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Urban Design Review Board - Meetings
Meeting Frequency

Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month

Meeting Time

7:30 AM

Contact & Additional Info

Erin Olson-Douglas, 515-283-4021

2013 Urban Design Review Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes, Additional Documents
DateTimeAgendasMinutesAdditional Documents
January 15, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesSE Connector Staff Report
SE Connector 2013-1-15
Review of Locust House Staff Report
Locust House design concept
Eastern Gateway District Area design guidelines
Cityville Design Review Staff Report
CityVille TIF Rec Staff Report
February 05, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutes5th Amend SEAg UR Plan Staff Report
SE AgriBusiness - Fifth Amendment to Urban Renewal Plan
12th Amend MC UR Plan UDR Staff Report
12th amend MC UR Plan
Final Comp Metro Center UR Plan w 12 and 11th Amend
February 19, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
March 05, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesPoliceEvidStorage-staff review
Project Description
A3.00 - Building Sections
DM Soc Club Conceptual Plan review
DMSC - Fire Station_DD
March 19, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
April 02, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesskywalkcode-staff review 4-2-13
Application for Skywalk Lighting Changes
UDRB Narrative for Skywalk Lighting Code Changes
UDRB Lighting Code Change PPT
WalnutSt-staff review 4-2-13
Application - Walnut Street Streetscape Project
Narrative - Walnut Street Streetscape Project
Walnut Streetscape Presentation3.28.2013
SS UR Plan 2nd Amendment Staff Report
SuperBlock and Southridge Retail Map 2013
Southside UR Plan 2nd Amendment 13-03-19
Southside UR Plan Map
April 16, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  Meeting Cancelled
April 23, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesDispo 02-202A (441 E. Grand) redev-updt
2013.04.15 Rowhouse relocate
Nollen Plaza Staff Report-funding
May 07, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesBallyard Lofts Staff Report
2013.05.02 - SSA - Ballyard Lofts
May 21, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesMH 1st Amend UR Plan UDR Bd letter
MH 1st Amend UR Plan
MC 13th Amend UR Plan UDR Bd letter
MC 13th amend UR Plan
Ballyard Lofts Staff Report 5-21-2013
2013.05.17 - SSA - Ballyard Lofts UDRB
June 04, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesPrincipal Financial Mast Plan Application
Principal Financial Master Plan Staff Report
Narrative Project Description PFMP
Principal Financial Master Plan Presentation
Principal Financial 8th Street Skywalk Application
Principal Financial 8th Skywalk Staff Report
Narrative Project Description PF 8th Skywalk
Principal Financial 8th Skywalk Presentation
June 18, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesRowhouse UDR Letter
Rowhouse 2013-05-31 Rowhouse 2
Rowhouse Location Maps
Rowhouse LRB Norden Hall 20-2013-4.02 Renomination
Rowhouse Samuel Green Rowhouse Norden Hall Landmark Nomination Form
MH Phase 2 Letter
MH South Area Pics
MH City Submittal Plans for Site Work May 16, 2013
MH Proposed Exterior
MH Overall Leasing
MH FLIX 130613 South Entry Renderings
MH FLIX Interiors 5-15-15
Waveland App
Waveland Staff Report
Waveland Photo 1
Waveland Photo 2
Waveland Photo 3
Waveland Photo 4
Waveland Project Description and Estimate
Waveland GC Prelim Estimating Set
Waveland Site
Waveland 6-11-13 UDR Letter
July 02, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesIngersoll Sq III Staff Report 7-2-2013
Ingersoll Sq III Application
Ingersoll Sq III Narrative
Ingersoll Sq III Existing Site Photos
Ingersoll Sq III Site Rendering with extra parking
Ingersoll Sq III Floor Plans
Ingersoll Sq III Elevations
Ingersoll Sq III Illustrations
July 16, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesIngersoll Square III Staff Report-0712
Principal-ZDropoff-Staff Report
Principal Z Dropoff Application 07-02-2013
