Youth Advisory Board - Membership
Terms of Service

Three years

Members of Youth Advisory Board
Seat #First & Last NameRoleAppointed DateTerm Expires
1Bridget SheaffDowling High School student09/01/200808/01/2010
2Jackie FudgeEast High School Student11/01/200808/01/2016
3DaShawn RobinsonHoover High School Student01/01/201008/01/2017
4VacancyLincoln High School Student 01/01/2010
5VacancyNorth High School Student 01/01/2010
6Aida VerploegRoosevelt High School Student11/01/200808/01/2016
7VacancyScavo High School Student 01/01/2010
8VacancyDes Moines Christian High School Student 01/01/2010
9VacancyAt-Large High School Student 01/01/2010
10Chris HenryAt-Large High School04/01/200908/01/2017
11Kristel HillAt-Large High School Student03/01/201008/01/2017
12VacancyAt-Large High School Student 01/01/2010
13VacancyAt-Large High School Student 01/01/2010
14VacancyCommunity Representative 01/01/2010
15Nabin KhadkaCommunity Representative07/01/200908/01/2016
16VacancyCommunity Representative 01/01/2010
17Cyndi S. ChenCity Manager Appt/DM Park and Rec08/01/200906/01/2012
18Terry MitchellCity Manager Appt/DM Police Dept01/01/201006/01/2013
19Tim RittgersCity Manager appt/Youth Leadership Initiative08/01/200706/01/2010
20Ashley HennigGreater DM Partnership/Young Professionals (YPC)04/01/201006/01/2013
21Dwight MillerGrubb YMCA03/01/200906/01/2012
22Katie BarryDM Public Schools08/01/200906/01/2012
23Jim McWeenyIowa Homeless Youth Center08/01/200706/01/2010
Contact & Additional Info

City Manager's Office, Shekinah Young 283-4057