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City Council Ordinances
2006 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2006.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,62012/18/200606-2518Park facility hours.
14,61912/18/200606-2512Rezone 3510 Cottage Grove from R1-60 to Ltd. C-1.
14,61812/18/200606-2508Rezone 2426 SE 14th Street from Ltd. C-1 to Ltd. C-2.
14,61712/18/200606-2505Vacation and conveyance of dead-end north/south alley extending south from Scott Street between SE 6th and SE 7th Streets.
14,61612/18/200606-2502Vacation and conveyance of segment of Mahaska Parkway between Lincoln Place Drive and Norfolk Southern Railway, and portion of Lincoln Place Drive, north of John Lynde Road.
12/18/200606-2491Traffic regulations- School Bus Loading Area – Longfellow Elementary School at 2115 E. 39th Street; Loading Zone – 5th Avenue and Grand, and 5th Avenue and Locust; Parking Restrictions – East side of 5th Avenue, Mulberry Street to Walnut Street; Removal of Metered parking – 3rd Street between Center Street and School Street.
14,61412/04/200606-2414Vacating permanent encroachment easement for the steps to the building at 301 E. Court Avenue.
14,61312/04/200606-2408Vacating north/south alley extending south from E. University between E. 23rd Ct. and E. 24th St.
14,61212/04/200606-2405Vacating east/west alley extending west from E. 30th Street between E. Grand and E. Capitol Avenues.
14,61112/04/200606-2399Amend penalty for municipal infraction violation.
14,61012/04/200606-2396After-hours business permit.
14,60911/20/200606-2319Rezone 219 College Avenue from R-3 to M-1.
11/20/200606-2318Traffic regulations- Removal of Bus Loading Zone – west side of 48th Street, north of Franklin Avenue; Parking Restrictions – north side of Forest Avenue between 25th and 29th Streets; Temporary Municipal Parking Lot - 411 E. Grand; Removal of Metered Parking – south side of Mulberry Street, 7th to 9th Streets; Back-In Angle Parking – south side of Court Avenue, Water Street to E. 3rd Street; north side of Walnut Street Bridge; west side of E. 4th Street, Grand Avenue to Locust Street; and east side of E. 5th Street between Walnut Street and Grand Avenue.
14,60711/06/200606-2234Park Facility hours.
14,60611/06/200606-2232Brenton Skating Plaza fees.
14,60511/06/200606-2220Renaming MTA Lane right-of-way extending West from SW 9th Street to Dart Way.
14,60411/06/200606-2217Rezone 31st Street and Carpenter Avenue from R-3 to PUD.
14,60311/06/200606-2210Vacating portions of right-of-way located at the Southwest corner of County Line Rd. and Fleur Drive.
14,60211/06/200606-2207Renaming a portion of County Line Rd. lying west of Fleur Drive in the City of Des Moines to Echo Valley Drive.
14,60110/23/200606-2133Rezone property in the vicinity of 1331 Idaho Street from R2-A to PUD.
14,60010/23/200606-2125Rezone property in the vicinity of 401 31st Street from R1-80 to PUD.
14,59910/23/200606-2122Vacating a portion of Maryland Pike right-of-way in the vicinity of 2300 Beaver Avenue.
14,59810/23/200606-2119Vacating Maple Street between East 20th Court and the Union Pacific Railroad.
14,59710/23/200606-2116Vacating East 10 feet of SE 10th Street and the West 10 feet of SE 11th Street adjoining 1005 Maury Street.
14,59610/23/200606-2104Vacating N 25 feet of Army Post Rd. right-of-way between SW 5th Street and SW 6th Street.
14,59510/09/200606-2024Rezone 5525 SE 14th Street from R1-80 to Ltd. R-3.
14,59410/09/200606-2016Vacating a dead-end segment of NE 47th Ct. right-of-way located south of NE Hubbell Rd.
14,59310/09/200606-2013Vacating subsurface rights-of-way adjoining 912 Walnut St., within the north 6 feet of Mulberry Street, the east 6 feet of 10th Street, the south 6 feet of Walnut Street and the east 6 feet of the west 12 feet of the north/south alley.
10/09/200606-2005Traffic regulations- Parking Restriction and Parking Meter Removal – East side of Water Street between Walnut Street and Vine Street; Changes to Parking and Loading Restrictions for Goodrell Middle School Temporary Site: Walker Street between E. 14th and E. 15th; Loading Zone – East side of 15th Street, north of Enos Avenue.
14,59109/25/200606-1925Rezone 1005 Maury Street from R1-60 to PUD.
14,59009/25/200606-1921Vacating a dead-end segment of Hawthorne Street right-of-way, south of Indianola Rd.
14,58909/25/200606-1906Exceptions to solicitation in streets.
14,58809/25/200606-1904Flying clubs.
14,58709/25/200606-1901Bow hunting.
