Plan and Zoning Commission - Membership
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Five years

Members of Plan and Zoning Commission
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Gregory C. JonesCitizen of DM09/13/200207/01/2012
2David Courard-HauriCitizen of DM01/25/201607/01/2017
3Jann FreedCitizen of DM07/15/201307/01/2016
4Jacqueline R. EasleyCitizen of DM07/14/200807/02/2012
5Lisa A. HowardCitizen of DM12/19/201607/01/2021
6Gregory E. WattierCitizen of DM01/14/201307/01/2020
7Dory L. BrilesCitizen of DM12/03/201207/01/2019
8Francis BoggusCitizen of DM02/22/201607/06/2020
9Carolyn JenisonCitizen of DM06/13/201607/01/2021
10Steve WallaceCitizen of DM04/25/201507/05/2019
11William C. PageCitizen of DM10/26/200907/01/2016
12Michael SimonsonCitizen of DM11/01/201407/05/2019
13John D. HilmesCitizen of DM07/26/201007/01/2020
14Rocky SposatoCitizen of DM08/08/201607/14/2019
15Chris CutlerCitizen of DM12/04/201707/01/2018
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Erik Lundy (283-4144)