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City Council Ordinances
2003 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2003.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,30712/22/200303-2940Rename Tuttle Street from SW 2nd to SW 3rd Streets to Line Drive
14,30612/22/200303-2935Rezone 3836 Beaver from C-0 to Ltd C-2
14,30512/22/200303-2918Deletion of responsibility for operation of the Botanical Center from Park and Recreation Department
14,30412/22/200303-2916Traffic Regulation - 4-way stops, Cottage rove, 28th, 5th, 9th, E. Grand, E. Jackson, Cherry
14,30312/08/200303-2809Rezone 1233 63rd Street from Ltd "C-1" to amended Ltd C-1
14,30212/08/200303-2806Rezone Army Post Road, Relocated army Post Rd, SW 28th Court and SW 39th Street from C-2 and R1-80 to M-3
14,30112/08/200303-2803Rezone 1200-4th Street from C-2 and R1-60 to NPC
14,30012/08/200303-2799Vacate N/S alley south of Scott between SE 27th Court and SE 28th Street
14,29912/08/200303-2780Changing upper pH level at WRF
14,29812/08/200303-2777Traffic Regulations - Village Run Drive, 15th Street and Henry Street
14,29712/08/200303-2775Traffic Regulation Changes - install stop signs for E/W traffic at SW 4th and Wall
14,29612/08/200303-2773Rezone 2414, 2470 and 2540 E. Payton from R1-80 to Ltd R1-70
14,29512/08/200303-2771Rename E. 1st Street and E. River Drive to Robert D Ray Drive
14,29412/08/200303-2769Rezoning riverfront area to D-R
14,29312/08/200303-2768New Zoning District, "D-" (Downtown Riverfront District)
14,29212/08/200303-2767Traffic Regulation Changes - E. 17th Street, Capitol Avenue, Rollins Avenue and Wilmers Avenue
14,29112/08/200303-2612Rezone 2808 E. 16th Street from R1-60 and R-2 to PUD
14,29011/17/200303-2610Transaction Fee for pawnbrokers
14,28911/17/200303-2438Vacate Broad Street, east of SW 12th (Repeal Ordinance 14,257)
14,28810/20/200303-2428Traffic Regulation Changes on E. Marion Rose and Sheridan
14,28710/20/200303-2426Adding Native Wine Licenses and penalties for Liquor violations
14,28610/20/200303-2423Qualifications for appointment o House Appeals Board
14,28510/20/200303-2421Traffic Regulation Changes on Buchanan Street
14,28410/20/200303-2419Fence Enclosures of swimming pools and water recreational facilities
14,28310/20/200303-2417Rezone 1175 and 1181 9th Street from R-3 & R-4 to Ltd C-1
14,28210/20/200303-2415Vacate N/S alley 15th and 16th between Pleasant and Park Streets
14,28110/20/200303-2413Vacate Market Street ROW extending west of SW 5th Street
14,28010/20/200303-2411Traffic Regulation Changes; on 6th Avenue, E. Locust and Raccoon
14,27910/20/200303-2403Establishing the Highland Park SSMID
14,27809/22/200303-2245Rezone block bounded by 6th and 7th, Crocker and School, From C-2 to C-3A
14,27709/22/200303-2236Vacate E/W alley between E. Granger and E. Dunham from SE 3rd to SE 4th
14,27609/22/200303-2226Deleting grading permit one-call fee
14,27509/08/200303-2128Rezoning property in the vicinity of 705 SE 6th Street from the "R1-60" One Family, Low-Density Residential District to a Limited "M-1" Light Industrial District classification.
14,27409/08/200303-2124Vacating the dead end stub of East Hughes Avenue running east of SE 8th Street
14,27309/08/200303-2117Vacating the East/West alley adjoining 112 - 10th Street.
14,27209/08/200303-2116Vacating the North/South alley between 30th Street and 31st Street and the North/South alley between 31st Street and 32nd Street.
14,27108/25/200303-2016Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2150 Grand Avenue from the "R1-80" One-Family Residential District and the "R-4" Multiple-Family Residential District to a Limited "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District classification.
