Neighborhood Revitalization Board
  • Description

    The purpose of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board (NRB) is to advise City Council and Board of Supervisors on housing improvement and neighborhood revitalization efforts.

  • Mission

    Mission amended via ordinance August 29, 2011

  • General Requirements

    Sixteen members: five members to represent program eligible residents;(someone who meets the income requirements, or resides within a HUD eligible area); five members shall be residents of recognized neighborhood organizations; and three members shall be owners or officers of the business community, nonprofits or education representatives; one representative (serving a 1 year term) shall be appointed from Neighborhood Finance Corporation Board; one member nominated from the Greater Des Moines Partnership Board; and one member nominated from the Neighborhood Development Corporation Board.

  • Membership Term Information

    Three year

    • Term Limits

      Term limits apply

    • Term Expiration

      June 30

  • Meeting Information

    • Meeting Freqeuency

      First Wednesday of each month

    • Meeting Time

      5:00 PM

Meeting Location
  • Municipal Services Center / Floor 2nd Floor - Room: Board Room
  • 1551 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
  • Des Moines, Iowa 50317
City Staff
  • Chris Johansen - 323-8976