City Council Ordinances
2015 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2015.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,34602/09/201515-0243Rezoning of 4006 Grand Avenue from R-3 and R1-80 to Ltd C-0
15,34502/09/201515-0240Rezoning 944 18th Street from C-0 to Ltd C-2.
15,34402/09/201515-0237Vacating a portion of Locust Street right-of-way adjoining 400 Locust Street.
15,34302/09/201515-0234Vacating a portion of City right-of-way on the northeast corner of Fleur Drive and Army Post Road.
15,34202/09/201515-0221Off-Street parking and loading regulations, and requirements for paving and paved access drives.
15,34101/26/201515-0131Traffic Regulation Changes - Parking Restrictions and traffic signals at Indianola Avenue and E. McKinley and at Indianola and Easter Lake Drive; Installation of pedestrian signals on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway near Jefferson and Allison Avenue
15,34001/26/201515-0129Traffic Regulation Changes regarding All-Way Stop installation at the intersection of E. 5th and Locust
15,33901/12/201515-0072Vacating Air Space over E. Locust Street right-of-way adjoining 201 E. Locust Street.
15,33801/12/201515-0060Traffic Regulation Changes: Parking near DM Police Station; parking restrictions on the west side of E. 4th Street at E. Walnut; Loading Zone on Forest Avenue in front of the Drake University Knapp Center.
15,33701/12/201515-0058Golf Course Fees for 2015