Narrative corp 4 north drop off_07.02.13
Revised Presentation - UDRB_Corp 4 North Drop Off
EMC Staff Report
July 30, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesIngersoll Square III Staff Report-0730
Ingersoll III 06-17-13_Site Rendering with extra parking
Principal-ZDropoff-Staff Report-730
August 06, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesRowhouse 425 E Grand UDR Bd leter
Rowhouse 425 E Grand 8-6-13
Staff Report MH Mall final des plan 8-6-13
MH MAll Phase 2 Parking lot plans
MH Mall Phase 2 interior layouts 8-6-13
SE SW and Night Ext Elev Perspectives FINAL 7-17-13
Staff Report - Waveland0806updt
Blank Pictures
August 20, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutes350 E Locust-Staff Report
350 E Locust - UDRB application
350 East Locust Project Narrative
350 E Locust Urban Design Review_J
350 E Locust-4thFloorPlan
BoA-Decision and Order ZON2013-00016
Eastern Gateway Design Guidelines
Randolph Staff Report
UDRB application-the Randolph
Urban Design Review-Description
Randolph Graphics
Randolph A00 DRAWINGS
Randolph A7.10-dumpsters
210Court-Staff Report
210Ct - UDRB application
210 Court Project description
210 Court Ave (photos)
210 Court Ave. (Revised)
210Ct-Patio-OPTION 3
September 03, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  MEETING CANCELLED
September 17, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  MEETING CANCELLED
October 01, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesThe Nexus at Gray's Landing Prelim Design Staff Report
2013 UDRB application--The Nexus
The Nexus at Gray's Landing - Summary - Sep 2013
The Nexus context plan
The Nexus at Gray's Landing - illustration
The Nexus Civil Site Plan First Submittal
The Nexus - Sheet - T1-1 - TITLE SHEET
The Nexus - Sheet - A0-1 - ARCHITECTURAL SITE PLAN
The Nexus - Sheet - AC1-0 - CODE SUMMARY
The Nexus - Sheet - A4-1 - BUILDING SECTIONS
The Nexus - Sheet - A10-1 - WALL TYPES
The Nexus - Sheet - A6-1 - EXTERIOR DETAILS
The Nexus - Sheet - A10-2 - INTERIOR DETAILS
Cityville PUD Site Plan
SE 4th Shaw Pump Station Application and drawings
SE 4th Shaw Pump Station PrefabricatedControlBldg
Pages from Lower East Village Urban Design Study_10 0512infrastruct
StaffReport - BeaverAve
UDRB Application_Beaver Avenue 091613
210Court-Staff Report finalreview
210Court Project description
210Court Ave (photos)
210Court Ave. (Revised)
210Court-Patio-OPTION 3
October 15, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  MEETING CANCELLED
November 05, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesSE 4th-Shaw Pump Station Staff Report
SE 4th-Shaw Control Bldg Color Scheme
Euclid Streetscape Staff Report
Highland Park Streetscape_UDRB
YMCA Staff Report
YMCA 2013 UDRB Application
YMCA Presentation
YMCA Alley area ownership
YMCA Alley area utilities
East Village Tower Partners Staff Report
East Village Towers 2013 UDRB application
Prime Tower Site Concept Row House Scheme
East Village Tower pre-app meeting
Fort Des Moines Staff Report
FT DSM 2013 UDRB application
November 13, 2013 (Wednesday)4:00 PMAgendaMinutesIngersoll Square III Staff Report 11-13-2013
IngersollSquarePhaseIII Elevations 11-12-13
Ingersoll Square III UDRB Narrative 11-012-13
November 19, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesGreenwood Park Application
Staff Report Greenwood Park Shelter
Greenwood Park Narrative
Greenwood Park Shelter
East Village Tower Partners Staff Report 11-19-2013
Prime Tower 11-19-2013 Site Concept Row House Scheme
East Village Towers 11-19-2013
Fort Des Moines Staff Report 11-19-2013
FT DSM 11-19-2013
Fort Des Moines Packet reduced
Fort Des Moines Thanksgiving
December 03, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AM  MEETING CANCELLED
December 17, 2013 (Tuesday)7:30 AMAgendaMinutesRotary Riverwalk Park Staff Report
RRW Park UDRB application
RRW Park Conceptual Design and Signage
RRW Park Site Layout Plan
RRW Park Site Survey
Market One Staff Report
Market One_udrb-small
Other Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes