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City Council Ordinances
2014 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2014.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,33612/22/201414-1966Rezoning 4560 and 4570 E. 14th Street, from C-2 and Ltd. C-2 to PUD
15,33512/22/201414-1962Vacating air space over E. Walnut Street and E. 2nd Street, rights-of-way adjoining 210 E. Walnut Street
15,33412/22/201414-1956Adopting the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code
15,33312/22/201414-1954Changes to the 2012 Edition of the International Energy Conservation Code
15,33212/22/201414-1952Traffic Regulation Changes - Parking Meter in from of 201 E. Walnut; Traffic Signal at E. Euclid and Oxford Avenue.
15,33112/08/201414-1897Vacate south 10 feet of Oak Park Avenue from 8th Street to a point 400 feet to the west.
15,33012/08/201414-1885Traffic Regulation Changes: 56th Street, Army Post Road. Holcomb Avenue, E. 13th Street and Morton
15,32912/08/201414-1880Vacating the north/south alley right-of-way west of adjoining 120-2nd Avenue
15,32812/08/201414-1879Traffic Regulation Changes - SW 14th and Casady Quiet Street and various code changes to match existing conditions.
15,32711/17/201414-1808Rezoning 2455 ML King Jr. Parkway from C-2 and M-3 to Ltd. R-4.
15,32611/17/201414-1802Vacate alley right-of-way adjoining 215 E. 3rd Street
15,32511/17/201414-1799Vacating city right-of-way for B-Cycle bicycle kiosk locations
15,32411/03/201414-1739Vacating Maury Street and alley right-of-way adjoining 724 E. 14th Street
15,32311/03/201414-1728Notification to adjoining property owners and establishing a fee for preliminary subdivision plats.
15,32211/03/201414-1727Community Development Department Administration
15,32110/20/201414-1654Releasing paid-off loans and security interests
15,32010/06/201414-1596Rezoning of 400 SE 7th Street and 401 SE 6th Street from M-1 to C-3B
15,31910/06/201414-1592Rezoning 2426 and 2428 Hubbell Avenue and 2401 Easton Blvd from C-1, Ltd M-1 and M-1 to a Ltd C-2 .
15,31810/06/201414-1585Vacating a dead-end segment of east/west alley between Kinsey Avenue and Indianapolis Avenue from E. 28th Street to a point approx. 190 feet to the east.
15,31710/06/201414-1582Vacating a segment of the east/west alley right-of-way adjoining 1204 Hartford Avenue
15,31610/06/201414-1572Traffic Regulation Changes: (A) Long-term metered parking on 15th Street between Walnut and Mulberry (B) Relocation of Loading Zone on E. 7th Street between E. Locust and E. Walnut. (c) Handicapped Person Parking Space Violation Fee Change to coincide with Iowa State Code $200
15,31509/22/201414-1505Facility hours at the Brenton Ice Skating Rink and support pavilion
15,31409/22/201414-1502The Civil and Human Rights Commission charging and collecting fair housing training fees.
15,31309/22/201414-1497Rezoning of 126 E. 28th Court from M-1 to R1-60
15,31209/22/201414-1495Park and Recreation Fees for 2015
15,31109/22/201414-1493To Bring the Flood Plain Development Regulations into compliance with the minimum requirements for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program.
15,31009/08/201414-1404Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 3703, 3719 and 3737 SE 14th Street, from R1-60 to Ltd C-2.
15,30909/08/201414-1401Vacating a segment of East Granger Avenue extending from SE 15th Street to SE 15th Court
15,30809/08/201414-1398Vacating segments of City right-of-way in the vicinity of 1620 24th Street.
