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City Council Ordinances
2018 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2018.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,66305/07/201818-0815Rezoning 1625-1645 E. Diehl, 1540-1580 Hart Avenue and 1545-1575 Hart Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd R1-60
15,66205/07/201818-0809Rezoning 1350 E. Washington Avenue from R1-60 to Ltd R-3
15,66105/07/201818-0805Vacating a portion of excess street right-of-way at the northwest corner of 16th Street and Day Street.
15,65905/07/201818-0785Vacating portions of Grand Avenue right-of-way adjoining 665 Grand Avenue
15,65805/07/201818-0788Regulation of parking meters and Meter Districts
15,65704/23/201818-0718Traffic regulation changes: (A) Parking Restriction – within the cul-de-sac at the intersection of E. Luster Lane and E. Havens Avenue. (B) Code Correction – correct the termination point of E. Broad Street. (C) Parking Restriction Reversal – E. 39th Court and E. Madison Avenue.
15,65604/23/201818-0716Plumbing fixture counts
15,65504/09/201818-0602Vacating portions of the north/south alley lying east of and adjoining 121-12th Street
15,65404/09/201818-0618Rezoning 3525 Vandalia Road from PUD to Ltd M-2
15,65304/09/201818-0614Vacating a portion of excess SE 30th Street adjoining 308 SE 30th and a segment of E. Elm Street adjoining 244 SE 30th.
15,65204/09/201818-0604Traffic Regulations Changes: (A) Parking restrictions on Cummins Road at the intersection of SE 14th Street, to allow space for turning vehicles and vehicle queuing. (B) Parking restrictions on E. 33rd Street at Dubuque Avenue to improve visibility at the intersection.
15,65103/26/201818-0530Vacating 5.79 acres of parkland along the Des Moines River for use for a skate park.
15,65003/19/201818-0512Rezoning 4880 Hubbell Avenue from A-1 to Ltd C-2
15,64903/19/201818-0495Parking restrictions on 48th Street from University to Franklin; allow angle parking on E. Hillside, Murphy Street, E. Shaw and 23rd Street to match field conditions; reduction of hourly and maximum rates in City-owned parking garages as part of the City's downtown parking strategy.
15,64803/08/201818-0383Graffiti, Street Use Permits and Banners
15,64703/08/201818-0380Vacating portions of E. 12th Street right-of-way adjoining 623 E. 12th Street.
15,64602/19/201818-0308Real estate contract sales
15,64502/05/201818-0220Type L Sound Permits
15,64401/22/201818-0159Rezoning 215 Watson from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,64301/22/201818-0156Rezoning 210 Watson from R1-60 to Ltd R-2
15,64201/22/201818-0145Vacating adjoining property at 621 Des Moines Street
15,64101/22/201818-0139Traffic Regulation Changes (A) On-street handicap parking – east side of SW 11th Street, Tuttle Street to Murphy Street. (B) Code revisions related to the vacation of City right-of-way in the area bound by Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway on the north, Maury Street on the south, SE 23rd Street on the east, and the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way on the west. (C) Code corrections – Hull Avenue, E. 14th Street to E. 40th Court. (D) Removal of daytime parking
15,64001/22/201818-0137Transient Merchant and Premise Permit application updates
15,63901/22/201818-0135Powers and Duties of the City Manager