Aquatics and Water Sports
Spraygrounds and Fountains

A Sprayground is a splash pad with spray features and without standing water. Spraygrounds offer unsupervised water play specifically aimed at children ages 10 and under. City of Des Moines staff is not provided at spraygrounds or fountains, parental supervision is required.

Days/Hours of Operation
May 1 thru September 30
Daily, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Columbus Park - 1921 SE 1st Street

Evelyn K. Davis Park - 1400 Forest Avenue

Fairmont Park - 2520 Hull Avenue

Good Park - 1103 17th Street

Grandview Park - 3230 Easton Blvd 

Greenwood Park - 4500 Grand Avenue

McHenry Park - 1012 Oak Park Avenue

Sargent Park - 3530 E Douglas Avenue

Woodlawn Park - 3126 Twana Drive