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Citizen Odor Board - Membership
Terms of Service

Three years

Members of Citizen Odor Board
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Ida MilesCitizen of DM07/28/199704/01/2015
2Matt GroheCitizen of DM10/24/201104/01/2019
3Judi M. IsaacsonCitizen of DM02/21/200004/01/2018
4Heather RyanCitizen of DM10/12/201504/01/2018
5Carolyn J. MehlCitizen of DM05/21/200104/01/2016
6Keith M. MehlCitizen of DM03/28/200504/01/2016
7VacancyCitizen of DM 04/10/2013
12Marilyn FisherCitizen of DM11/10/200804/01/2018
14VacancyCitizen of DM 04/01/2015
16Jordan VossCitizen of DM12/22/201404/01/2016
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