14,27008/25/200303-2002Traffic Regulation changes - On Ingersoll and Forest Drive
14,26908/25/200303-1999Penalties, fees, refunds and transfers of liquor licenses and liquor permits
14,26808/25/200303-1995Vacating the dead-end segment of Market Street extending west from SW 5th Street
14,26708/25/200303-1994Vacating the North/South alley form East Sheridan Avenue to Arthur Avenue between East 23rd Street and East 24th.
14,26608/11/200303-1907Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2124 Des Moines Street from the "R1-60" One Family, Low Density Residential District to a Limited "R-2A" General Residential District classification
14,26508/11/200303-1903Rezoning property in the vicinity of 7657 US Hwy 69 from the "R-5" Mobile Home Residential District to a Limited "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District classification.
14,26408/11/200303-1899Rezoning property in the vicinity of 936 McKinley Avenue from the "R1-60" One-Family, Low Density Residential District and the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to a Limited "R-2A" General Residential District classification.
14,26308/11/200303-1895Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2714 Hickman from the "R1-60" One-Family, Low Density Residential District to a Limited "R-2" One and Two-Family Residential District classification.
14,26208/11/200303-1891Vacating the East/West alley South of Edison Avenue and North of Columbus Park from S.E. 2nd Street to S.E. 2nd Court.
14,26108/11/200303-1888Vacating 4th Street from Laurel Street to I-235.
14,26008/11/200303-1876Traffic Regulation Changes on 40th Street and High Street
14,25908/11/200303-1872Use of firearms in cemeteries.
14,25807/28/200303-1793Vacating the North/South alley between East 28th Court and East 29th Street, South of Dean Avenue.
14,25707/28/200303-1790Vacating a 280’ dead end stub of Broad Street running east of SW 12th Street.
14,25607/28/200303-1787Vacating a portion of the East/West alley between High Street and Ingersoll Avenue from 15th Street to a point 208’ to the West, which adjoins the property located at 1501 Ingersoll Avenue.
14,25507/28/200303-1776, 114-2718 and 114-3083 thereof, relating to traffic and vehicle regulations.
14,25407/28/200303-1773Sections 114-2187, 114-2850 and 114-3667 thereof, relating to traffic and vehicle regulations
14,25307/28/200303-1771Decrease the per acre connection fee imposed upon all properties within the Northeast Four Mile Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System Benefited District whose owners apply to make connection to said sewer, and providing for a slight reduction of lands included in the description of said District.
14,25207/14/200303-1642Rezoning property fronting Forest Avenue between Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and 25th Street from the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to the "NPC" Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial District classification.
14,25107/14/200303-1632Vacating the northern most east/west alley in the block bounded by Olinda and Davis Avenues and South Union and SW 1st Streets.
14,25007/14/200303-1628Traffic Regulation Changes on Locust, E. Washington, E. 21st, Ingersoll, E. Shawnee 4th Street, 21st Street, E. 9th, and 9th Street
14,24906/23/200303-1519Vacating a portion of the East/West alley right-of-way extending east from East 4th Street between East Grand Avenue and East Locust Street .
14,24806/23/200303-1513Rezoning property at 1904 Forest Avenue from the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to the "NPC" Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial District classification.
14,24706/23/200303-1510Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 3009 SW 9th Street from the "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District to a Limited "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District classification.
14,24606/23/200303-1499Creating a four-way stop intersection at 46th and Twana
14,24506/23/200303-1497Moving of houses and heavy equipment.
14,24406/23/200303-1495Parking ticket fines
14,24306/23/200303-1491Composition and appointment of the Youth Advisory Board.
