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Access Advisory Board - Membership
Terms of Service

4 Years

Members of Access Advisory Board
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Mark StanleyDisabled09/10/200706/15/2014
2Penelope Dimery-BraggDisabled02/23/200906/15/2012
3VacancyDisabled 06/15/2018
4Robert MeddaughDisabled06/13/201606/15/2020
5Michael YoungDisabled09/24/201206/15/2020
6John TenPasDisabled03/11/201306/15/2018
7Laura GibsonService Provider05/01/201706/15/2018
8Kathleen SmithService Provider09/28/201506/15/2017
9Troy GreenService Provider01/25/201006/15/2018
10Dylan JonesArchitect09/22/201406/15/2017
11Nathan StielerArchitect09/08/201406/15/2017
12Karin FordCitizen of DM07/25/201106/15/2018
13Reyma McCoy McDeidCitizen of DM03/06/201706/15/2019
14Ruth ThompsonCitizen of DM01/08/201806/15/2019
15Jessica D. KrehoCitizen of DM12/20/201006/15/2019
Contact & Additional Info

Jim Hoff - 248-6368