Intelligence Section Responsibilities

The Intelligence section is responsible for the gathering, collation, dissemination, and storage of criminal intelligence information. In addition to normal intelligence this section gathers information about street gangs, cults, and supremacist groups which have a propensity toward criminal activity and violence. The section shares intelligence information with other law enforcement agencies, regionally and nationally.

In addition to handling intelligence information and communicating with other agencies, a high priority for the section is forwarding information to our officers in the field which might have a significant impact on their safety.
The Intelligence Section is also responsible for installing, monitoring and maintaining graffiti cameras.

Liaison Functions

Des Moines is one of the most often visited cities in the United States by Presidents and Presidential candidates. The Intelligence Section is an important liaison with the United States Secret Service in this area of dignitary protection.

This section also manages confidential informants and conducts specialized investigations, as directed by the Detective Bureau Commander and the Chief of Police. One investigator from the Intelligence Section is assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI.