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City Council Ordinances
2016 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2016.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,53911/21/201616-2035Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 335 Forest Avenue and 1427 Arlington Avenue, from R1-60 to PUD
15,53811/21/201616-2031Rezoning of property at 245-247 E. 19th Street from R1-60 to Ltd M-1
15,53711/21/201616-2017Traffic Regulation Change on Wall Avenue from South Union to SW 13th Street
15,53611/21/201616-2015Consumption of alcohol at Birdland Marina, and fees for use of tennis courts and ball diamonds.
15,53511/21/201616-2010Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 2400 Elizabeth Avenue from PUD to R1-60., (Townsend Engineering)
15,53411/21/201616-2008Traffic Regulation Changes: (A) On-street parking changes on Grand Avenue and 16th Street. (B) Updating the through street designations for streets within the Riverwoods PUD area. (C) Parking Restriction – west side of SW 33rd Street from Park Avenue to a point south of Wolcott Avenue. (D) Changing parking meters on select streets within the East Village from ten-hour meters to four-hour meters.
15,52510/24/201616-1861Rezoning property at 2348 and 2354 E. Grand Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd C-2.
15,52410/24/201616-1856Vacating portions of City right-of-way at various points along Ingersoll Avenue and E. University Avenue, DART
15,52310/24/201616-1853Vacating a portion of City right-of-way located at E. 18th Street west of Hubbell Avenue, and repealing ordinance 15,395 DART
15,52210/24/201616-1846Rezoning 550 and 536 40th Street from R-3 to PUD
15,52110/24/201616-1843Deleting references to the Board of Health.
15,52010/10/201616-1766Rezoning 1522 Capitol from R1-60 to Ltd C-2, and 1515 E. Grand from Ltd. C-2 to amended Ltd. C-2.
15,51910/10/201616-1761Vacating a portion of SE 4th Street right-of-way adjoining 118 SE 4th Street
15,51810/10/201616-1757Vacating alley right-of-way between 6th Avenue and 7th Street adjoining High Street and Grand Avenue, and a portion of air space in the vacated 7th Street and Grand Avenue right-of-way.
15,51710/10/201616-1753Establishing the Forest Avenue Urban Renewal Area.
15,51610/10/201616-1746Rezoning 2301 Ingersoll Avenue from NPC to PUD.
15,51510/10/201616-1744Vacating an irregular segment of 15th Street right-of-way east of and adjoining 1514 Walnut Street.
15,51409/26/201616-1674Site Plan Design Guidelines.
15,51309/26/201616-1670Rezoning 500 Laurel Street, 1040 5th Avenue and 1055 6th Avenue from C-2 to PUD
15,51209/26/201616-1661Rezoning 4301 Fleur Drive from R-3 to Ltd C-2.
15,51109/26/201616-1657Rezoning of 6305 SW 9th Street from R1-60 to C-2.
15,51009/26/201616-1654Rezoning of 1820 E. Army Post Road from C-2 to Ltd M-1
15,50909/26/201616-1649Vacating air space and subsurface rights in portions of 8th Street, Locust Street, Grand Avenue and alley right-of-way adjoining 717 Locust Street.
15,50809/26/201616-1643Vacating the east/west segment of undeveloped Boyd Street right-of-way between Delaware Avenue and E. 21st Street.
15,50709/26/201616-1635Establishing the Roosevelt SSMID
15,50609/26/201616-1633Traffic Regulation Changes updating the through-street designations for Evergreen Avenue and SE 45th Street.
15,50509/12/201616-1555Housing Code
15,50409/12/201616-1553Granting right-of-way to Des Moines and Knoxville Railroad Company on Elm Street
15,50308/22/201616-1437Traffic Regulation Changes - 51st Street, Grand to Welker.
