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City Council Ordinances
2009 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2009.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,91112/07/200909-2211Automated pawn records system.
12/07/200909-2209Traffic regulation changes- Request to rescind downtown 10:00 pm to 7:00 am parking restrictions; Request to install parking meters on E. 6th Street, south of E. Grand Avenue; Additional school passenger loading and unloading at the downtown school.
14,90911/09/200909-2054Repair and replacement of non-conforming single-family dwellings in the A-1 (Agricultural District) and on lots platted or of record as of July 16, 1965.
14,90811/09/200909-2051Rezone 2134 E. Grand Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd. NPC.
14,90711/09/200909-2043Vacate north/south alley right-of-way adjoining 101 SW 5th Street.
14,90610/26/200909-1964Vacate small segment of SE 28th Street, north of E. Market Street.
10/26/200909-1957Traffic regulation changes - Installation of metered parking spaces on E. Grand Avenue near E. 2nd Street; Code revisions to incorporate traffic regulations for streets in annexation areas; Request to allow parking adjacent to 2134 E. Grand Avenue.
14,90410/26/200909-1955Authorize keeping of primates and exotic animals by the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary for research and educational programs.
14,90310/26/200909-1953Regarding hunting and the use of firearms, bb guns and bow and arrows in new annexation areas.
14,90210/26/200909-1951Rezone 1111 E. Court Avenue from “R-4” to “C-3A”
10/26/200909-1949Traffic regulation changes - Extend Passenger Loading/Unloading on 5th Avenue adjacent to the Downtown School; Back-In Angle Parking – both sides of E. 4th Street from E. Grand Avenue to Des Moines Street; Additional Accessible parking spaces in the East Village; Loading Zone in front of new Nationwide Insurance Building – south side of Locust between 12th and 13th Streets; Removal of 7:00 am – 9:00 am parking restriction – E. Grand Avenue between Robert D. Ray Drive and Pennsylvania Avenue.
14,90010/12/200909-1877Open burning regulations in the City of Des Moines.
14,89910/12/200909-1875Allow consumption and sale of alcohol within “Western Gateway Park” under the issuance of a Park Use Permit from the Park and Recreation Director.
14,89810/12/200909-1871Rezone property in the southern portion of 6120 Douglas Avenue from “R1-60” to “C-2”.
14,89709/28/200909-1809Rezoning properties fronting the E. 14th Street and SE 14th Street Corridor within the corporate limits of the City to add the “VDL” designation.
14,89609/28/200909-1806Establish the new Vehicle Display Lot Overlay District (VDL).
14,89509/28/200909-1800Rezone 6304 SW 7th Street from Ltd. “C-2” (General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial) to an amended Ltd. “C-2”.
14,89409/28/200909-1797Vacation and conveyance of an irregular segment of E. 14th Street right-of-way located west of the travelled portion of the street and running approximately 376 feet south of E. Court Avenue, and portions of street and alley rights-of-way in the vicinity of the State Judicial Building, to the State of Iowa for $1.
14,89309/28/200909-1794Vacation and conveyance of an encroachment easement to allow for encroachment of the existing building at 104 SW 4th Street to Rumely Lofts Limited Partnership for $1,746.
14,89209/28/200909-1782Amending Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code regarding exceptions to the procurement of goods and services under competitive bidding process for fuel and fuel services.
14,89109/28/200909-1779Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code, regarding vehicle and parking restrictions, location, street designations and erection of signs for snow priority streets in the Waterbury Neighborhood.
14,89009/28/200909-1777Amending regulations applicable to grading permits, site plans, subdivision plats and plats of survey to reference the requirements in the Tree Removal and Mitigation Ordinance.
14,88909/28/200909-1776New Article X to Chapter 42 and amending Section 122-58 to adopt a list of approved tree species for planting in the rights-of-way and as required replacement trees.
14,88809/14/200909-1707Connection fees for Clover Hill Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System Benefited District.
14,88709/14/200909-1704Amendment of established Final Connection Fee Ordinances by reducing the level for the collection of interest from 9% to 5% retroactive to July 1, 2009 for the following trunk sanitary sewer system benefited districts: Easter Lake Area, Four Mile East, Northwest Airport Area, Southwest Airport Area, Southeast Airport Area and Northeast Four Mile Area.
