Argonne Armory
Development Concept Request

City of Des Moines

Argonne Armory Building

602 Robert D. Ray Drive 

Argonne Armory Building

The City of Des Moines, Iowa is seeking developer interest in the city-owned “Argonne Armory Building” that is located along the Des Moines Riverfront and in the thriving East Village Neighborhood of Downtown Des Moines.  This request is intended to gauge developer interest in concepts that present flexible adaptive reuse or redevelopment ideas for this historic building.  Located on 1.49 acres of land, the two-story historic building contains approximately 67,872 sq. ft. on three levels (includes one basement level featuring partially exposed windows).  The site also includes an adjacent 54 stall surface parking lot, direct riverfront access, and an emergency generator.  The Armory Building features an excellent central location that provides a link between the Historic East Village Neighborhood and Downtown Des Moines.



Submission Requirements

Key points are development team background and reuse or redevelopment concept.  Financial projections are not required at this stage. 

Team background should address the following:

  • Track record of developing similar scope and scale projects
  • Financial capacity
  • Workload capacity
  • Listing and brief resume of project team members and track record of completing projects on important civic sites

Development concept should include the following:

  • Project narrative demonstrating the project's integration with the Civic Center Court Historic Area, Principal Riverwalk, and the surrounding East Village neighborhood
  • Approximate square footage of each project element (may include number of rooms, number of units, number of floors, etc.), and if a phased development, contingencies related to the phased development approach
  • Projected timeline
  • Conceptual site plan
  • Sustainable approaches to reuse or redevelopment
  • Approach to building restoration, if applicable
  • Massing diagram, if new or an additional building is proposed for the site.  Façade renderings are not necessary at this stage but may be provided for additional context
Building Tour

A guided tour of the historic Argonne Armory Building is scheduled for February 14th, 2018, from 9:30 am until 12:00pm.  The tour will convene in the St. Etienne conference room in the lower level of the Armory.  City staff will be present to answer questions about the facility.  Staff will consider making accommodations for tours at alternative times upon request. 


Submission Deadline 

Submission deadline is 12:00PM (noon), Friday, March 30, 2018.   Please send 5 hard copies and one PDF formatted USB drive to the following address:

Erin Olson-Douglas, Economic Development Director
Office of Economic Development
400 Robert D. Ray Dr.
Des Moines, IA   50309

Please address all questions via email to Erin Olson-Douglas, .