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Historic Preservation Commission - Membership
Terms of Service

Three years

Members of Historic Preservation Commission
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Patricia A. BarryOwls Head02/14/201103/28/2016
2Susan HoldernessOwls Head01/19/199803/28/2004
3York A. TaenzerSherman Hill09/13/200410/18/2009
4Martha GreenSherman Hill03/07/201610/18/2018
5VacancyProfessional 10/18/2019
6Elaine EstesProfessional10/18/198310/18/2001
7Michael HildebrandProfessional10/24/201610/18/2018
8Pamela SteffenProfessional07/11/201610/18/2019
9Joel AschbrennerProfessional12/04/201710/18/2020
10Scotney J. FentonProfessional09/13/200410/18/2011
11Breann A. ByeRiverbend Historic District02/13/201202/03/2015
12Aaron L. ToddRiver Bend Historic District04/21/201402/03/2015
Contact & Additional Info

Jason VanEssen 283-4147

Michael Ludwig 283-4810