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Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals - Membership
Terms of Service

Three years

Members of Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Melvin D. ShivversArchitect01/22/200004/01/2010
2Randy J. TinkerProfessional Engineer Structural or Construction08/08/200504/01/2007
3Chad LaylandProfessional Electrical Engineer04/01/199904/01/2016
4Blake O'BrienProfessional Engineer Mechanical02/08/201604/01/2019
5Matthew KellerGeneral Contractor Commercial03/08/201804/01/2019
6Martie D. MendenhallGeneral Contractor Residential01/28/200204/01/2018
7Donald StocktonMaster Electrician07/28/201404/01/2021
8VacancyMaster Electrician 04/01/2015
9Jon S. ThybergJourneyman Plumber12/22/200304/01/2009
10Dave J. Kriens, Jr.Master Plumber12/20/201004/01/2018
11Charles J. GassmannMechanical Contractor07/26/201004/01/2020
12VacancyMechanical Contractor 04/01/2011
13Candy MorganAttorney12/05/201604/01/2020
14Bart D. CaldwellExperience as fire protection engineer, fire science or fire technology01/23/201204/01/2020
15Cheryl PetersonExperience in Historic Preservation03/08/201804/01/2018
16Cody J. ChristensenEx-Officio Building Official03/09/201512/31/2020
17Jonathan K. LundFire Marshall03/09/201512/31/2020
Contact & Additional Info

Brian Bishop - 283-4958