14,88609/14/200909-1685Traffic and vehicle regulations as follows: (A)Change from Thursdays to Fridays for a parking restriction for solid waste collection – west side of SE 4th Street from E. Philip to E. McKinley Avenue. (B)Code revisions for streets that have been vacated, renamed or had field adjustments (C)Removal of handicapped parking space on the east side of E. 13th Street, south of Grandview Avenue (D)Parking restriction on the east side of 61st Street, north of Grand Avenue for deliveries (E)Additional handicapped parking meter on the west side of 13th Street between Locust and Walnut Streets
14,88509/14/200909-1683Automated traffic enforcement.
14,88409/14/200909-1674Traffic regulation changes - three-lane restriping project including bicycle lanes and additional parking on Ingersoll Avenue.
14,88309/14/200909-1672Update to 2008 edition of the National Electric Code.
14,88208/24/200909-1585Vacate north/south alley between SW 1st Street and Indianola Avenue from Edison to Indianola Avenue.
14,88108/24/200909-1577General penalty for misdemeanors.
14,88008/10/200909-1489Screening of refuse collection containers.
14,87908/10/200909-1486Vacate segment of East/West alley right-of-way running west of M. L. King Jr. Pkwy. between Washington and Mondamin Avenue.
14,87808/10/200909-1473Discharging of firearms.
14,87708/10/200909-1468Residency restrictions for sex offenders.
14,87608/10/200909-1466Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: (A) Urbandale Avenue Stop Sign changes at 50th and 52nd Streets. (B) Parking changes for Nationwide office building on Locust Street and conversion of 13th Street between Locust and Walnut to two-way traffic. (C) Request for stop sign changes at Bel-Aire Road and Lawnwoods Drive. (D) New off-street surface parking facility at 1212 Cherry Street. (E) Additional resident permit parking near Arlington-Hallet Apartments, 1301 Locust St.
14,87507/27/200909-1387Airport zoning regulations.
14,87407/27/200909-1384Allow non-conforming single-family dwellings to be rebuilt on the original building footprint without an increase in gross floor area.
14,87307/27/200909-1379Vacate subsurface portion of Grand Avenue right-of-way between 12th Street and vacated 13th Street.
14,87207/27/200909-1367Hours of operation for game devices.
14,87107/27/200909-1365Music permit regulations.
14,87007/27/200909-1363Licensing of Entertainment Venues.
14,86907/27/200909-1361Repeal of Dance ordinance.
14,86807/27/200909-1359Adding a Type J Permit for night construction performed on behalf of a nonprofit or philanthropic organization.
14,86707/27/200909-1356Emergency repair of public improvements.
14,86607/13/200909-1261Keeping and care of agricultural nondomestic animals and exotic animals.
14,86507/13/200909-1252Renaming of streets recently annexed.
14,86406/22/200909-1135Rezone property south of Atkins St. between 18th and 19th Streets from R-3 to Ltd. NPC.
14,86306/22/200909-1131Vacate segment of E. 33rd Street, south of E. Thompson Ave. and Thompson Ave. between E. 33rd Street and E. 34th Street.
14,86206/22/200909-1112Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: 1) Designation of one-sided parking restrictions and stop control – Brook Run Village Plats 13, 14 and 15. 2) Parking restrictions to facilitate solid waste collection – north side of Maple Street from E. 36th Court to dead end east.
06/08/200909-1021Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: 1) Prohibiting left turns from private driveway onto E. Diehl Avenue. 2) Parking Restrictions to facilitate Solid Waste collection – west side of SE 4th Street from E. Philip to E. McKinley Avenues 3) Various Code revisions for field adjustments to parking signs and meters.
14,86006/08/200909-1019Glass containers and waste material in City Parks.
14,85905/18/200909-0911Vacate a portion of 3rd St. right-of-way adjoining 208 3rd Street for use as a sidewalk café.
14,85805/18/200909-0908Rezone 1670 E. county Line Rd. from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
14,85705/18/200909-0904Vacate portions of excess street and alley rights-of-way located between 18th St. and 19th St. from Atkins to Day Street.
14,85605/18/200909-0900Vacate segments of undeveloped SE 24th Ct. and C B & Q St. right-of-way.
