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Cemetery lots, or spaces, are available for purchase by the public in the cemeteries (Elm Grove, Glendale, Laurel Hill) owned and operated by the City of Des Moines.  Click on the item below to find detailed information about each topic.

Lot Rates
  • For detailed information on lot availability and pricing, purchasing options, or regulations please contact the Des Moines Municipal Cemetery Customer Service and Sales office located at 4909 University Ave, Des Moines, or call 515-248-6320 or email us.

Type of Available Lots
  • Veteran’s areas with adjacent reserved space for a spouse.  Flat granite markers provided for the veteran by the Federal Government
  • Expanded areas (two or more space lots) for above-ground monuments, with or without planting
  • Single space, above-ground monument area, with or without planting
  • Single space, flush-marker areas
  • In-ground cremation spaces in flush-marker areas, with or without planting
  • In-ground cremation spaces with above-ground monuments, with planting
  • Columbaria above-ground niche spaces
  • Area for the scattering of cremains
  • Infant section, with above-ground monument area, with planting
  • Infant section, flush-marker area
  • Grave decorations are available for purchase 
Available Lot Tours
  • If you are seeking a tour or have questions concerning lot purchases, contact via email or at 515-248-6337. 

Lot Deed
  • An Internment Rights of Plot Owner (deed) will be provided when payment for the lot(s) is recorded.

Transferring Lot Ownership
  • No privately owned cemetery lot can be sold or transferred to another party without the permission approval of the Cemetery office.

Traditional Burial
  • Cemetery spaces are available with various features.
  • Features may include upright monument areas, flush marker section, veterans section, near family members currently, or in a planting section (flowers, shrubs and trees).
  • The cost of the space includes the perpetual care of the space and filing fees to the State of Iowa.
Cremated Remains
  • Cremated remains with or without an urn vault may also be placed on burial plots in the ground on an existing space owned by a family member.
  • Family members choosing this option need written approval from the Internment Rights of Plot Owner.
  • Your decision on where to bury your loved one will take into consideration the individual’s or the family’s wishes, cost and availability, and not least of all the departed one’s personality and individual style.
Cremation Options
  • We have many options for final resting places for those families that select cremation and wish to have a place of comfort to visit and remember their loved one.  For someone wishing to have an outdoor final resting place we offer “Glendale Columbarium,” a beautiful memorial near the Glendale pond to enhance the beauty of the place of remembrance.
  • Glendale Wildflower Scattering Garden is the newest burial feature at the Glendale Cemetery for cremated remains. Native grasses and wildflowers create a comfortable environment for loved ones to scatter the remains of the deceased.
  • The area doesn’t require the traditional mowing that could upset scattered ashes, nor will this designated area ever be developed for any other use in the future, ensuring that the ashes remain peacefully scattered forever. Expanded horticulture program that includes the addition of benches and landscaping is planned for the area.
  • For those who choose cremation, the City of Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries offers the most unique scattering area in Polk County. This section features beautiful granite stones for having names engraved. For those of you who have cremated remains at home, the Wildflower offers a permanent memorialization solution at an affordable price.
Floral Placement
  • We offer the opportunity for placement of silk flowers at the cemetery in remembrance of your loved ones. To learn more about this program, call (515) 248-6320.  Holiday wreaths are available beginning Nov. 1. Floral displays can be placed on Memorial Day, July 4th, Mothers or Father’s Day, birthdays or any other occasion.  To obtain a Floral Order Form, email us your request to:
  • Floral arrangements – For Sale!  As a convenience to our visitors the Glendale Office has a wide variety of plastic/silk floral bouquets for purchase, ranging in price from $8.00 to $22.00.
  • Holiday Wreaths – Orders can be placed from October 1 to November 30.
    Wreaths are 25 inches made from balsam fir and cost $45.  The wreath is decorated with natural pine cones with attached berries and a red velvet bow.  Purchase includes an easel and free placement for all of the Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries after Thanksgiving. To request an order form, send your request to: or call 515-248-6320. 
  • See examples of floral arrangements that are available for sale HERE
Historical Research
  • There are more than 173,000 internments in the seven municipal cemeteries.  Volunteer historians provide a unique service to individuals doing ancestry research.  Service request are done on a case by case basis and our volunteer donate fees to help restore the Woodland Cemetery.  A suggested donation of $25 per hour is requested.  To learn more, contact us by email at

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