About Us
Park and Recreation Board

The Park and Recreation Board oversees planning and administration of City parks, cemeteries, recreation centers and various programs.
The Park and Recreation Board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. For more information on Board term, current members and meetings, click on the links below. To speak to a park representative, call (515) 237-1386.

Park and Recreation Subcommittees

Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee 

The Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee is authorized by the Polk County Conservation Board and the Des Moines Park and Recreation Board. The purpose of the committee is to assist and advise the City, County and other governmental agencies concerning the multi-use recreational trail system, the greenways system, nature trails, on-street bikeways and water trails.

Citizen Cemetery Advisory Committee

The Citizen Cemetery Advisory Committee (CCAC) is a committee authorized by the Des Moines Park and Recreation Board for the purposes of advocating for the public as well as assisting and advising Parks and Recreation Department management in matters concerning the City’s seven municipal cemeteries. Its current stated mission is:
We will be guided by the public’s need for community gatherings celebrating life both past and present while honoring history in a serene, natural setting.

Citizen Golf Advisory Committee

As the body established by the City Council to advise the Council in all matters pertaining to the Parks and Recreation Department, the Park and Recreation Board does herewith authorize the establishment and support of a citizen advisory committee to be known as The Des Moines Citizen Golf Advisory Committee whose activities will be of an advisory and informative nature to the Board and department staff in the Park and Recreation Board’s process of recommending golf policy and fees to the Council for the citizens of the City.

Urban Conservation Advisory Committee

The Des Moines Park and Recreation Board created an Urban Conservation Advisory Committee as a standing subcommittee of the full board in 2004. The mission of the committee is to promote a park management philosophy that is holistic and ecologically based through policies that direct the planning, design and maintenance of healthy green space in the City of Des Moines toward protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

Friends of Des Moines Parks

The mission of Friends of Des Moines Parks is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the use of Des Moines parks, greenways and recreational programs for the benefit of all neighborhoods and citizens.
The vision of Friends of Des Moines Parks is to strive to become a primary advocate and information resource for parks, greenways and recreational programming in our City.


  • We are committed to building a strong and unified coalition that will advocate on behalf of all citizens.
  • We will endeavor to create strategic alliances with government and with other organizations.
  • We will broadly represent the demographics of our City.
  • We will be a fiscally sound and responsible organization that fully funnels contributions back into the community. 

For more information about Friends of Des Moines Parks, visit their website.