14,85505/18/200909-0890Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows:1) Parking Modifications -5th Avenue from School Street to Grand Avenue 2) Parking Restrictions -Woods on the River Plats 6, 8 and 9 3) Parking Restrictions for traffic Calming measures on 41st Street and 42nd Street between University Avenue and Forest Avenue 4) Euclid Avenue Speed Limit Changes 5) Code Revisions for Streets that have been vacated, renamed or had field adjustment
14,85405/18/200909-0886Rezone 5525 SE 14th Street from Ltd. R-3 to R-3.
14,85305/18/200909-0888Allowed procedures for enforcement of the regulations applicable to peddlers, transient merchants and solicitors.
14,85206/22/200909-0765Rezone 1201 E. Diehl Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd. C-2.
05/04/200909-0768Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows:1) Two-sided parking restriction – Pleasant Drive from 6115 Pleasant Drive to 62nd Street; 2) Designation of Stop Controls – Carman Estates Plat 6, vicinity of SE 24th and E. Payton; 3) Loading Zone – west side of 2nd Avenue, south of Court Avenue.
14,85005/04/200909-0760Rezone 1701 E Euclid Avenue from M-1 to Ltd. M-2.
14,84905/04/200909-0758Rezone 4506 SW 9th St. from C-1A to Ltd. C-2.
04/20/200909-0671Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: Revision to parking restrictions on the west side of E. 22nd Street, north of Hubbell Avenue.
14,84704/20/200909-0669Amending fees for aquatic centers, swimming pools and marina.
04/20/200909-0666Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: Parking restriction – north side of Des Moines St., east of E. 11th Street; Revised speed limits on Indianola Avenue from E. Army Post Rd. to County Line Rd.
14,84504/06/200909-0579Rezone 118 SE 4th St. from M-1 to Ltd. C-3A.
14,84404/06/200909-0567Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: One-side parking restrictions – Carman Estates Plat 6; Designation of stop control – Sterling Trace Plat II; Code corrections.
14,84303/23/200909-0486Establish rental fees for Martin Luther King Jr. Shelter.
14,84203/09/200909-0417Rezone 16 Indianola Rd. from R-3 and R1-60 to Ltd. C-1.
14,84103/09/200909-0409Vacate 13th St. r-o-w from Keosauqua Way to School St. (except north 26 ft.) and N/S alley r-o-w west of 13th St. from School St. to Keosauqua Way (except north 26 ft.).
14,84003/09/200909-0401Rezone 921 Murphy St. from C3-B to PUD.
14,83902/23/200909-0338Vacating portions of the 13th St ROW between Grand Ave and High St, 11th to 14th for the Wellmark Building.
14,83802/23/200909-0326Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: A. Sec. 114-1948, Repealed by Ord. No. 14,838 and B. 114-2538 Scott Ave.
14,83702/23/200909-0323Amending Section 90-1 of the Municipal Code deleting the resident appointment position of the Municipal Housing Governing Board.
14,83602/23/200909-0321Amend Section 2-62 of the Municipal Code relating to the Salary of the Mayor and Councilmembers
14,83502/23/200909-0319Amend by adding and enacting a new Section 2-5 relating to runoff elections.
14,83402/23/200909-0316Downtown Des Moines Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)
02/09/200909-0207Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic regulation changes as follows: A. One-side parking restrictions – Sawyer’s Landing Plats I and II; B. One-side parking restrictions – Carman Estates Plat 6; and C. Four-way Stop at Intersection of 13th and Mulberry St.
14,83202/09/200909-0204Amend Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code relating to traffic and vehicle regulations on Pleasant Drive from 56th St to 63rd St.
14,83101/26/200909-0135Amend Ordinance No. 13,827 by adding and enacting a new section 134-1298 providing for an adjustment of the required yards and minimum lot area to compensate for a reduction in a yard or lot area resulting from the involuntary conveyance of land for a public purpose.
01/26/200909-0126Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding traffic & vehicle regulation changes regarding parking at: A. Twelfth St – Mulberry St to Walnut St; B. Forest Ave-23rd St to 30th St; C. Mulberry St – 12th St to 13th St; D. University Ave-28th St to 31st St; E. 12th St – Mulberry St to Walnut St; F. Mulberry St – 12th St to 13th St
14,82901/05/200909-0026Vacating a segment of the E/W alley and a segment of the N/S alley between 24th and 25th streets, North of Rollins Ave and South of Interstate 35.
14,82801/05/200909-0020Amend Ordinance 14,797 passed Sep. 8, 08 to extend the temporary waiver of permit and app fees for the repair, renovation or replacement of structures damaged by flooding within the City of Des Moines.