15,30709/08/201414-1395Vacating the west six feet of SE 15th Street east of and adjoining 1440 Maury Street
15,30608/25/201414-1315Traffic Regulation Changes - Grand Avenue west of 18th Street; Parking Meter and Loading Zone on the west side of 6th Avenue north of Walnut
15,30508/11/201414-1256Rezoning of 727 SE 28th from R1-60 to Ltd. M-1
15,30407/28/201414-1173Rezoning 714 SE 6th Street from R1-60 and M-1 to D-R
15,30307/28/201414-1169Vacation of portions of Elm Street and SW 6th right-of-way adjoining 300 SW 5th Street
15,30207/28/201414-1166Vacating SW 6th Street ROW at 300 SW 6th
15,30107/28/201414-1153Traffic Regulation Changes near Residence Inn and Marriott on Water Street; Stop sign installation at E. 35th and Hull Avenue; Speed Limit Change - Keo Way between Lynn Street and 19th.
15,30007/14/201414-1103Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 2700 University Avenue from the Limited “NPC” Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial District to an amended Limited “NPC” Neighborhood Pedestrian Commercial District classification.
15,29907/14/201414-1099Vacating a portion of the Ingersoll Avenue right-of-way adjoining 2605 Ingersoll Avenue for use as a sidewalk cafe.
15,29807/14/201414-1096Vacating air space over East 5th Street and East Grand Avenue rights-of-way adjoining 505 East Grand Avenue.
15,29707/14/201414-1090Solid Waste Hauler's permit requirements and fees.
15,29607/14/201414-1087Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 4044 E. 14th Street from the “C-2” General Retail and Highway-Oriented Commercial District and “R1-60” One-Family Low-Density Residential District to Limited “M-1” Light Industrial District classification.
15,29507/14/201414-1085Traffic Regulation Changes
15,29407/14/201414-1084Fishing - Chapter 130
15,29307/14/201414-1083Fishing - Chapter 74.
15,29206/25/201414-1009Parking Garage Rates for Economic Development Assistance
15,29106/23/201414-0979Electronic Billboards
15,29006/23/201414-0978Sign Overlay
15,28906/23/201414-0977Street Use Permits
15,28806/09/201414-0905Adding the City of Cumming to the Greater Des Moines Sister Cities Commission
15,28706/09/201414-0883Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Designating Ankeny Avenue as a through street 2. Designating Stanton Avenue as a through street between Fleur Drive and McKinley Avenue 3. Removal of handicapped parking meter on the south side of Mulberry Street between 5th and 6th 4. Removal of handicapped parking space from the west side of 16th Street south of Gillette Street 5. Loading Zoning on the west side of E. 5th north of E. Grand
15,28605/19/201414-0799Adding a definition for tobacco store in section 134-3, to regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages by tobacco stores
15,28505/19/201414-0788Vacating Maury Street from SE 6th Street to Des Moines River; Vale Street from SE 6th Street to Des Moines River; north/south alley in Block 66, Town of De Moine; SE 5th Street from Maury Street to Des Moines River; north/south alley in Block 58, Town of De Moine; SE 5th Street from Maury Street to Shaw Street; north/south alley in Block 57, Town of De Moine; Shaw Street from SE 2nd Street to east side of the north/south alley in Block 57, Town of De Moine; SE 4th Street and SE 2nd Street from Shaw Street to Des Moines River.
15,28405/19/201414-0784Vacating the North 55 feet of the north/south alley right-of-way lying west of and adjoining the property at 210 Court Avenue
15,28305/19/201414-0779Des Moines Human Rights Commission and duties of the Commission and the Director
15,28205/19/201414-0777Traffic Regulation Changes
15,28105/19/201414-0774Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 200 SE 6th Street from the Limited "C-3B" Central Business Mixed-Use District to a Limited "C-3" Central Business District Commercial District classification.
15,28005/05/201414-0729Rezoning 2428 SW 9th Street from "C-1" (Neighborhood Retail Commercial) to Ltd. "C-2" (General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial)
15,27905/05/201414-0716Conditions and regulations for a liquor control license or a wine or beer permit at City parks and golf courses.
