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Park and Recreation Board - Membership
Terms of Service

Four year

Members of Park and Recreation Board
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Cynde FanterCitizen of DM06/08/201506/01/3016
2Loyd W. OgleCitizen of DM05/20/200206/30/2011
3Joel PotterCitizen of DM03/20/201706/30/2020
4Chelsea LepleyCitizen of DM07/13/201506/30/2019
5Paula J. FeltnerCitizen of DM05/21/200706/30/2014
6Jeffrey C. ClubbCitizen of DM10/01/201306/30/2016
7Kimberley BoggusCitizen of DM09/23/201406/30/2018
8Victoria FactoCitizen of DM05/07/201206/30/2019
9Sammy F. PughCitizen of DM07/28/201406/30/2018
10Connie BoesenCitizen of DM10/26/201506/30/2017
11Susan R. NolandCitizen of DM08/09/200406/30/2012
12George DavisCitizen of DM06/30/201306/30/2018
13Vincent J. ScavoCitizen of DM09/10/200706/30/2015
14Andrea WoodardCitizen of DM06/30/201306/30/2017
15Heather AndersonDSM School Board Member11/09/201506/30/2017
Contact & Additional Info

Ben Page 237-1453 and Rebecca Linhart 237-1403