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City Council Ordinances
2012 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2012.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,15212/17/201212-1973Vacate as parkland and right-of-way approx 13.498 acres adjacent to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center at 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, by changing the reservation of easements to only easements of record and reserving an easement for the "Metro Net" shared communications system fiber infrastructure.
15,15112/17/201212-1956Rezoning 2419 SE 14th to remove the VDL Overlay District designation.
15,15012/07/201212-1896Rezoning 4312, 4282, 4250 and 4216 E. 50th from Ltd M-1 to R-3
15,14912/03/201212-1878Rezoning 900 Mulberry from C-3A to C-3
15,14812/03/201212-1874Vacating east/west alley at 900 Mulberry Street
15,14712/03/201212-1869Traffic Regulation Changes - Grand Avenue from DM River Bridge to E. 4th Street and Parking; and Loading Zone Changes on 5th Avenue between Locust and Walnut Streets.
15,14612/03/201212-1864Rezoning 3201, 3211, 3221 Forest and 1414 32nd from C-1, R1-60 and R-3 to Ltd NPC.
15,14512/03/201212-1858Amending the Luther Park PUD Conceptual Plan for 2906 E. 16th Street, to allow construction of a one-story addition for 10 memory care residential units to the west side of the Gardens assisted living facility along Hull Avenue.
15,14411/19/201212-1781References in the Municipal Code regarding Airport Authority
15,14311/19/201212-1785Encroachments onto public right-of-way.
15,14211/19/201212-1782Rezoning of 3710 Hubbell Avenue, from C-2 and R1-80 to PUD
15,14111/05/201212-1730Vacating north/south alley between SE 14th and SE 14th Court, in the vicinity of the proposed Municipal Services Center.
15,14011/05/201212-1717Traffic Regulation Changes: Mulberry Street, Ingersoll, Woodland, 42nd, California Drive, 19th Street, Watson Powell Cherry Street.
15,13910/22/201212-1660Rezoning 909 E. 27th Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
15,13810/22/201212-1656Rezoning of 5602 SW 9th Street from C-2 and R1-60 to Ltd R-4
15,13710/22/201212-1647Vacate east/west alley and north/south alleys located in the block bounded by E 1st, E. Court, E. 2nd and Norfolk Southern Railway.
15,13610/08/201212-1581Brenton Skating Plaza ice rink fees
15,13509/10/201212-1461Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 1658 E. Euclid Avenue, from M-1 to M-2.
15,13409/10/201212-1457Vacating the north/south alley right0of0ay lying south of Raccoon Street between SE 18th Street and SE 19th Street.
15,13309/10/201212-1450Allowed location and manner of operation of businesses engaged in the sale of liquor, wine and beer.
15,13209/10/201212-1446Appeal process regarding issuance and revocation of taxicab and limousine driver's licenses.
15,13109/10/201212-1444Appeal process regarding impounded vehicles.
15,13009/10/201212-1442Appeal process for denial and revocation of transient merchant licenses.
15,12909/10/201212-1440Appeal process for decisions made in the enforcement of the noise control ordinance.
15,12809/10/201212-1438Appeal process for designation and handling of vicious dogs, and illegal and dangerous animals.
15,12709/10/201212-1436Establishing a comprehensive and standardized Administrative Hearing Process for the processing and determination of appeals from certain decisions made by City officers in the performance of their duties.
15,12608/27/201212-1365City-wide snow removal and establishing odd/even side snow parking zones
15,12508/27/201212-1364Traffic Regulation Changes - Additional metered parking south side of Locust Street east of 2nd Avenue; additional metered parking on west side of 5th Avenue between Locust and Grand
15,12408/13/201212-1280Utility Deposits and liens for rental properties
15,12307/23/201212-1196Vacate north/south all adjoining 815 High
15,12207/23/201212-1193Rezone 6304 SW 9th from C-2 and R1-60 to PUD
15,12107/23/201212-1189Rezone 7401 SW 9th Street from A-1 and R1-80 to PUD
15,12007/23/201212-1176Licenses for use of right-of-way
15,11907/09/201212-1118Establishing the Ingersoll-Grand TIF Urban Renewal Area
15,11807/09/201212-1111Park facility hours - definition of sunrise and sunset
15,11707/09/201212-11092011 Edition of the National Electrical Code and recognition of licensed residential electrical contractors.
15,11606/25/201212-1048Vacate the north/south alley north of Euclid Avenue between 2nd and 3rd
15,11406/25/201212-1036Rezoning 1540 Scott Avenue from M-2 to PUD
15,11306/25/201212-1013Traffic Regulation Changes: (a) parking restriction - south side of Des Moines Street both sides of driveway east of Robert D. Ray Drive (b) Installation of loading zone - west side of 5th Avenue, Locust to Grand (c) Passenger loading and unloading zone - east side of 5th Avenue, Center Street to Crocker Street
15,11206/25/201212-1018Fees for driveway approaches and curb drop permits.
