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LiveDSM Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan
About the Plan

What is LiveDSM?

LiveDSM is the current planning effort that will shape Des Moines’ parks, trails and recreation programs for future generations of Des Moines residents. It was a recommended action out of the city’s recent comprehensive planning effort called PlanDSM.


Why is this important?

Our current park system is no accident. It is the result of thoughtful planning that articulated a shared vision of our parks, trails and natural resources, last captured in our 1995 comprehensive plan known as Parklands, A Celebration of Des Moines’ Community Spirit. This 20-year old document successfully guided our department and system through significant changes, contributing to Des Moines being recognized nationally as a special place to live, work, play and visit.  As a result of this effort, staples such as the Principal Riverwalk, our trail system and Gray's Lake Park came to be.