15,50208/22/201616-1434Specified Crime Property
15,50108/08/201616-1365Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3300 E. 56th Street and at 3734, 3735, and 3768 E. 55th Street, from A-1 to PUD
15,50008/08/201616-1355Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3201, 3211 and 3221 Forest Avenue, and 1414 and 1420 32nd Street, from Ltd NPC and R1-60 to amended Ltd NPC
15,49908/08/201616-1351Rezoning property in the vicinity of 120-133 Hughes Avenue, from R-2 to Ltd. R-3
15,49808/08/201616-1347Rezoning property in the vicinity of the Grand View University Campus, 2800 E. 14th Street, from C-2, C-1, R-3 and R1-60, to PUD
15,49708/08/201616-1343Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 2602 and 2608 Idaho Street, in the vicinity of the Grand View University campus, 2811 E. 14th, from R1-60 to PUD
15,49608/08/201616-1335Establishing the SW 9th Corridor Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)
15,49508/08/201616-1333New Chapter 60, Housing Code, Residential property maintenance code, public nuisance code and real estate contract sales inspection, for rental properties.
15,49407/25/201616-1255Vacating a portion of West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway (former Elm Street) located at the northwest corner of West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway west of 16th Street and north of West Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway.
15,49307/25/201616-1252Vacating and irregular segment of Center Street right-of-way adjoining the southeastern portion of 1201 Center Street.
15,49207/25/201616-1249Vacating the east/west segment of alley between Rollins Avenue and Center Street, adjoining the south property line of 810 26th Street.
15,49107/25/201616-1246Vacating east 4.5 feet of 9th Street right-of-way located west of and adjoining 1429 9th Street.
15,49007/25/201616-1233Traffic Regulation Changes - E. 42nd Street and E. Washington
15,48907/25/201616-1228Transient Merchants and Mobile Vendors
15,48807/11/201616-1157Rezoning of 1011 Park Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd C-1
15,48707/11/201616-1148Licensing of pedicabs
15,48607/11/201616-1146Traffic Regulation Changes: (A) Revisions regarding the opening of Tuttle Street between SW 9th Street and SW 11th Street. (B) Revisions regarding the close of Hull Avenue between Delaware Avenue and Dixon Street. (C) Removal of Parking Restriction – north side of Leland Avenue from Airport parking lot driveway to 250 feet east. (D) Parking Restriction – south side of E. Maxwelton Drive from 101 E. Maxwelton Drive to 129 E. Maxwelton Drive.
15,48507/11/201616-1144Vacating portions of East Washington Street, E. 42nd Street and Williams Court right-of-way in the vicinity pf 1628 E. 42nd Street.
15,48406/27/201616-1076E. 27th Street from Dean Avenue to E. Aurora Avenue
15,48105/23/201616-0905Subdivision plat approval.
15,48005/23/201616-0896Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2012 and 2016 E. Ovid Avenue from "FW" to "M-1"
15,47905/23/201616-0893Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3300 E. 56th Street from "A-1" to "PUD"
15,47805/23/201616-0890Rezoning property at 2619 SW 9th Street from "C-1" to Ltd. "NPC"
15,47705/23/201616-0885Vacating air space and subsurface rights in a portion of E. 3rd Street right-of-way adjoining 215 E. 3rd Street.
15,47605/23/201616-0882Vacating the alley right-of-way adjacent to and north of The Iowa Taproom, 215 E. 3rd Street
15,47505/23/201616-0879Vacating a portion of Court Avenue adjoining 200 Court Avenue, for use as a sidewalk café.
15,47405/23/201616-0871Sound Permits and Sound Equipment
15,47305/23/201616-0869Monthly Parking rates in City parking garages.
15,47205/09/201616-0806Rezoning 4021 Fleur Dr from C-2 to PUD
15,47105/09/201616-0801Vacating the north/south alley right-of-way located west of and adjoining 900 and 922 8th Street.
15,47005/09/201616-0788General penalty for misdemeanors
15,46904/25/201616-0726Vacating a subsurface area under the south side of the 700 block of High Street.
15,46804/25/201616-0723Vacating a portion of 13th Street adjoining 1301 Locust Street, for use as a sidewalk café.
15,46704/25/201616-0720Vacating an irregular portion of right-of-way located in approximately the west 13.5 feet of 14th Street between Grand Avenue and Ingersoll Avenue adjoining 1459 Grand Avenue.