15,27805/05/201414-0714Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: (A) Installation of parking meters on both sides of Mulberry Street, west of 9th Street. (B) Removal of handicapped parking meter – south side of Grand Avenue between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. (C) Additional handicapped parking meter – north side of Locust Street between 10th Street and 11th Street. (D) Boundary Changes to Parking Meter District III. (E) Revisions to the Municipal Code to agree with current signing conditions in the Court Avenue Entertainment District.
15,27704/21/201414-650Creating a probationary Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.
15,27604/21/201414-0646Vacating a segment of the east/west alley right-of-way between East Locust and East Walnut, running 88 feet west of East 3rd Street.
15,27504/21/201414-0642Securing fire-damaged premises after a fire event.
15,27404/07/201414-0565Vacating Allen Park, 504 SE 6th Street.
15,27304/07/201414-0562Vacating Wagner Street from the north/south alley to 5th Avenue, and a 132-foot segment of the north/south alley between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue north of Vine Street.
15,27204/07/201414-0559Vacating a dead-end segment of east/west alley right-of-way in the vicinity of 2125 High Street.
15,27104/07/201414-0555Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Signage changes around McKee Education Center, Easton Blvd, E. 39th and E. 39th Court 2. Parking Restrictions on the north side of Grand Avenue between 15th and 16th Street.
15,27003/24/201414-0496Rezoning of 320 Creighton Avenue, Catholic Health Initiative - Iowa, from R1-60 to C-0 and to repeal Ordinance 15, 266.
15,26903/24/201414-0494Removing peak hours parking restriction on the east side of 9th Street from Crocker to Indiana.
15,26803/10/201414-0434Renaming of a segment of the Southwest Connector, west of Iowa Highway 28, to Veterans Parkway
15,26703/10/201414-0431Rezoning of property at 2125 High Street from R-2A to Ltd C-1, to allow expansion of the existing adjoining financial institution site by modifying the drive-up service area exit driveway on the property and alleyway requested for vacation
15,26503/10/201414-0423Rezoning of 1159 24th Street from C-1 to Ltd NPC, to allow use of the premises as a carpenter shop for guitar making.
15,26403/10/201414-0419Rezoning 403 SE 8th Street from R-2A to Ltd C-3B to allow development of accessory off-street parking.
15,26303/10/201414-0393Traffic Regulation Changes: Des Moines Street 801 Grand 17th Street between Grand and Ingersoll Making E. Walnut part of the Central Business District Off/Even side snow parking zone
15,26202/24/201414-0335Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code to place a 4-way stop at 50th and Meredith.
15,26102/24/201414-0320Rezoning 2930, 2934, 2936 Walker Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-2.
15,26002/10/201414-0236Rezoning 3301 E. Euclid, from C-1 and FW to Ltd. U-1 and Ltd FW
15,25902/10/201414-0227Rezoning 4140 E. 14th Street from C-2 to Ltd M-1
15,25801/27/201414-0178Vacating an irregular segment of Ingersoll Avenue right-of-way lying south of the travelled portion of the street between 16th Street and 17th Street and north of and adjacent to 525 17th Street.
15,25701/27/201414-0163Rezoning of property at 3301 E. Euclid from "C-1" to Ltd. "C-2"
15,25601/27/201414-0160Rezoning of 1414 Fremont Street from "R1-60" to "C-2"
15,25501/27/201414-0158Operation of steam boilers and engines, and the licensing of power engineers and firemen.
15,25401/13/201414-0090Rezoning 1533 and 1541 E. Grand, from C-2 to Ltd NPC
15,25301/13/201414-0079Traffic Regulation Changes 38th Street Crocker Street E. 6th Street Grand Avenue
15,25201/13/201414-0076Hunting Permit application fee
15,25101/13/201414-0072Beaverdale SSMID
15,25001/13/201414-0071Use and Maintenance of drainage facilities
15,24901/13/201414-00742014 Park and Recreation Fees