14,58609/25/200606-1900Rezone1428 Boyd Street from R1-60 to PUD.
09/25/200606-1899Traffic regulations- Parking Restrictions – Water Street between Court Avenue and Vine Street, and on Linden Street, west of 14th Street; Install Handicapped Parking Meter on the west side of E. 5th Street between Locust and Grand, and Revisions of Handicapped parking Restrictions throughout the Municipal Code to maintain consistency; Parking Restrictions – Cherry Street between 7th and 9th Street and west side of 7th Street, south of Mulberry.
14,58409/11/200606-1814Vacating an undeveloped 14-foot wide segment of Terrace Drive extending from 56th Street to a point 150 feet to the west.
14,58309/11/200606-1800Vacating a portion of Stanton Avenue, subject to appropriate avigation easements.
14,58209/11/200606-1798Vacating a portion of E. Court Avenue right-of-way and air space above E. Court Avenue and E. 3rd Street, and the north/south alley all adjoining 301 E. Court Avenue.
14,58109/11/200606-1796Vacating public use of Hawthorne North Softball Field located on south side of Maury between SE 10th and 11th Streets.
08/21/200606-1686Traffic regulations-Additional Parking Metered Spaces – east side of SW Water Street from Market Street to Elm Street; Additional Handicapped Parking Metered Spaces – south side of Grand Avenue from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue; Conversion of Hickman Road between 30th Street and Merle Hay Road to a five-lane facility; Request for taxicab stand – 3rd Street near Iowa Events Center.
08/07/200606-1591Traffic regulations-Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code submitting traffic regulation changes for Watson Powell Lane Reconfiguration Project –Two Way Traffic Operation on Watson Powell Jr. Way from 6th Avenue to 7th Street and removal of signals and placement of a 4-way stop at 4th Street and Watson Powell Jr. Way.
14,57807/24/200606-1505Rezone NE 50th Street in Broadway Business Park from A-1 to Ltd. M-1.
14,57707/24/200606-1500Vacation of Sheridan Avenue right-of-way lying north of 2621 38th Street.
07/24/200606-1483Traffic regulations-Goodrell Middle School temporary site: Walker Street between E. 14th and E. 15th Streets; East High School: directional flow on E. 13th Street between Maple and Buchanan; four-way stop at E. 13th Street and Buchanan.
14,57507/24/200606-1482Repealing sections in Chapter 22 of the Municipal Code regarding sections that are now under the International Fire Code, or adopted Airport Board Regulations.
14,57407/10/200606-1361Amending Chapter 10 of the Municipal Code regarding issuance of liquor licenses for outdoor areas and amending Chapter 102 regarding process for vacation and conveyance of public streets and alleys, and licenses for sidewalk cafes, all to expedite process for review and approval of sidewalk cafes.
14,57307/10/200606-1379Rezone portions of property in the vicinity of the 1101 block of NE 46th Avenue in Saylor Township, from A-1 and M-1 to Ltd. M-1 and Ltd. C-2.
14,57207/10/200606-1376Vacation of the east/west alley between the north/south alley and E. 6th Street, South of E. Locust Street and for vacation and conveyance of air rights above the East 8.3 feet of the north/south alley, the South 8.3 feet of E. Locust Street and the West 8.3 feet of E. 6th Street adjoining property at 521 E. Locust Street.
14,57106/21/200606-1273Vacation of west 6 ft. of north/south alley right-of-way in the block bounded by 9th, 10th, Walnut and Mulberry Streets.
14,57006/19/200606-1229Vacation of a portion of Birdland Park along the Des Moines River.
14,56906/19/200606-1228Rezone 1900 SE 6th Street from R1-60 to and C-1 to Ltd. R-3.
14,56806/19/200606-1226WRA regulation of hauled waste.
14,56706/05/200606-1124Fire prevention and protection permits required for refrigerant equipment.
14,56606/05/200606-1122Traffic regulations- Additional on-street metered parking on SW 2nd Street between Vine Street and West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway; and on Water Street between Market Street and Elm Street; Parking Restrictions – South side of Mulberry Street between 7th and 8th Streets.
14,56505/08/200606-0949Skywalk System plan map.
14,56405/08/200606-0947Boundaries of Skywalk District and criteria for vertical access facilities serving the Skywalk System.
14,56305/08/200606-0923Rezone 4250 Grandview Avenue from A-1 to R1-60.
14,56205/08/200606-0919Vacation of east/west alley between Walnut Street and Court Avenue from the north/south alley east to 4th Street.
14,56105/08/200606-0909Vacation of street and alley rights-of-way adjacent to and in the vicinity of 1101 E. 6th Street. REPEALS ORD. NO. 14,545.
14,56004/24/200606-0846Rezone 3725 E. University Avenue from C-1 and R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
14,55904/24/200606-0840Rezone 9450 County Line Rd. from A-1 to C-1.
