Links Policy

This site is an information and service channel provided for the use of and paid for by the citizens of Des Moines, Iowa. It is not a public forum. Links to other sites from this site are provided solely at the discretion of the City of Des Moines. Links are provided solely as a convenience for users of this site, and generally must be to other sites that support the vision and mission of the City of Des Moines. Links to commercial sites will not generally be established, except as noted in this policy.



Links are provided to the following categories of external sites, and must meet the criteria established herein:

1. Other government entities, including local, state and federal government sites, or sites operated by agencies of any of those entities;

2. Sites operated by nonprofit (503C) or not-for profit agencies with which the City has an established statutory, participate or supportive relationship;

3. Sites operated by established and properly accredited institutions of learning;

4. Sites operated by nonprofit, not-for-profit or for-profit agencies who provide community-based services including health care, child care, elder care or other social services;

5. Commercial sites that support the City's Economic Development mission;

6. Commercial sites that the City determines may be of interest to site visitors who may be visiting Des Moines, who may be planning a trip to Des Moines, or who may be considering relocating to Des Moines.

7. Commercial sites operated by entities that are official sponsors of City of Des Moines events or programs.



The location of any link established within this site will be entirely at the discretion of the City of Des Moines. Links from the home page of this site will not generally be established. Links will be established in the most appropriate section of the site. New links will be noted in the "What's New" section of the site for approximately 30 days.



The City does not require that reciprocal links be established by the requesting entity. However, internet etiquette encourages such reciprocal linking.


Requesting Links

Links may be requested by sending e-mail to the webmaster. The request should describe the services provided by the requesting site, along with the required URL.