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2018 Project Bid List
The table below lists projects with bidding starting in the year 2018
Bid DateActivity IDProject NameAddenda
12/18/201806-2019-002University Avenue Improvements from 55th Street to 63rd Street#1
12/18/201807-2018-005Lower Oak and Highland Park Sewer Separation Phase 3#1
12/18/201810-2019-002Principal Park Cub Club Reroofing#1
12/18/201810-2019-005Four Mile Community Center Window Replacement#1
12/18/201810-2019-004Police Academy Window Replacement#1
12/11/201807-2019-002WRA Beaver Creek Interceptor Sheet Piling Stabilization#1
12/11/201804-2019-009WRF Trickling Filter Removal Phase 1#1
12/4/201809-2018-0032019 ADA Downtown Sidewalk Ramp ProgramNone
12/4/201807-2018-003Little Four Mile Trunk Sanitary Sewer#2
12/4/201808-2018-009Easter Lake South Watershed Pond Dredging and Improvements#1
11/20/201807-2018-006River Bend and King Irving Sewer Separation Phase 2ANone
11/20/201804-2019-006Sheet Pile Retaining Wall Repair on Trestle to Trestle Trail East of Beaver AvenueNone
11/20/201811-2018-007James W. Cownie Sports Park Signage Improvements#1
11/6/201804-2019-003Principal Park Outfield Deck Improvements#1
11/6/201806-2019-0032019 Roadway Reconstruction Program#1
10/23/201811-2018-005MacRae Park Pond DredgingNone
10/23/201808-2019-007Storm Drainage Category D Repair Contract 2None
10/23/201808-2018-006Gray's Station Regional Detention Basin#2
10/23/201808-2018-004Four Mile Creek Wetland at E. 34th Street and S.E. 14th Street Bioswales#2
10/9/201808-2019-004Storm Drainage Category D Repair at 38th Street and Amick Avenue, 27th Street and Meek AvenueNone
10/9/201808-2019-005Storm Drainage Category D Repair Contract 1#1
10/2/201804-2018-005WRF Blended Sludge Pump Replacement#1
9/11/201811-2018-008Tower and Sheridan Park Restrooms#1
9/11/201811-2018-004Columbus Park Shelter Renovation#1
9/11/201804-2019-005Fallen Officer Memorial#1
8/21/201804-2017-0186th Avenue Streetscape - College Avenue to Hickman Road#1
8/7/201804-2017-0232nd Avenue and 3rd Street at Walnut Street Traffic Signal Replacements#1
7/24/201804-2017-016Forest Avenue Library Plaza Repairs#1
7/3/201807-2017-005WRA Four Mile Creek Improvements – North of Euclid#1
6/26/201811-2018-002Cownie Baseball Site ImprovementsNone
6/26/201804-2018-0089th & Locust Parking Garage Skywalk RenovationNone
6/26/201806-2018-002Hubbell Avenue Reconstruction from Euclid to east of E. 38th StreetNone
6/26/201806-2018-009SW 9th Street Rehabilitation from Wall Avenue to Army Post Road#1
6/19/201812-2014-008Locust Street Bridge over the Des Moines River#2
6/12/201811-2018-010Riverview Park GradingNone
6/12/201811-2016-006Gray’s Lake Earthen Berm Stabilization#1
6/12/201811-2017-011MacRae Park Road Reconstruction Phase 2None
6/5/201804-2018-015WRA Flow Monitoring Site Repairs#1
6/5/201807-2016-011WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segment 3#1
5/22/201804-2017-015Hubbell Avenue and University Avenue Intersection ImprovementsNone
5/22/201808-2017-007S.E. 4th and Van Buren Storm Water Pump Station Improvements#2
5/22/201811-2017-006Tower Park and Sheridan Park Water Playgrounds#1
5/8/201811-2017-010EMC Overlook at MacRae Park#1
5/8/201804-2018-0112018 Parking Garage Repair ProgramNone
5/1/201804-2016-009WRA Biogas Conditioning & Injection Improvements#2
4/24/201812-2018-001Forest Avenue Bridge RehabilitationNone
4/24/201807-2016-007WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segment 8#1
4/24/201806-2018-0052018-2019 HMA Pavement Scarification and Resurfacing#2
4/24/201809-2018-0022018 ADA Sidewalk Ramp Program - Contract 1None
4/10/201806-2018-0062018-2019 Expanded Street Resurfacing Program - Contract 1None
4/10/201809-2018-0052018 Neighborhood Sidewalk ProgramNone
4/10/201806-2018-0072018 City-wide PCC Pavement Restoration ProgramNone
4/3/201807-2016-005WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segments 6 & 7#2
3/27/201804-2018-012Brine Barn Roof ModificationNone
3/27/201810-2018-0022018 Municipal Buildings Reroofing - Contract 1#1
3/27/201809-2018-0012018 Sidewalk Replacement ProgramNone
3/27/201806-2018-004Polk Boulevard Reconstruction from Grand Avenue to I-235None
3/27/201806-2018-003Hickman Road Reconstruction at M.L.K. Jr. Parkway and 30th StreetNone
3/27/201808-2017-008Agrimergent Storm Sewer Phase 2#1
3/6/201807-2018-002River Bend and King Irving Sewer Separation Phase 1#1
3/6/201804-2018-0022018 Skywalk HVAC Replacement#1
3/6/201809-2018-0042018 Brick Sidewalk Repair and Improvements#1
3/6/201804-2018-010WRF Blended Sludge Piping Replacement#1
2/20/201807-2017-002Near West Side Sewer Separation Phase 2None
2/20/201806-2018-0082018 HMA Residential Paving Program#1
2/20/201804-2017-02159th and 62nd Streets at Douglas Avenue Traffic Signal ReplacementsNone
2/20/201812-2017-003Court Avenue, S.W. 1st Street, and Scott Avenue Bridge Rehabilitations#1
2/6/201810-2018-003WRF Building 93 Boiler Replacement#1
2/6/201807-2017-003Lower Oak and Highland Park Sewer Separation Phase 2None
2/6/201807-2016-010WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segment 5#2
2/6/201804-2018-001WRF Grit Removal Improvements#2
2/6/201808-2018-002S.E. 1st and Van Buren Storm SewerNone
1/23/201806-2016-001E. 42nd Street and Hubbell Avenue Intersection Improvements#1
1/23/201807-2018-00443rd Street and Crocker Street Sewer Separation#1
1/23/201812-2017-001Skywalk Bridge 6F-7F#1
1/23/201804-2018-0072018 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway Streetlights UpgradeNone
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