14,55804/24/200606-0837Vacation of portions of subsurface rights within the public rights-of-way adjoining the block encompassed by 2nd Avenue, Watson Powell Jr. Parkway, 3rd Street and Grand Avenue.
14,55704/24/200606-0833Vacation of dead end segment of SE 27th Ct. extending south from E. Railroad Avenue.
04/24/200606-0795Traffic regulations- Designating a Handicapped Parking Space – South Side of Ingersoll Avenue, East of 23rd Street; Parking Restriction in conjunction with the I-235 Widening Project – West Side of 19th Street from Day Street to a point 200 feet North; Providing for Special Parking Permit for Certain Handicapped Parking at Parking Meters in the Central Business District.
14,55504/24/200606-0793Amendment of Deferred Compensation Plan.
14,55404/10/200606-0702Rezone 3004 E. 38th Street from R1-70 to Ltd. C-1.
14,55304/10/200606-0698Rezone 4411 SE 14th Street from R1-70 to Ltd. C-2.
04/10/200606-0683Traffic regulation- add a school passenger loading and unloading area on 10th Street north of Walnut, adjacent to the downtown Walnut Street School building.
14,55103/20/200606-0567Vacating multiple paper streets and alleys in the vicinity of SW 31st and Muskogee Avenue.
03/20/200606-551Traffic regulations- Maximum load limit revision-East Payton Avenue Bridge over the creek, south of Easter Lake; Greenwood School area parking revisions-38th Place/Greenwood Drive; Stop signs at uncontrolled intersections in the area bounded by SE 6th Street on the West, Scott Avenue on the North, SE 14th Street on the East, and the Des Moines River on the South; Parking meter time limit change-E. 4th Street from E. Walnut Street to E. Locust Street; Parking restriction to facilitate movement of solid waste vehicles-West side of 49th Place, south of Urbandale Avenue; Updating parking regulations-Western Gateway area between 13th Street and 15th Street from Grand Avenue to Locust Street; Parking restriction adjacent to Events Center-West side of 2nd Avenue between Center and Crocker Streets.
14,54903/20/200606-0549Regulation of industrial wastewater and commercial wastewater.
14,54802/20/200606-0449Rezone 301 E. Court Avenue from M-1 to C-3.
14,54702/20/200606-0396Rezone 1201 E. Diehl Avenue from R1-60 to C-2.
14,54602/20/200606-0390Rezone 1919 Delaware from C-2 to Ltd. M-1.
14,54502/20/200606-0387Vacation of street and alley r-o-w adjacent to 1101 E. 6th Street.
14,54402/20/200606-0375FAA standards regarding vehicles that operate on open runways and taxiways at the Des Moines International Airport.
14,54302/20/200606-03732006 Golf Fees.
14,54202/06/200606-0289Traffic regulations- Traffic signal control revisions; Prohibited/Limited parking revisions; Passenger Loading and Unloading Zone-Center Street from 6th Avenue to 7th Street.
14,54102/06/200606-0287Traffic regulation to add Four-Way Stops at the following intersections: Lower Beaver Avenue and Bel Aire Road; Lawnwoods Drive and Twana Drive; Hillcrest Drive and Lyndale Drive.
14,54002/06/200606-0285Expanding the Downtown Des Moines Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District, and providing for the continued levy of an annual operation tax on property.
14,53902/06/200606-0280Traffic regulations- re-installation of Parking Meters - Areas between Grand Avenue and Locust Street and from 10th Street to 13th Street.
14,53801/23/200606-0194Rezone vicinity of 2019 Highview Drive from R1-70 to C-2.
14,53701/23/200606-0190Traffic regulations- Four-Way Stop-East Sheridan Avenue and East 25th Street; One-to-Two-Way Street Operation-13th Street from Mulberry Street to Locust Street.
14,53601/09/200606-0088Rezone 2 Hartford Ave. from C-1 to amended Ltd. C-1.
14,53501/09/200606-0083Rezone 4215 NE 46th St. from A-1 to PUD.
14,53401/09/200606-0079Rezone east of Lower Beaver Rd. at the eastern terminus of Bel Aire Rd., Twana and Valdez Drives and at the northern terminus of Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy. from A-1 to PUD.
14,53301/09/200606-0071Traffic regulations- Parking Restriction-South side of Twana Drive from 48th Street to 51st Street; Parking Restriction–East side of Illinois Street, South of University Avenue; Loading Zone-West side of 17th Street, South of Olive Avenue; Special Parking Permits-Hooded Parking Meter Charges.
14,53201/09/200606-0069Rezoning vicinity of 1901-3 High Street from C-2 to Ltd. NPC
14,53101/09/200606-0067Vacating portion of Ingersoll r-o-w between 17th Street and 18th Street.
14,53001/09/200606-0066Vacating E/W alley between Ingersoll and Grand Avenue from 17th Street to 18th Street.