Mosquito Control Program
If you wish to report standing water, request that your neighborhood be sprayed, or want to be added to the spray "shut-off" list, click here, or contact the Mosquito Hotline at 248-6099 during regular business hours.  

The City of Des Moines will be engaging in mosquito control efforts once again this season. The program will consist of the following components:  


We will continue to respond to citizen service requests involving standing water which could potentially breed mosquitoes.  If such water cannot be eliminated, treating these areas with pre-hatch control will remain an alternative.


At the present time, plans are underway to treat, if necessary, approximately 350 acres of standing backwater along the Des Moines River basin with pre-hatch control material, as well as other areas of standing water too large to effectively treat from the ground. This material will be applied by helicopter at a point in time this spring when optimum results can be anticipated. We will be partnering once again this year with Polk County in this effort.



 We will be inspecting on a continual, rotating basis throughout the summer, nearly 400 separate locations within the City of Des Moines that are known to have the potential to hold smaller amounts of water and breed mosquitoes. Sites that are found to contain larvae will be treated with pre-hatch control material.  

 In addition, citizens are encouraged to eliminate breeding sites around the home such as stagnant water in birdbaths, gutters and garden pots.  



Once again this year, we will maintain the capability to spray for adult mosquito control as conditions warrant. Our operational procedures have been somewhat modified in an effort to reduce seasonal applications of adulticide in compliance with new Federal directives, and yet be even more responsive to citizen complaints. Within the City of Des Moines, using mosquito population data, citizen complaint calls, and a newly established electronic mapping system, we will be identifying areas most intensely affected by periods of unusually high numbers of nuisance mosquitoes, and will be targeting those areas for our adult control efforts.

When spraying is scheduled for residential neighborhoods, it will generally begin after 8:00 pm. For current scheduling information, you may call the “Mosquito Hotline” at 248-6099 after 5:00 pm. daily, or view the Mosquito Spray Map by clicking this link.

Pesticide Sample Label

Pesticide Safety Data Sheet



Once again this year, we will be operating our encephalitis monitoring project in conjunction with Iowa State University.   This project involves the trapping, and identifying, of adult mosquito populations throughout the summer in an effort to provide an early warning to the general public during times of an increased potential for disease transmission through mosquito bites.

For additional information regarding West Nile Virus, other forms of encephalitis, and personal measures that you may take to reduce your risk of contracting illness associated with mosquito bites, please visit the CDC West Nile Virus Q & A web page.

For additional information regarding the city’s mosquito control program or product information, phone 283-4197 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.