14,24206/09/200303-1346Rezone 8000 Fleur from A-1 to Ltd C-2
14,24106/09/200303-1332Vacate Street ROW south side of Kingman Blvd
14,24006/09/200303-1331Rezone 6222 SW 12th from r1-60 to Ltd R-2
14,23905/19/200303-1207Rezone North of Beardsley at E of 80th Avenue, Warren County, from A-1 to R1-70
14,23805/19/200303-1196Rezone 9201 US HWY 65/69 from A-1 to Ltd C-2
14,23705/19/200303-1195Traffic Regulation changes - Prohibit left turns, MTA Lane
14,23605/05/200303-1030New and Replacement Mailboxes be of breakaway design
14,23505/05/200303-1074Vacate 601 E. Court
14,23405/05/200303-1071Vacation of E. Court and E 7th
14,23305/05/200303-1068Rezone 3210 Hubbell from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
14,23205/05/200303-1040Rename Youth Advisory Coordinating to Youth Advisory Board
14,23105/05/200303-1038rename Historic District Commission to Historic Preservation Commission
14,23005/05/200303-1035Permit Flower Pots and Planters in Public right-of-way
14,22905/05/200303-1032Renewal of License for Environmental Assessment
14,22805/05/200303-1028Solid Waste Collection Charges
14,22705/05/200303-1024Traffic Regulations - Ingersoll
14,22605/05/200303-1023Traffic Regulation Changes - SW 22nd, SE 23rd, SE 26th, SE 27th. SW 28th, SW23rd, SW 34th, SW 37th, 40th, Bent Ridge, Clarkson, Evans, Gannett, Garfield, Grand River, E. Havens, High Indiana, Meadow Chase, E. Meadow Lane, Meadowlands, Meadow Wood Circle, Register Drive, Rittenhouse, Riverwoods, E. Southdale and E. Titus
14,22504/28/200303-0951Rezone Hubbell Tract, 4200 E. Brooks Drive
14,22404/21/200303-0909Neighborhood Inspection Rental Code and Residential Public Nuisance Code
14,22304/07/200303-0798Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 3723 Indianola Avenue from the "R1-60" to a Limited "R-3"
14,22204/07/200303-0779Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 1553 E. Walnut Street from the "R1-60" to the "R-2A"
14,22103/24/200303-0677Vacating a portion of the North/South alley adjoining 2300 Hickman Road.
14,22003/24/200303-0671Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 9601 US Highway 65/69 from "A-1" to a Limited "C-2" Limited "R-5" Limited "A-1" , and Limited "U-1"
14,21803/24/200303-0663Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2301 E. County Line Road from the "A-1" to a Limited "C-2"
14,21703/24/200303-0655Botanical Center fees, park shelter fees, aquatic center fees and zoo fees.
14,21603/10/200303-0562Vacating a portion of the remaining alley rights-of-way in the block between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street, north of Vine Street.
14,21503/10/200303-0555Rezoning property in the vicinity of 5646 SE 36th Street from "R1-90" to Limited "R1-70"
14,21403/10/200303-0546Rezoning property between SW 3rd and SW 5th Streets and between Market Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, from "C-3R" to "PUD"
14,21303/10/200303-0545Inclusion of fees for fire protection systems and equipment, connection to fire department communication center for fire alarm monitoring, and removal of underground storage tanks, into a Schedule of Fees
14,21203/10/200303-0544to traffic and vehicle regulation changes.
14,21102/24/200303-0430Appointment of members to the Neighborhood Revitalization Board.
14,21002/10/200303-0344vacating a portion of the North/South alley adjoining 802 Gray Street.
14,20902/10/200303-0332Rezoning property in the vicinity of 601 Forest Avenue and 1410 - 6th Avenue from "C-1" to Limited "NPC"
14,20802/10/200303-0323Payment for administrative penalties for false fire and police alarms.
14,20702/10/200303-0321Reaffirming exercise of jurisdiction over the subdivision of land within the unincorporated areas in Polk and Warren Counties located within two miles of the boundaries of the City of Des Moines.
14,20602/10/200303-0318Place all fees under Chapter 26 - Buildings and Building Regulations into a Schedule of Fees
14,20502/10/200303-0310Real estate installment contract sales inspections.
14,20401/27/200303-0214Traffic Regulation Changes - Franklin, Ingersoll, Elm
14,20301/27/200303-0210Impound and Preservation Fee for impounded vehicles
14,20201/06/200303-0083Right-of-way Management
14,20101/06/200303-0079Vacating right-of-way north and west of Hartford Avenue and S.E. 16th Street.
14,20001/06/200303-0076Vacating a portion of the North/South alley between 24th and 25th Streets south of Kingman Boulevard and adjoining portions of Kingman Boulevard.
14,19901/06/200303-0073Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2001 High Street from the "R-4" and "C-1" to Limited "C-2"
14,19801/06/200303-0065Traffic Regulation Changes - 58th, 44th Cottage Grove
14,19701/06/200303-0063Traffic Regulation Changes - Lyndale, and 5th Avenue
14,19601/06/200303-0061Traffic Regulation Changes - Morton Avenue, and 38th Street