Forms & Documents

City Clerk 

Provides services like Animal License,Liquor License, Parking Ticket Appeal Form, Application for Appointment to Board, Commission or Committee

City Manager

Provides services like Non residential and Residential street use permits

Community Development

Provides services like Electrical, Mechanical,Plumbing permits, Tax Abatement application


Provides services like Right-Of-Way Obstruction/Excavation Application, Private Construction Contract


Provides services like Vendor application, Budget documents, Each Department operating budget


Provides services like Fire Works Display Pyrotechnics permit, Water Tap application


Provides service like Public Housing application, Affordable Housing plan application

Human Resources

Provides services like Employee Benefit Terminology, Contracts & Agreements

Human Rights

Provides services like Human Rights Complaint Intake Form, Annual Symposium Registration


Provides services like Automobile claim for damages, Sewer claim for damages, Miscellaneous claim for damages


Provides services like Public Records, Citizen Police Academy application

Public Works

Provides services like Garbage, Recycling, Snow Removal, Street Maintenance, Sewers Management, and Sewer private property protection subsidy application