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Traffic Safety Committee - Membership
Terms of Service

Three years

Members of Traffic Safety Committee
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Carl McPhersonCitizen of DM12/21/199812/31/2004
2George W. RobinsonCitizen of DM04/07/199712/31/2005
3James H. Windsor IIICitizen of DM01/23/201212/31/2017
4Chad S. MasonCitizen of DM08/26/201312/31/2018
5Merlin L. DavisCitizen of DM09/23/201312/31/2015
6Scott M. GalenbeckCitizen of DM08/10/200912/31/2014
7Carl B. VossCitizen of DM11/07/201612/31/2019
8VacancyCitizen of DM 12/31/2016
9Kevin WilliamsonDM Public Schools12/30/200512/30/2020
Contact & Additional Info

Jennifer McCoy 283-4973