0257City ambulance service fees.
14,04301/28/200202-0256Registration of right-of-way users, establishment of an annual right-of-way management fee to be charged to all users of city street right-of-way, and permit fees to be charged to right-of-way users.
14,04201/07/200202-0118Vacating two separate 33’ strips of right-of-way adjoining 3800 Laurel Hill Road
14,04101/07/200202-0111Rezoning property in the vicinity of 4401 N.E. 46th Avenue from "A-1" Agricultural District to the "R1-80" One-Family Residential District.
14,04001/07/200202-0101Officers of the city plan and zoning commission and the timing of their election.
14,03901/07/200202-098Maximum load limit for certain designated bridges and viaducts.
14,03801/07/200202-096Traffic Regulation Changes on 52nd, 41st, Easton, Center Street.
14,03701/07/200202-092Vacating a portion of East Court Avenue and East 6th Street right-of-way, located at 601 East Court Avenue