Bridging the Gap
safety & justice community dialogues

Community members are encouraged to attend one of the scheduled Reveal events. This art-gallery style event will feature the ideas formulated in the dialogues and host discussion on their potential impacts in the city of Des Moines. A vote will take place for the most popular ideas for presentation to city-council.  

The next Reveal event is scheduled for:

November 1, 2018
John R. Grubb YMCA
1611 11th St
Des Moines, IA 50314

This is a FREE event and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 
Appetizers will be served.

Bridging the Gap Part 1: Safety & Justice Community Dialogues 
These dialogues are a joint project of the Des Moines Police Department and Civil & Human Rights Department, and utilized a discussion packet entitled “Safety and Justice: How Should Communities Reduce Violence?” from the nationally recognized organization, National Issues Forums Institute. 

These solution-focused small group dialogues (of up to 16 persons) were designed for the Greater Des Moines Community to develop creative ideas on how we as a community can reduce violence and strengthen community relations with law enforcement. 

The small group discussion dates took place on May 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 14th, 16th, and 18th.


Bridging the Gap Part 2: The Reveal 
We spoke to over 200 members of the Greater Des Moines Community and generated hundreds of ideas. We narrowed these ideas into 3 key areas of focus with 9 accompanying strategies. These ideas will be presented in a community-wide art-gallery style event and will feature art that envisions it's impact on Des Moines. Community members are invited to attend to view what their idea could look like in practice, further discuss the pros and cons of implementing the idea, and finally, cast their vote for the one they believe will make the most effective, long-lasting change. Once consensus has been reached, the next phase involves a townhall-style presentation to city council of the highest voted recommendations.