15,11106/11/201212-0923Vacating a portion of 15th Street adjoining 1440 Walnut
15,11006/11/201212-0913Traffic Regulation Changes: (1) Parking Restriction on the North side of Hull Avenue between E. 14th and E. 15th (2) Garbage Day Parking Restriction Removal - East side of 31st Street from and including the cul-de-sac south of Carpenter, Fridays (3) Required changes to update the ordinance to match current field conditions.
15,10905/21/201212-0837Rezoning 1228 2nd Avenue from M-1 and R1-60 to NPC.
15,10805/21/201212-0832Vacating subsurface portion of E. Walnut Street adjoining 101 E. Locust Street.
15,10705/21/201212-8015Sidewalk maintenance compliance and sidewalk construction
15,10605/21/201212-0813Park facility hours and overnight use of parks by special permit (camping)
15,10505/07/201212-0733Regarding insurance and indemnification for display of fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects material.
15,10405/07/201212-0731Insurance requirements for farmers' and public market permits and for street use permits.
15,10305/07/201212-0729Traffic Regulation Changes for Locust Street, 11th and Euclid, and Woodland Avenue
15,10204/23/201212-0640Rezoning 931 SE 21st from M-1 to Ltd M-2 (repeals ordinance 15,094)
15,10104/23/201212-0637Rezoning 1303 and 1305 Clark Street and 1512 and 1516 13th Street, from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,10004/23/201212-0633Vacating the north/south alley between SW 9th and SW 12th from Virginia Avenue to Pleasant View Drive.
15,09904/09/201212-0558Vacate SE 19th Street from a point approx 97 feet south of Raccoon Street to Scott Avenue, and SE 19th Street from E. Market to a point approx 78 feet north of Raccoon Street.
15,09804/09/201212-0555Vacate a portion of SE 21st Court from Scott Avenue to the Union Pacific railroad and a portion of Shaw Street right-of-way adjoining 607 SE 21st Court from the Union Pacific Railroad to the north/south alley.
15,09704/09/201212-0549Vacate a segment of Linden Street right-of-way west of 14th Street.
15,09603/26/201212-0476Perpetual cemetery maintenance fund reduction from 30% to 20%
15,09503/26/201212-0474Regarding Volume Charge and Customer Service Charge for sewer services and the ERU rate to be applied to residential and nonresidential properties, (sanitary and storm sewer rates)
15,09403/12/201212-0416Rezoning 931 SE 21st Street from M-1 (Light Industrial) to Ltd M-2 (Heavy Industrial)
15,09303/12/201212-0412Regarding insurance requirements for an obstruction permit for the temporary use of public property.
15,09203/12/201212-0410Amending bond requirements for right-of-way obstruction permits, and to remove reference to city licensure of plumbers and address bond requirements for plumbing contractors.
15,09103/12/201212-0408Amending traffic regulations by allowing left turns at Hickman Road and 62nd Street and addition of a traffic signal at Hickman Road and Westover Blvd due to recent Hickman Road widening by the City of Windsor Heights.
15,09002/27/201212-0355Animal Shelter Fees
15,08902/27/201212-0354Rezoning 1700 E. Aurora to revise the Ltd. M-2
15,08802/27/201212-0348Rezoning 4975 Hubbell Road from A-1 to Ltd M-1
15,08702/27/201212-0345Rezoning vicinity of 2919 E. 14th and 1517 Hull, from C-2 and R1-60 to PUD
15,08602/27/201212-0342Rezoning 2814 SE 14th Street, to remove the VDL overlay classification
15,08502/27/201212-0338Vacate SW 8th Street east of and adjoining 729 Bell
15,08402/27/201212-0314Traffic regulation changes (A) Traffic control at SW 26th Street and Thornton Avenue. (B) School Loading and Unloading area on Grand Avenue, west of 17th Street.
15,08302/27/201212-0312Ordinance regarding operation of bicycles.
15,08202/13/201212-0242Vacating a segment of E. Hartford Avenue right-of-way adjoining 1938 SE 6th Street.
15,08102/13/201212-0228Traffic Regulation Changes
15,08002/13/201212-0226Qualifications to hold an alcoholic beverage license or permit
15,07902/13/201212-0223Traffic Regulation Changes (A) ten-hour Parking Meters on the south side of Grand west of 13th (b) Removal of Special School Loading and Unloading restrictions 5th Avenue from Grand to Locust (C) Parking Citations for Illegal off-street parking (D) Extension of existing loading zone - south side of 400 block of Watson Powell (E) Parking Restriction due to Intersection Improvements-north side of Hull Avenue east of E. 14th (F) Adjustment to the loading and unloading times adjacent to Walnut Street School - on the west side of 9th Street and the east side of 10th Street north of Walnut Street to Locust Street.
15,07801/23/201212-0124Vacating Broad Street between Indianola Avenue and SE 8th Street
15,07701/23/201212-0120Vacating segments of SW Water Street, Market Street right-of-way in the block bound by Vine, SW Water, Market and SW 2nd Streets.
15,07601/23/201212-0117Vacate a small segment of the remaining public right-of-way located in the block bounded by Vine, SW Water, Market and SW 2nd.
15,07501/23/201212-0111Adding River Bend Local Historic District in Des Moines
15,07401/23/201212-0106Regarding County Designation, (adding Warren County)