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A New View of Des Moines Parks and Recreation Facilities

Sargent Park

Ever wanted to see Gray's Lake Park from above? This video, shot with a drone by ExplAura, shows you a new view of Gray's Lake Park, James W. Cownie Soccer Park, the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park, the Principal Riverwalk and many of Des Moines' other popular park facilities.

Published on May 21, 2015

  • What do you get for $129

    A Look back at 2017

    An average home in Des Moines with $107,400 assessed value pays $129 in property taxes towards Parks and Recreation. Think about other ways you spend $129

    Published on May 4, 2017

  • New and Improved Community Recreation Centers

    New and Improved Community Recreation Centers

    There have been many changes to both Pioneer Columbus and Four Mile Community Recreation Centers (formerly known as community centers) including over $600,000 in renovations.

    Published on Sep 26, 2017

  • Waveland & Walnut Creek Trail Tour

    Walnut Creek Trail

    Go for a ride on the Waveland and Walnut Creek Trails! This is just part of the 81 miles of trail managed by Des Moines Parks and Recreation. For detailed trail maps and more information, please visit dmparks.org

    Published on Sep 28, 2016

  • Free Flicks Setup Time Lapse

    Free flicks setup time lapse

    Free Flicks, our summer outdoor movie program, shows 12 movies a year across the city. Before the feature films can start, check out how our hard working crew gets the 25' foot inflatable screen ready in this time-lapse video. Special thanks to our sponsor, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines.

    Published on Aug 9, 2016

  • Prescribed Burn at Gray's Lake Park

    Prescribed burn at Gray's Lake Park

    Prescribed burning is a controlled application of fire used as a natural management tool in the parks. In nature, fire is essential to maintain the integrity of the native prairie and woodland plant species located in our parks. Fire is a natural occurrence that helps the plant and animal communities in a park and controlled burning offers a safer way to use fire in a helpful manner. Experienced park staff conducts the Prescribed Burns.

    Published on Dec 9, 2015

  • Natural Resource Inventory Presentation

    Natural Resource Inventory Presentation

    The Natural Resources Inventory was the result of the efforts of a renowned regional botanist, Thomas Rosburg of Drake University, who personally inventoried all 3,800 acres of the city's park lands and open space. The Des Moines Parks and Recreation system is the home of 651 plant species — one-third of all species found in Iowa. Of those, 459 species are native to central Iowa and eight have been identified as endangered, threatened or of special concern.

    Published on Dec 4, 2013

  • Bald Eagles in Des Moines, IA

    Bald Eagles in DesMoines,IA

    Des Moines Parks and Recreation brings you this informative video hosted Pat Schlarbaum from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Learn about the the Bald Eagles that visit Gray's Lake Park and downtown Des Moines.

    Published on Mar 22, 2013

  • Rebuilding Together 2017

    Rebuilding Together

    Watch how in one day volunteers from Rebuilding Together transformed Stewart Square Park, including a time lapse of a playground assembly.

    Published on Oct 25, 2017

  • Nature Trail Ride Along

    Nature Trail Ride Along

    Ever wanted to check out a nature trail? Take a ride with us on part of the network located in Greenwood/Ashworth and Water Works Parks. There are currently 18 miles of nature trail managed by Des Moines Parks and Recreation.

    Published on Aug 15, 2016

  • Ewing Park Lilac Arboretum

    Ewing Park Arboretum

    Every spring for about two weeks, the Lilac Arboretum in Ewing Park, located at 5300 Indianola Road, comes alive with color. The park has hundreds of lilac trees as well as many other types of beautiful trees . It is a popular spring tradition for many to walk through the arboretum and take in the fragrant smell of the lilacs while enjoying the spectacular beauty.

    Published on Apr 26, 2016

  • Rebuilding Together at Burke Park

    Rebuilding Together at Burke Park

    Aerial footage captured by the Des Moines Parks and Recreation drone of the volunteer efforts to revitalize Burke Park, located at 601 University Avenue. 85 volunteers were out putting in a new playground, fixing the sand volleyball courts, putting in new benches and picnic tables as well as mulching the playground and trail.

    Published on Oct 1, 2015

  • Enjoy the Beauty of the Clare and Miles Mills Rose Garden

    Enjoy the Beauty of the Clare and Miles Mills Rose Garden

    This historic garden has been a favorite spot for gardeners, strollers, and wedding parties since the 1930s. It is an All-American Rose Selection Public Display Garden, one of 132 such gardens in the United States. You can find the Clare and Miles Mills Rose Garden at Greenwood Park. located at 4800 Grand Avenue. It is located directly behind the Des Moines Art Center.

    Published on Nov 7, 2013