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Human Rights Commission - Membership
Terms of Service

Three year

Members of Human Rights Commission
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Daniel GarzaCitizen of DM10/15/201304/01/2015
2Kathy Collins ReillyCitizen of DM03/10/201404/01/2015
3Christine ManbeckCitizen of DM02/27/201204/01/2017
4Francis BoggusCitizen of DM04/04/201404/04/2017
5Margo JonesCitizen of DM05/21/201204/01/2015
6Peggy DandyCitizen of DM05/21/201204/01/2016
7Michael BowserCitizen of DM01/24/201104/01/2017
Contact & Additional Info

Rudy Simms 283-4284