15,46604/25/201616-0708Traffic Regulation Changes: (A) Opening of E. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway between SE 15th Street and SE 30th Street. (B) Closure of Scott Avenue between SE 15th Court and SE 18th Street. (C) Addition of streets in the Woods of Copper Creek Development. (D) Extension of No Parking Restriction on 31st Street, south of Ingersoll Avenue. (E) Yield control for southbound Bradway Place at Harwood Drive.
15,46504/11/201616-0628Vacate sub-surface areas within 700 block of Grand and within the 500 block of 7th, and air rights within the 700 block of High Street, all adjoining the block bounded by Grand, 7th, 8th and High.
15,46404/11/201616-0624Skywalk System Plan Map
15,46304/11/201616-0616Vacating a portion of Carol Road right-of-way
15,46204/11/201616-0604Illegal and Dangerous animals
15,46104/11/201616-0602Mobile Food Vendors in City Parks.
15,46004/11/201616-0601Rezoning property in the vicinity of 922-8th Street, 811 Crocker, and 915-919 9th Street, from R-4 to C-3A
15,45903/21/201616-0522Vacating portions of 6th Avenue and Cherry Street rights-of-way adjoining 110 6th Avenue.
15,45803/21/201616-051418th Amendment to the Metro Center Urban Renewal Plan - Iowa Events Center Hotel
15,45703/21/201616-0511Vacating an irregular parcel of street right-of-way at the southwest corner of the intersection of Indianola Avenue and Indianola Road, adjoining property at 1930 Indianola Avenue and 1941 South Union Street.
15,45603/21/201616-0496Traffic Regulation Changes as follows: Speed Limit revisions to match existing conditions on Grand Avenue west of 19th Street; Parking restriction to match existing conditions SW 33rd Street north and south of Stanton Avenue; Speed limit revisions to match existing conditions on Hubbell Avenue, northeast of E. 42nd Street; Parking Restriction - Vine Street from SW 2nd Street to SW 12th Street; Parking Restriction - SE 17th Street between King Avenue and E. Glenwood Drive.
15,45503/21/201616-0493Volume Charge and Customer Service Charge for sewer services and the ERU rate to be applied to residential and nonresidential properties.
15,45403/21/201616-0488Special Parking Permit Operating Procedures
15,45303/21/201616-0487Traffic Regulation Changes: Extending no parking area on Pleasant Drive east of Cummins Parkway; Elimination of three surface parking lots in the East Village from the Municipal Code due to sale of the property for development.
15,45203/07/201616-0429Rezoning 1930 Indianola Avenue from C-1 (Neighborhood Retail Commercial) and Ltd C-2 (General Retail and Highway-Oriented) to PUD (Planned Unit Development)
15,45103/07/201616-0423Vacating a segment of West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway (formerly Elm Street) adjoining 300 West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
15,45003/07/201616-0420Rezone 4601 block of SE 34th Street, from R1-90 to Ltd R1-70
15,44902/22/201616-0343Vacating 0.61 acres of Allen Park.
15,44802/22/201616-0299Application for landmark designation
15,44702/08/201616-0228Mobile Food Vendors, (Food trucks)
15,44602/08/201616-0225Hearing process for Income Tax Offset Program
15,44502/08/201616-0222Vacating east/west alley right-of-way between Franklin Avenue and Allison Avenue, adjoining 1700 Allison Avenue and 1624 Allison Avenue
15,44401/25/201616-0158Vacating a segment of E. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway adjoining 504 SE 6th Street
15,44301/25/201616-0155Vacating a segment of the north-south alley west of 6th Avenue from Corning Avenue to a point 50 feet north
15,44201/25/201616-0144Vacating a portion of SW 31st Street right-of-way and a portion of Wolcott Avenue right-of-way adjoining 3029 Wolcott Avenue
15,44101/11/201616-0070Vacating air space and subsurface rights in portions of East Grand Avenue right-of-way adjoining 219 E. Grand Avenue