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Urban Design Review Board - Meetings
Meeting Frequency

Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month

Meeting Time

7:30 AM

Contact & Additional Info

Erin Olson-Douglas, 515-283-4021

2012 Urban Design Review Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes, Additional Documents
DateTimeAgendasMinutesAdditional Documents
January 03, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
January 17, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesInfo Review MSC Staff Report
Minutes 12-20-2011
Skywalk System Signage Materials
Final Design and Financial Assistance Review of Waterfront Lodging LLC Staff Report
UDRB Narrative
Waterfront Lodging Materials 1-17-2012
January 25, 2012 (Wednesday)3:30 PMAgendaMinutesUDRB Staff Report Waterfront Lodging
2511- Revised Garage WestElev. (1)
2511-Revised Garage SouthElev
Waterfront Lodging Materials 1-25-12 Meeting
February 07, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesInformational Review of Southridge Mall
Southridge Materials
February 21, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
March 06, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
March 20, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesSouthridge Mall Redevelopment and Repurposing Staff Report
Southridge Materials 3/20/2012
April 03, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
April 17, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesWRA Diversion Structure Staff Report
SWADF 22-5 Presentation
Des Moines Botanical Garden Master Plan Application
Botanical Garden Master Plan Staff Report
GDMBG Master Plan Review narrative
GDMBG Existing Site Photo Booklet
GDMBG Existing Building Elevation
GDMBG Proposed Building Elevation
GDMBG Proposed building plan 2012
GDMBG Master Plan
GDMBG Master Plan Flood Map
GDMBG Master Plan Phasing
GDMBG Lease Agreement Map
May 01, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
May 15, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesPrincipal Park Locker Rooms Staff Report
Principal Park Site Info
Principal Park Bldg Elevation Details
Commercial Tax Abatement Design Standards Staff Report
City Wide Tax Abatement Plan
Comm Tax Abatement Map
June 05, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutes13th Amend CP UR Plan Staff Report
13th Amend CP UR Plan May 2012
SE ED UR Plan Amendment Staff Report
1st Amendment Southside UR Plan and Map
Informational Review of Hardee's Restaurant Staff Report
Merle Hay Hardees Elevations
Merle Hay Hardees - Rain Garden sketch
June 19, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesIngersoll Grand UR Plan Staff Report
Ingersoll URP 12-06-01
Ingersoll URP Maps
Younkers Building Staff Report
Younkers Plans
July 03, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
July 17, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesInfo Review MSC Staff Report
MSC Narrative
MSC Phase 1 UDRB 7-17-12
MSC floor plans
Info Review WRA Bio-CNG Station Staff Report
Final Design Younkers Building Staff Report
Younkers Building Images
Younkers Plans
August 07, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesReview of Revisions to Waterfront Lodging LLC Staff Report
Waterfront Lodging Approved Conceptual Plans
Hampton Inn & Suites Revisions
Residence Inn Revisions
Parking Garage
Block Elevations
Revised Site Plan
August 21, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesDM Bldg Skywalk Staff Report 8-21-12
Des Moines Building - UDRB application
DM Bldg skywalk access plans
DM Building plans Final
Review of Franklin Field Senior Apartments Staff Report
Franklin Field UDRB Application
Franklin Field Apartments
Franklin Field Grading and Landscaping
Review of Ingersoll Square Phase II Staff Report
Ingersoll Square II UDRB App
Ingersoll II Elevations
Ingersoll Square Phase II Site Plan
Ingersoll Square Site
Final Review of Revisions to Waterfront Lodging LLC Staff Report
Waterfront Lodging Colored Photo-Revised
Waterfront Lodging Colored Elevations-Revised
08-15-12 G1.1 Garage Plan and Elevations
08-15-12 A5.13 Dumpster
08-15-12 Window Head Detail
08-15-12 Window Jamb Detail
08-14-12 DSXPG parking garage light
8-10-12 Set
08-02-12 A2-1[1]
06-28-12 Color Board
Additional Site Plan Info
08-17-12 Window Masonry Head Detail
08-17-12 Window Masonry Jamb Detail
September 04, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
September 18, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesReview of Franklin Field Senior Apts Staff Report
Franklin Field Updated Site 9-11-12
Review of Ingersoll Sq Phase II Staff Report
Ingersoll Square II_091112
October 02, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesMSC-2012 UDRB Application
Final Review MSC Staff Report
MSC UDRB Narrative 9-24-12
DM MSC-UDRB 9-24-12
MSC Building Elevations
October 16, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesNollen Plaza Staff Report
Nollen Plaza Presentation
Nollen Plaza KSLA Board 2
Nollen Plaza Materials
Nollen Plaza planting
Nollen Plaza TreeGrove-Design Validation Report
November 06, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
November 20, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
December 04, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesMC UR Area 11th Amendment Staff Report
Metro Center UR Plan 11th Amendment
Brenton Skating Plaza Staff Report
Brenton Skating Plaza Application
DM Social Club Conceptual Plan Staff Report
DM Social Club Conceptual Plan
DM Social Club existing images
Helena UDRB application
Helena Staff Report
Helena Site Concept
December 18, 2012 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesCityVille UDRB Application
Cityville Design Staff Review
CityVille on 9th - Narrative Project Description
CityVille on 9th - Contextual Site Information
Cityville on 9th Architectural Narrative
CityVille Location Map for Site
CityVille Photos
CityVille Site Plan
CityVille Main Floor Plans
CityVille Upper Floor Plans
CityVille 11th Street Looking Southeast
CityVille 11th Street Looking Northeast
CityVille Looking West
CityVille Looking Southwest
CityVille Looking Northwest
CityVille Looking North
CityVille -Lighting Details
Review of Ingersoll Square Phase II - transformer-Staff Report
Ingersoll Transformer 12061_12-10-12_Project Sign_Screen
Ingersoll Transformer CC1274 BASE DIMENSION
Ingersoll Transformer CC1274 BASE LANDSCAPE
Ingersoll Transformer CC1274 BASE GRADING
Ingersoll Transformer CC1274 BASE UTILITY
Ingersoll Square II_10-22-12_A2.1 Meter Locations
Ingersoll Transformer Pad Info
Other Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes